Children’s fun park in braunschweig

Children’s fun park Braunschweig: In the Children’s fun park in Brunswick the children climb through the huge play maze. Countless possibilities invite you to discover. There are slides as well as a ball bath. Right next door, the families try out the rolling balls in the bowling center. [Fun park from 2 years, bowling from 7 years]

Those who like to jump high will find it on the bouncy castle Opportunity to do so on kicker can you let off steam – maybe even with mom or dad? Many a child sometimes turns a lap on the bumper cars and enjoys driving fun. Other offerings include video game machines. Air hockey can also be played here. A puck has to be pushed into the opposing goal of the opponent.

The Bowling Center Strike 24 can be found in the same building. Families can find more variety here with older children. For the birthday party Both the children’s fun park and the bowling center offer several options. A birthday room can be booked in the children’s fun park, and there are four options for bowling.

The children’s fun park is located on Hamburger Straße, not far from the water world. A visit to the swimming pool can also be easily combined with a visit to the indoor playground or a round of bowling.

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Discover Braunschweig with children

Braunschweig for families: what can you do in Braunschweig with children? Anyone moving to the Lion City must first find out where and how to spend their free time here with the family. But even those who live longer in Braunschweig may not know all of the destinations. Where can you swim, see animals, go to the theater, football .

Noah’s Ark Zoo Braunschweig

Around 350 animals of 60 species live in Arche Noah Zoo in Braunschweig. The small but beautiful zoo in the Stöckheim district is particularly popular with young visitors. The enclosures and facilities have been modernized in recent years so that the Siberian tigers, marmots, short-clawed otters and other residents feel at home. [from infancy]

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Braunschweig Botanical Garden

Braunschweig Botanical Garden: The Botanical Garden in Braunschweig is not only an oasis of calm in the middle of the city, but also harbors exciting phenomena of the flora. The huge water lily leaf or the carnivorous sundew are part of the marveled flora here. Children also enjoy a tour with Radiculo, the small Root warden. [from baby age]

Disc golf and more in the Westpark Braunschweig

Westpark Braunschweig: The Westpark in Braunschweig has a lot to offer for families. Here you can go for a walk and ride a bike, romp on the playground, play bolts and play streetball. Don’t forget the Frisbee disc, because then you can play a round of disc golf! [Park from baby age, disc golf from 8 years]

Ice magic in Braunschweig: Braunschweig ice rink on the Kohlmarkt

Ice magic Braunschweig: In the middle of downtown Braunschweig, skaters glide over the ice on the Kohlmarkt. The popular open-air ice rink is a meeting point for young and old skiers until January. Seating invites you to linger all around, stalls offer hearty treats like baked ham. [from kindergarten age]

Children’s birthday in the Harz

Children’s birthday in the Harz: Where can you celebrate the children’s birthday in the Harz? Should it be more sporty or would you rather go out into nature? In the cave, to the fire brigade, in the glass blowing or even in the monastery? There are many options and we will introduce them to you! [from 3 years]

Boat station Braunschweig: boat tours on the Oker

Boat station Okertour Braunschweig: The boat station in Braunschweig is the starting point for a paddle, rowing or pedal boat tour. The Oker flows around the city and offers space for boat parties in beautiful nature. From the water, the city suddenly looks very different! The boat rental also includes spree boat trips and bat nights. [from 5 years]

Fadenschein puppet theater in Braunschweig

The Fadenschein puppet theater in Braunschweig plays in its own house on Bültenweg, but also tours the countryside with its own productions – and in summer it goes to the botanical garden next door. Some pieces like "Peppino hot peppers" have already become real classics. [from 3 years]

© Stadtbad GmbH Braunschweig

Raffteich outdoor pool in Braunschweig

The Raffteichbad in the west of Braunschweig has a 50-meter swimmer pool with a non-swimmer area. Young hoppers love the separate diving pool with boards from 1 to 5 meters. A paddling pool is reserved for the little ones and there are fields available for beach volleyball and soccer. [from baby age]

Allerpark Wolfsburg – sport and relaxation for the whole family

Allerpark Wolfsburg: In the Allerpark Wolfsburg – the adventure oasis on the Allersee – visitors discover many attractions and leisure options. If Volkswagen Arena, bathing area, water ski facility, beach volleyball, the soccer fun SoccaFive Arena with children’s play world, high ropes course or ice arena – the attractions attract numerous visitors all year round. [from infancy]

Archaeological Museum in Wolfenbüttel

Archaeological Museum in Wolfenbüttel: How people lived in the Stone Age can not only be seen in the Archaeological Museum in Wolfenbüttel, but also experienced in practice. You can hit flints, drill holes or grind grain into flour. Accessible objects provide exciting insights into the past. [from 4 years]

The LÖWE path in Lechlumer Holz in Wolfenbüttel

LÖWE path in Wolfenbüttel: You won’t find any cats on the LÖWE path in Wolfenbüttel, but the nature experience path offers a lot of fun and excitement in the forest. On the 2.5 km long circular path you can hear, climb, feel, jump or make music. Does the tree phone work? [from 3 years]

Braunschweig high ropes course – Monkeyman – climbing in the Westpark

Monkeyman high ropes course in Braunschweig: Finally, there is also a high ropes course in Braunschweig where families can blow themselves up! The Monkeyman has made this possible in the Timmerlaher Busch in Westpark since April 2015. Five courses invite you to scramble at heights between 4 and 13 m. [from 10 years on]

Children’s birthday in the Braunschweig Forest

Children’s birthday in Braunschweig: The forest forum in Braunschweig, in cooperation with the regional forests, offers to celebrate the children’s birthday in the forest. The forest hut in the Buchhorst or the Kral in Essehof are possible places for the celebration. The children explore nature during a forest rally, a night tour or a treasure hunt. [from 5 years]

Children’s birthday in Braunschweig – from A to Z

Children’s birthday in Braunschweig: where can you celebrate the children’s birthday in Braunschweig? Should it be sporty or would you prefer to get out into nature? To the museum, to the bowling alley or to the indoor playground? The city on the Oker offers several options. If you are willing to drive a few kilometers, you can choose between other offers.

Prinz-Albrecht-Park in Braunschweig – Prinzenpark

Prinz-Albrecht-Park Braunschweig: Known as the Prinzenpark, this park in Braunschweig was officially named after its founder, Prince Albrecht. Families will not only find beautiful walks here, but also great playgrounds, the skating rink and a meadow for kite flying on the Nussberg. [from baby age]

Riddagshausen forest forum in Braunschweig

Forest forum Riddagshausen in Braunschweig: The forest forum in Braunschweig-Riddagshausen is the starting point for numerous events related to the forest. This includes June days and family Sundays, but also children’s birthdays and offers for schools and kindergartens. There is also the exhibition "Waldeslust" to discover. [from 4 years]

paleon – Schöninger Spears Adventure Center in Schöningen

paleon – Schöninger Speere adventure center: An exciting journey into the Stone Age awaits visitors in the paleon, the Schöninger Speere adventure center. At the place where these spears were found, it can be seen today how Homo heidelbergensis lived here around 300,000 years ago and, of course, how it went hunting with its spears. [from age 6]

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Wasserwelt Braunschweig: Wasserwelt is the name of the new water park in Braunschweig. It opened in July 2014. Older children love the two giant slides and the flow channel, the little ones splash around in their own bathing area. All year round you can swim outside and breathe fresh air while bathing. [from baby age]

Christmas market in Braunschweig

Braunschweig Christmas Market: Around 150 market stalls create an atmospheric atmosphere on the Christmas market in Braunschweig between the historic buildings around Domplatz. Children look forward to fairy tale lessons, puppet shows and the Christmas craft workshop. [from baby age]

Visit to the Hamburger Hallig

On the Hamburger Hallig: The Hamburger Hallig can be reached via a dry foot dam, so you don’t have to rely on ferry times – only "Country under" shouldn’t be straight! Before that, you should visit the Amsinck House on the mainland on the Program. And on the Hallig you can not only swim, but also those .


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