Children’s dance for the kindergarten

This dance includes small choreography units as well as improvisation options for the toddlers. The children get to know various dance elements that offer them a wide range of physical expressions. This beautiful dance performance will surely inspire parents as well as toddlers.

This is needed:

  • 1 chiffon cloth per child
  • 1 chiffon cloth for you
  • 1 CD player
  • 1 instrumental piece of music that is well known to the children
  • 1 colored adhesive tape that stands out clearly from the floor color of your room of movement.

How to do it:

Go to the exercise room with the children. Each child takes a chiffon cloth in the color of his choice. Then play an instrumental piece of music for about 2 minutes. The children move freely through the room.

You show the children how to do it by carrying a chiffon cloth with you. For example, make the following movements in time with the music: move the cloth up and down; Move the cloth from left to right, turn the cloth in a circle, drop the cloth to the floor let and resume. When the children have become familiar with the material in this way, gather everyone in a standing circle.

Play the instrumental again. With the support of a colleague, you practice the following movements with the children in time with the music:

Dance step 1: All children take 2 steps to the right in a circle and move their cloths freely.

Dance step 2: Then all the children take 2 steps backwards and move their towels as they please.

Dance step 3: Next, all the children turn their faces to the center of the circle and take 2 steps to the center of the circle. To do this, move your towels as you like.

Dance step 4: Then all children take 2 steps back and move their towels as they please.

Dance step 5: The children stop and turn once around their own axis.

Dance step 6: The children throw their cloth in the air and then catch it again.

Dance step 7: All children turn to the right and hold the shoulder of their neighbor / predecessor with one hand. Together you go round in a circle. With the other hand, the children move their chiffon cloth.

Dance step 8: Now the sequence of dance steps begins again until the piece is finished. When the song has faded, all the children lie stretched out on their stomach.

So as not to overwhelm the children, to practice For example, you only take 3 steps at first and then increase by adding further steps. During the specified sequence of
The toddlers improvise the cloth movements themselves with dance steps.


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