Children’s desks adjustable in height, growing, from moll, made in germany

Height-adjustable, ergonomic and growing learning and well-being islands

Children’s desks sometimes have to be high and sometimes very low, sometimes at an angle, sometimes flat. They should offer storage space and at the same time enough space for writing, reading, painting, playing, learning. In short: A good children’s desk must be an all-rounder that can do everything, endure everything – and all that for years. That is why every child’s desk is thought out from the minor to the smallest detail and designed for your child
to be able to accompany you from school beyond your school leaving certificate.

The focus is on ergonomics. The term ergonomics encompasses the "science of human work". The goal is optimal working conditions that protect against health damage. Most of the “jobs” of children and adolescents, however, do not deserve good grades: Especially for growing children, sitting for long periods, but especially sitting incorrectly, is harmful to health and can have a negative impact on physical development.

For a children’s desk, this means that its work surface must support the work performed as best as possible via height, format and inclination. A child’s writing pen can only make ergonomic sense if it continually adapts to the different body dimensions and proportions of the child – and not vice versa.

What your child’s desk needs to do.

There are five important criteria that an ergonomic children’s desk should meet:

  • It must be adjustable in height and tiltable.
  • It must be adjustable in depth or expandable in depth.
  • Its functions must be variable.
  • It must be adjustable in width using attachments.
  • It has to be “color-adjustable”: tastes change over time.

minor joker

minor winner

minor winner compact

minor champion

Lots of interesting facts about writing furniture that grows with you the topic You can find ergonomics in our digital story "Correct setting of table and chair".

Good for kids: growing children’s desks from moll

1974: Germany becomes world soccer champion, ABBA wins the Eurovision Song Contest – and moll invents the first growing desk for children. Since then moll has been the world’s leading specialist in the development of ergonomic and growing children’s desks. This is shown, among other things, by small details such as these: So that a moll children’s desk always has the correct height, there are two base frames to choose from: For Children with Body sizes between 119 and 191 cm can simply be snapped onto the table on one of the 10 steps. The patented comfort height adjustment is innovative and unique. The child’s desk can be continuously adjusted even when sitting. The application-safe cable pull technology, which is simply “docked” on the right or left side of the table, points the way.

Also typical: the easy adjustability of the table tops. They can be tilted up to an angle of 30 ° for various activities such as reading, writing or painting. The tables come with a box for individual color design Jewellerycolors at. Panels and cover caps can be designed colorfully and give the children’s room additional flair.

Are you curious? You can also find a lot of interesting information about ergonomics and children’s desks on the website of AktionGesunderRücken e.V..

Investing in a good children’s desk is an investment in the future.

Moll desks not only contain a lot of know-how, but also the greatest possible attention to quality. That is why a moll children’s desk is always an investment that will pay off over many years – a supposedly cheaper, but less flexible alternative, your child may be expensive later.


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