Children’s cutlery set can be engraved here cheaply and order online

The ideal cutlery for small children’s hands

With a children’s cutlery, the little ones have fun eating, because it lies well in the small hands and they can help "their cutlery" eat just like the adults. Ideal for the first attempts at eating from the age of about 1 1/2 years, even if the handling is a bit awkward at first. But after all, practice makes perfect.

Specially developed for children’s hands, it differs in some respects from normal cutlery: the knives are not sharp and the forks are less sharp, this greatly reduces the risk of injury; the spoon shape is adapted to the child’s mouth and the handles are usually rounded and wide, so that small hands can hold them comfortably. Our Knuddel children’s cutlery has particularly wide handles.

Children’s cutlery is the perfect introduction to learning to eat and is suitable up to the age of around six. Here you can find more information about why a children’s cutlery makes sense and what other advantages it has.

Children’s cutlery set with engraving as a gift

A 4-piece children’s cutlery with engraving is always a very personal gift that accompanies the child for many years and is often kept as a reminder until adulthood. There are many opportunities for this gift.

A traditional one occasion is the baptism. A christening set is still the number 1 for christening gifts. Followed by first birthday or also for birth. Christmas or the name day are further opportunities. But what is engraved on the children’s cutlery? You should consider this when buying the cutlery, because depending on the design there is less or more space for an engraving. Of course, very smooth handles are ideal, however the small love motifs suitable for children and there is a large selection: animal, toy and nature motifs, pirates, Knight, Princesses and others. With this large selection takes place everyone the right children’s cutlery for girls and also for boys.

These motifs are usually attached to the end of the handle, so wider handles should be chosen for a children’s cutlery set with engraving. Only then is there enough space for an engraving in the middle part. As a rule, the first name, the date of birth or just the initials of the name are engraved, here there are no limits to your creativity.

Quality pays off – especially when it comes to children’s cutlery

Silver cutlery, silver-plated or stainless steel? That depends on the individual circumstances, but in any case you should pay attention to high quality, because a children’s cutlery is used every day. How long a children’s cutlery is used depends on everyone. But even in old age you can find the first children’s cutlery in drawers like this.

A children’s cutlery set with names is unique and is engraved with great care by us in masterful processing. This is done with the latest engraving technology. You can choose from a selection of font types: block letters, cursive, comic or graffiti fonts. The font size depends on the length of the name and the available space.

For example, a name engraving turns a WMF children’s cutlery into the first "own cutlery", that nobody else is allowed to use. This engraving is placed on the front. Mostly and super looks a little ornate lettering, we offer you a variety of fonts.

Simply choose from our range: Cutlery – font shape and size – which engraving and where. With great care we engrave the children’s cutlery set according to your information.


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