Children’s country, ferrero calories & nutritional values

Calories and nutritional values ​​per serving

  • 132
  • 7.9 g
  • 12.9 g
  • 2.0 g

How Many Calories Should You Eat??

Nutritional information per serving % GDA
condensing 6.6%
fat 12.2%
⌊ saturated fatty acids 23.4%
carbohydrates 4.8%
protein 2.8%

How do you burn 132 calories?

Composition of the calories

Sophia, 24

Aim: Lose weight

Before: 91 kg

Later: 57 kg

I started several attempts to lose weight. I often failed because of it. I then put together my own diet. The most important thing for me however, was calorie counting. I need control over what I eat and that is how it works for me.

Dennis, 25

Aim: Lose weight

Before: 130 kg

Later: 80 kg

If you really want to do something, you can do it no matter how rocky the path is. I always said to myself: I can’t go back and start again, but I can start today and go a new way!

Isabell, 24

Aim: Lose weight

Before: 70 kg

Later: 53 kg

I managed to lose 17 kg by trying to no longer lie to myself with the help of YAZIO. Just because you don’t enter something doesn’t mean you haven’t eaten it.

The food "Children country, Ferrero" from the calorie table confectionery contains per 100 g a physiological calorific value of 561.0 kcal. Because of this value, the food has an increased calorie density. Since products with a calorie value of more than 250 calories per 100 g contain only a little water, but mainly sugar and fat, you should only consume this product in small quantities. So you know how to get the calories eaten for the food "Children country, Ferrero" again, we calculate how often you would have to swim, for example. Also the proportion of the recommended daily requirement for the nutritional values ​​and calories per serving to calculate we you. We also evaluate the food "Children country, Ferrero" from the food category "confectionery" the content of fat, carbohydrates and protein and tell you whether it is a good food. Additional nutritional information about the minerals and vitamins for "Children country, Ferrero" can be found in the calorie table above. With 33.8 g of dietary fat per 100 g, the product is one of the high-fat products because it contains an increased percentage of fats. Even though dietary fat contains important fatty acids and vitamins for the body, the increased intake of fat can contribute to the development of obesity. In addition, the food contains 54.9 grams of an increased proportion of carbohydrates and is therefore not to be used for a full mixed diet. You should make sure that you cover up to 50 percent of your energy intake with carbohydrates. The protein content is 8.6 grams. Thus owns "Children country, Ferrero" only a low percentage of proteins.

The food "Children country, Ferrero" is stored in the calorie table confectionery. The information for the product was first entered on 08/28/2011. The last time the data was updated on August 28, 2011. The nutritional information is entered by YAZIO users based on the nutritional information on the food label or come directly from the manufacturer Ferrero. Please be aware that we do not guarantee the completeness of the information. Please do not use the information provided as an exclusive source for a diet. For additional information on the food, contact the manufacturer from the Ferrero calorie table.


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