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The first teeth in small children usually come from the sixth month of life. From this point on at the latest, the very young should also visit the dentist regularly. But what is extremely difficult for many adults cannot be easier for children. Often the parents’ fear of the dentist (dental phobia) is passed on to their child. This is why it is important to find the right dentist for your child. Special paediatric dentists are specially trained in dealing with the youngest. Nevertheless, the search can be difficult. Either the choice is huge (especially in metropolitan areas and large cities) or there is no suitable contact person in the immediate vicinity.

The right dentist for children

Finding a good dentist can be difficult. Parents should take their child to a dentist who specializes in pediatric dentistry. Maybe even your own dentist is the right contact person or friends can give tips for finding a dentist. Another possibility to find the right dentist is the internet. Parents can look for child dentists in the proximity and book a suitable date directly on-line. With many offerers it concerns genuine dates, which are booked immediately in the calendar of the physician. Bad surprises by date shifts on the part of the physician are saved thereby. An important aspect for parents who often have to coordinate their day between child and job.

The example of Doctolib: arrange a doctor’s appointment online

The following four tips are intended to make it easier for parents to go to the dentist:

Time: Most adults think the care of milk teeth can be neglected. But this is not true, because diseases such as tooth decay can spread in the mouth and in the worst case also affect the second teeth. That is why proper dental care is important as soon as the first deciduous tooth grows. From this point on, parents should regularly visit the dentist with their toddler so that diseases can be prevented or recognised. It is therefore recommended that the first visit to the dentist be made with the growth of the first teeth. Once the teeth are complete, regular checks every three to six months are recommended.

Preparation is half the battle: In order to make it easier for children to go to the dentist and thus avoid fear, parents can take their child with them to their own dentist appointments, for example the check-up. In this way, children get to know the procedure in the practice and can get used to the atmosphere. They also see that dental treatment is not bad. If parents do not show fear, fear cannot spread to the child. If children have difficulties with dental care, they should not be threatened with visiting a dentist. The threats make a child see a punishment in visiting the dentist and link the visit to something negative. However, children should be given a positive attitude. Frequently, trial visits are also possible, where a checkup with getting to know takes place first.

In practice parents should come with their child a little earlier to the appointment. A playful voyage of discovery through the practice and precise explanations suitable for children simplify the examination. Children may not understand everything they are shown, but it is important that both parents and child build trust with the pediatric dentist. Parents should refrain from saying that it does not hurt or that it is not bad at all. This only fuels fears that may not even exist.

If the child is afraid: If a child does not want to be examined by a dentist because he or she is afraid, parents are well advised not to force their child to do so. Unfortunately, the opposite often happens: parents try to hectically persuade their child and force him to undergo an examination. As a rule, children are overburdened by this and are even more cross-directed. Here the control can also be handed over to the dentist or his assistants, who are trained in the treatment of children. If this does not help, parents can try to talk to their child in peace. Accusations and threats should be avoided. Sometimes it also helps if big siblings come along and serve as role models. If a child still does not want to be treated at the end of all efforts, parents should accept this and give the child time to try again on another day.

If the little ones are not satisfied at all, another pediatric dentist should be sought nearby.

Further tips to find the right pediatric dentist:

  • a good pediatric dentist does not drill directly at the first visit (unless the need is given)
  • a suitable children’s dental practice is equipped accordingly (play corner in the waiting room)
  • Patience, friendliness and empathy should be a matter of course.
  • a good dentist talks to the child

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