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The 7 best electric cars for children at a glance.

Children can develop a great fascination for cars at a young age. And as it is later with adolescents: It cannot go fast enough to sit in your own car. Anyone who wants to fulfill this wish for their offspring can do it with an electric car for children.

The full experience can be offered if attention is paid to details such as a horn or a rear-view mirror. But be careful, the fun can be expensive: There are entry-level models for around 100 euros, top models tend to cost ten times as much. Exactly right or a little exaggerated? Discover the right product in our test or comparison table!

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001


Children’s electric car comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Actionbikes Motors Ford Ranger 2018 Henes Broon F830 Children’s electric car Audi Q7 Nitro Motors Mercedes – Benz S63 AMG Goplus 2.4G La Ferrari crooza "Roadster" moleo Mercedes-Benz ML
at Amazon *
53 reviews 1 reviews 56 reviews 6 reviews 6 reviews 271 ratings 83 reviews
technical features
Suitable from
Max. Weight
from 2 years
Max. 40 kg
from 3 years
Max. 40 kg
from 2 years
Max. 35 kg
from 3 years
Max. 40 kg
from 3 years
Max. 30 kg
from 3 years
Max. 30 kg
from 3 years
Max. 20 kg
Number of seats 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
drive electrical electrical electrical electrical electrical electrical electrical
speed 3 – 6 km / h 3 – 8 km / h 3 – 6 km / h 3 – 5 km / h 3 – 4 km / h 3.5 – 5 km / h 3 – 5 km / h
battery pack 12 volts
12 volts
12 volts
12 volts
12 volts
12 volts
6 volts
Number of gears 3
2x forward, 1x reverse
3x forward, 1x reverse
2x forward, 1x reverse
K.A.. 2
1x forward, 1x reverse
2x forward, 1x reverse
1x forward, 1x reverse
tires soft rubber plastic soft rubber soft rubber soft rubber plastic plastic
rims Chrome look Chrome look Chrome look Chrome look Chrome look Chrome look plastic
Safety equipment
safety belt
Incl. Remote control Allows parents to take control of the electric car.
Automatic brake As soon as the accelerator pedal is released, the electric car is at a standstill.
General equipment features
Incl. horn
Incl. light
rearview mirror
Engine start-noise
Doors open
Illuminated dashboard
Trunk to open
turn signal
Jack connection (AUX) For playing music (MP3 player).
USB slot for playing music (USB stick).
SD card slot For playing music (SD card).
equipment & Others
Incl. charger
Incl. manual
Different colors Blue, red, white, pink, black (matt lacquered) red Red, white, black (matt lacquered) no more colors no more colors Red, black, pink White
138 x 81 x 80 cm 123 x 60 x 47 cm 120 x 59 x 40 cm 120 x 70 x 52 cm 122 x 60 x 51 cm 101 x 53 x 43.5 cm 104 x 54 x 38 cm
Weight 25 kg 32 kg 17 kg 16 kg 18 kg 14 kg 13.7 kg
  • simple, quick final assembly
  • two built-in motors
  • good sound quality
  • good light quality
  • including multimedia touchscreen
  • bluetooth capable
  • Bonnet can also be opened
  • Wireless capability
  • Functions are controlled via the built-in tablet
  • Genuine leather seats
  • Suspension (front and rear)
  • with remote control just too Taxes
  • good sound quality
  • good driving behavior also on meadows
  • easy to control with remote control
  • nice led lighting
  • EN 71 certificate
  • simple, quick final assembly
  • two built-in motors
  • ideal for Ferrari fans
  • simple, quick assembly
  • intuitive operation of the vehicle
  • powerful battery; also uphill
  • with volume control
  • two built-in motors
  • easy to control with remote control
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  • Children’s electric cars are not only externally detailed replicas of real motor vehicles, the mini cars are also in no way inferior to the big ones in terms of their functions. The basic functions include, for example, a lighting system, a horn or real engine noises.
  • The electric cars can be controlled either by remote control (by the parents) or by the children themselves. Their top speed does not exceed 8 km / h. It consists For such electric vehicles, there is no obligation to wear a seat belt.
  • The best children’s electric cars are not only characterized by a particularly large number of functions, they also have an automatic brake system (if the child takes their foot off the accelerator pedal, the car stops) and a panic function (by a stop button on the remote control) parents can bring the vehicle to a stop in an emergency).

According to the VuMA (consumption and media analysis), Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and VW were among the most popular car brands for both women and men when buying a car in 2016. The most popular were the vehicles from the manufacturer Audis: While around 9% of women preferred to buy an Audi, around 13.9% of men.

The large selection of electric vehicles for children shows that the passion for mobile pedestals with a big name has now also found its way into our little earth citizens. Especially in the field of electric cars, there are many detailed mini cars that not only bear the name Audi, BMW or Mercedes, but also have a similarly generous equipment.

In our Children’s electric car comparison 2019/2020 we took a closer look at the category of electric cars. We will tell you what makes a good children’s car with an electric drive and why not only the age and weight of your child, but also functions such as automatic braking and a panic function are important when deciding for or against an electric car.

1. With attention to detail – what distinguishes children’s electric cars?

Like the big ones: the Benz G55 impresses as a faithful replica in the children’s electric car test.

The detailed replicareal vehicles is the typical feature of today’s electric children’s cars. Whether BMW, Mercedes, Audi or VW – electric vehicles from well-known car brands are not only visually similar to their big brothers and sisters. In the children’s electric car comparison winner, the equipment of the mini vehicles is also modeled true to the originals.

Keep an eye on the road even in the dark: the Roadster from crooza.

Standard equipment includes, for example, a seat belt, an accelerator pedal, LED lighting, a horn and two rear-view mirrors. Sound effects (engine start noises) or AUX access to connect an MP3 player are also possible.

Detailed toys: the illuminated dashboard of the BMW X6 (simron).

The better-equipped electric vehicles for children however, also have doors, bonnets and trunk that can be opened. In addition, the features of the electric cars for toddlers include a flashing function, an illuminated dashboard, leather or synthetic leather seats as well as USB access and an SD slot for listening to music.

Although the electric cars for children differ in their equipment, they still have some things in common. The cars made of sturdy plastic are usually powered by two motors and with 6 V or 12 V batteries. This corresponds approximately to the performance of a cordless screwdriver.

All-round equipment: here the BMW Mini from action bikes including music boxes, horn and accelerator.

The speeds to be reached are depending on the car between 3 and max. 8 km / h. Most of the batteries are built into children’s electric cars and are accordingly charged directly on the car. The speed is regulated using different gears, mostly electric cars for children two forward gears and one reverse gear. While half the maximum speed is reached with the first forward gear, the maximum speed specified by the manufacturer can be achieved in the second gear – with the so-called high-speed function.

2. The right vehicle class – spoiled for choice

If you want to buy a children’s electric car, you will inevitably find a large selection of different model types such as SUVs (jeeps), convertibles etc. The main vehicle categories we have summarized them in the following table:

Type description
Luxury car / convertible
  • with 6 V and or 12 V batteries (max. speed 8 km / h)
  • Material d. Body: stable plastic
  • Solid rubber or plastic tires
  • detailed replica – e.g. with seat belt, leather seats and ignition key
  • preferred substrates: asphalt and meadows
  • possible model types: Ferrari, Roadster Cabrio, Audi R8, Mercedes CLA 45 AMG, VW Golf GTI
SUV / Jeep

  • with 6 V and or 12 V batteries (max. speed 8 km / h)
  • Material d. Body: stable plastic
  • Solid rubber or plastic tires
  • detailed replica – e.g. with seat belt, suspension, large tires, shock absorber
  • preferred surfaces: asphalt, but also rough terrain
  • Possible model types: BMW X6 SUV, Audi Q5 or Q7, Mercedes-Benz G 55 AMG, Range Rover
Antique car
  • with 6 V and or 12 V batteries (max. speed 8 km / h)
  • Material d. Body: stable plastic
  • Solid rubber or plastic tires
  • detailed replica – e.g. with spare wheel and leather seats
  • preferred substrates: asphalt and meadows
  • possible model types: Rolls Roys, Mercedes-Benz SL 300, Cuba oldtimer (turquoise)

3. Keep your eyes open when buying a car – buying advice

3.1. Your child is old enough?

The license to manufacture?

According to some manufacturers, electric cars for children are licensed or licensed. This means that the manufacturers of children’s electric cars have received permission from the car manufacturers (Mercedes, BMW or Audi) to use both the name and the shape of the original vehicles. The licensing from the car manufacturer to the producers of electric children’s vehicles is based on contracts between the two.

You read correctly. You don’t only need a certain age to get a real vehicle, also the "vehicle owners" the mini electric cars should have a certain age. The majority of manufacturers recommend a minimum age of 3 years, in some cases there are already electric cars for 2 year olds.

Basically it depends Yes or No to an electric car greatly depends on your child. Make sure that your offspring already has strong motor skills and that they have sufficient muscles. Otherwise the risk of injury increases.

The question of weight: Depending on the manufacturer, electric children’s cars can be loaded with a maximum body weight of between 30 and 40 kg. Theoretically, that would correspond to a 9-year-old child. If the maximum permissible weight is exceeded, the material can be damaged.

3.2. How long does the battery last?

In some children’s electric car tests on the Internet, you are made aware that battery life is an important purchase criterion. Not all manufacturers state how long a battery charge lasts for an electric car. However, customer experience has shown that a full battery charge is usually sufficient for 1-1.5 h and that an entire Charging the battery between 8 and 12 h lasts.

Note: The battery life is shortened if the children’s car with electric drive is used in rough terrain and especially when driving uphill.

3.3. Who has the wheel firmly in hand here?

An indispensable accessory: the remote control to control the electric vehicle in an emergency.

One feature that maybe your children, but you as a parent shouldn’t do without, is the remote control. It enables you, the children’s electric vehicle to control yourself.

In addition, many remote controls have a so-called "Panic function" or a stop button. With this you have the possibility, for example, if your child should head towards a street, to brake the vehicle immediately. Even if the child still has his foot on the accelerator.

Automatic braking is also practical. It ensures that the electric car stops as soon as your child takes his foot off the accelerator.

Note: Basically, we recommend that you only drive the mini electric cars under the direct supervision of adults and children. They are also allowed not in traffic be used.

3.4. Equipment

Of course, the right driving experience only arises if the children’s electric car is properly equipped. Even very cheap children’s electric cars have seat belts, horns, LED lighting, rear-view mirrors and engine noises.

A children’s electric car comparison winner, on the other hand, should also have doors that can be opened. Likewise, leather or synthetic leather seats, a flashing function and an illuminated dashboard ensure even more realistic driving pleasure.

4. FAQ children’s electric cars

4.1. What material are the tires made of??

The electric children’s car tires are either made of plastic (hard plastic) or soft rubber. The latter has compared to plastic tires following advantages:

  • good grip on stone and asphalt
  • quiet rolling behavior
  • protects floors (laminate)
  • pleasant driving experience

4.2. How safe are electric cars for children?

A seat belt is part of the basic equipment of an electric car for children.

The focus of children’s electric vehicles, which have not yet been tested by the Stiftung Warentest, is quite low. In addition, the children sit in the middle of the vehicles. This prevents the vehicle from tipping over.

Because an electric car for your child max. Can drive 8 km / h – so little more than walking speed (about 5-6 km / h) – for you this means that you can easily walk next to the car.

The speed of electric vehicles for children is therefore not a danger, so generally no helmet or seat belt (no seat belt requirement) must be used. Nevertheless we recommend you, Especially when driving on rough roads or off-road, a child’s helmet or safety belt is essential.

4.3. Electric cars for children need to be assembled?

The good news first: electric children’s cars are usually delivered almost pre-assembled. Specifically, this means that parents only have to mount the tires, steering wheel, wing mirror and seat and install the battery.

The maiden voyage: Before the little drivers get behind the wheel, it is important that you explain the special features and functions of the electric car to your child. Show your offspring how the brakes and accelerator work and never let your child drive in the car without supervision.

4.4. Which brands and manufacturers are ahead?

Henes luxury electric car: The mini off-road vehicle is controlled via an integrated tablet in the cockpit.

In the premium segment (from € 900 upwards) theManufacturer Henes leading the way. The luxury children’s electric cars are in no way inferior to real vehicles. Accordingly, the mini cars of the brand not only have leather seats, a seat belt and suspension, but also an integrated tablet for control.

The cheap children’s electric cars, however, include the children’s vehicles from simron, Nitro Motors, SL Lifestyle, crooza and action bikes. Taste here the electric vehicles for children mostly between € 200 and € 350. Although the mini vehicles of these manufacturers are not equipped with real leather seats or a tablet, the cars have enough features to give the little drivers an almost "real“Enable driving experience.


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