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Report by Karin Bruckner, honorary secretary of the Phoenix Mixed Choir

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Greetings you beautiful May there you are here again, do young and old delight with your floral ornament …

As every year on the “German State Day”, the traditional Children’s and May Day was celebrated in the Phoenix Club on May 1st. For the members of the German School Association (German American School Association), Los Angeles, it was a welcome occasion to visit the traditional park again and to delight the audience with their happy songs. It is rare for May Day to fall on a Sunday.

The May Festival is a small harbinger of the Oktoberfest. The main focus of this festival is on the children. In the early morning, club volunteers set up children’s play stations, which they also looked after later.

The gates to the park opened at 11:00 a.m., so this year’s May Day began. In a lively bustle, club volunteers took care of the physical well-being with Bavarian specialties; There were many drinks at the bar, the hit was of course the traditional Maibowle as always. The freshly baked funnel cakes topped with cream and strawberries were not just a favorite treat for the children.

At 1:00 p.m. the official part of the program began with the magnificent procession through the park, above all the brass band, followed by the honor guard of the Phoenix Club shooters with the blue and white “traditional stick”, the maypole, the crown of which is a wreath decorated colorful spring flowers. Then all other groups followed; the lovely end of the move-in was the youth and children’s group. A lively crowd of spectators lined the long way from the entrance to the white and blue decorated tent, where the tree was under a lot of Hooray calls were planted.

As is usual with big international celebrations in our beautiful Phoenix Club, we started the May Day – by protocol of the USA, after which the anthem of the host country last is sung – with the home anthems in alphabetical order: Germany song, then the Austrian national anthem, followed by the national anthem of the Swiss E />n-American League Mrs. Theresa Volland, and the Phoenix Club President Wolfgang Arnold, well in this festive setting. Vice Consul Peter Schmitt, representative of the German Consulate General in Los Angeles, expressed how much it is appreciated that our German tradition will continue to flourish in the “new world” and thus the traditional customs for young people will be preserved. President of the German-American School Association, Ms. Rita Reiff, then went to the stage with her group of children and adolescents and commemorated our successful May Day last year, in the hope that the performances by the pupils may again spread a lot of joy this year. The palette of colorful, well-rehearsed spring songs by the pupils and the very little ones began with a welcome greeting. There was a diverse and charming picture, one was surprised with how much commitment and understanding of the German language the children happily performed their songs, for which they received great applause.

Of course, the coronation of the new May Queen played a major role on this day, she was chosen from a number of lovely debutantes, and was adorned with her crown and ermine-trimmed purple cloak.

As it should be when the tree is standing, people celebrate and dance. It started with the brisk Phoenix youth dance group and the delightful Danube-Swabian children and youth dance group with their national folk dances, and the audience applauded a lot.

For musical entertainment The Blue Bird musicians provided for social gatherings and dancing, which in the meantime have become an integral part of the Phoenix Club. During the breaks, during which members of the German School Association sold tickets for the raffle, Sigrun Wremble entertained us with their musical hit parade in a charming way.

The band dance is part of a hearty May festival and was performed by the "Cozy Schuhplattler dance group". This dance, in which the Buam and Madln dance around the maypole with the blue and white ribbons attached to the top of the maypole, is based on old Germanic rites; it is a romantic folkloric performance in which eight pairs from our Schuhplattler group took part this year.

As a real The performances of the Oberländner Schuhplattler association were also a highlight, especially the “Dreisteirer Tanz”, in which 2 couples, each on Buab with two Dancing girls to traditional music was an experience, they received enthusiastic applause.

Another favorite was the Danube Swabian youth dance group that reappeared; the “Zill

ertaler wedding march ”was a real fun – for dancers and spectators!

The program was rounded off by the large raffle with prizes donated by the German-American School Association.

A big thank you as always at this point to all helpers who contributed to the good success of the festival! A very special thank you goes to Mrs. Linda Kriesant and husband Hans, without whose tireless support Phoenix Club celebrations would not be possible in this context.

For us, the maypole is a special symbol of togetherness, friendship and the joy of being and doing things all year round.

The May Day was again a great success this year.


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