Children’s entertainment for children – funny, magical, cheap – good

Professional entertainment for children of all ages

The children’s program to join in and laugh – entertainment that is simply well received.

You are looking for fun for children for your children’s event ?

Great children’s entertainment wanted for a children’s party or event ?

For a company event or a family celebration? With pleasure!

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Children’s entertainment for children’s party, children’s day and children’s activities

  • You are looking for a child entertainer for a children’s party ?
  • You would like to enrich your children’s campaign or children’s day with a children’s magician ?
  • You are still looking for a highlight for a company party or private party ?
  • You are still looking for a program for the little ones for a wedding or birthday ?

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Children’s entertainment for all kinds of children’s events!

  • You are curious about what your guests can expect when you book the magician ?
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De Pasco promises: his Children’s Programs is guaranteed to be child-friendly and tailored to children’s events.
Laugh and be amazed for the little ones and the whole family. Whether it’s a children’s party or a children’s day – jokes and a good mood are guaranteed at your children’s event!

Trust in more than 20 years of experience and countless satisfied and happy children at many children’s events all over Germany. The clown likes to perform at private parties like that birthday as birthday entertainment for the little ones or for your wedding as a wedding entertainer with children’s entertainment! Your guests will remember the wedding for a long time: joke and a good mood guaranteed.

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And how does children’s entertainment with the magician work in detail? ?

Children’s entertainment with the children’s program – the process

Do you want to know exactly what the children’s entertainment looks like and what to expect when you book De Pasco? With pleasure. The most important questions about children’s entertainment with the magician are answered here:

How does that look? children program and what are the advantages ?

  • Child-friendly and fun: a short and crisp program that takes children with you and does not overwhelm them – funny and magical
  • the children are constantly involved in the action – conjuring up and having fun
  • all necessary magic utensils are provided by the clown & Artist brought – headset and amplifier and all props + balloons
  • Children’s magic show with magician De Pasco: approx. 20-25 minutes
  • Duration of balloon art and balloon modeling: from 30 minutes up to 8 hours

Birthday entertainment – a great birthday present!

But the magician can offer even more:

The balloon artist as children’s entertainment

Book something different as entertainment for children! How about a balloon artist as a highlight at the children’s event? Balloon art with the artist De Pasco as a children’s program.

Colorful balloon modeling inspires all little ones. The balloon artist is mobile on the move in the hall or on the premises and can knot the balloon figures directly where the busiest is. Ideal as a children’s program for school introduction or school celebrations, club celebrations and children’s day. But also for the Company celebrations, company events or children’s birthdays are ideal for your guests. wizard De Pasco is there for you: entertaining fun for the whole family! Air and latex with the artist and entertainer as Children’s Programs – two unbeatable combinations that make your event even more successful. Get the clown as a children’s program today!

You want to know the fee of the artist & Clown for children’s entertainment takes ?

Then do not hesitate too long and get your desired date for a great children’s program with the artist & Clown today! Worth it.


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