Children’s games – free fun for the little ones

Bob’s latest crimes take him to Russia! Accompany him when he steals jewels and rare dolls and disappears with priceless items from one of Moscow’s best-guarded buildings. But he needs your help to escape the surveillance cameras. He also has to outwit the high-tech alarm system and the world’s best security guards.

Decorate your room with your favorite items as you like.

Bob’s latest crimes take him to Russia! Accompany him when he steals jewels and rare dolls and disappears with priceless items from one of Moscow’s best-guarded buildings. But he needs your help to escape the surveillance cameras. He also has to outwit the high-tech alarm system and the world’s best security guards.

Decorate your room with your favorite items as you like.

Pou, the skilful (and round) character from many dressing and doctor games is about to start a new adventure in this exciting sidescroller. Accompany him on a quest through a dangerous land full of dinosaurs that he would love to eat. Help Pou defeat the dinosaurs while collecting lots of coins in all five levels.

You have probably never played an online coloring game like this! Can you make all the three-dimensional pictures beautiful? There are all sorts of motifs to choose from, from dogs and cats to bicycles and helicopters!

Can you hit all the right notes? In this fast-paced music game, you have to react quickly because if you miss even a key, it could end fatally!

Select your instrument and try to replay the selected melody.

There is a lot of confusion with these cute pets! Can you find the right combinations in this unique entertaining match 3 puzzle game? Connect ponies, dolphins and more and bring the animals back together.

Do you think you can design a custom dress for this fashionista? Take your measurements first before you choose a stylish fabric and get to work in this exciting fashion game.

This coloring book is populated by noble, graceful unicorns. What colors do you give them in this online coloring book? You can decorate them with pink hair and she with beautify all sorts of other colors – wonderful and wild at the same time!

Your favorite cartoon car is back. Yes, Wheely is back and ready for another exciting, fun adventure!

Wheely and his girlfriend want to have a picnic in the park, but there are problems with some alien vehicles! Your spaceship is broken. Help them fix it in this adorable adventure game?

It is high time to get all the cute drawings of delicious food and other things colorful shape! How are you going to paint the stack of pancakes? Or the totally delicious and sweet tarts? Let your imagination run wild in this great online painting game!

You can learn this old-fashioned racing game in a few seconds, but it takes a while to really master it. Can you manage that the red and blue cars don’t collide with the road boundary?

This baby loves to bathe — splash around in the bathroom and get ready for a great day.

These two princesses have a soft spot for cool fashion and this morning they are late. Quickly help them put together a great outfit before heading to campus in this fun online game?

This nursery is pretty boring. The wallpapers are really colorful! Can you furnish the room with lots of cool furniture and other things that fit perfectly in a child’s room? Let your imagination run wild!

Making slime is totally funny, but it can be a mess in the real world. So why not just make virtual slime in this great online game instead? After you’ve mixed it together, you can add glitter and other cool decorations. And when you’re done, you can crush, step on, and crush the slime!

These people love good burgers, that’s why they come to you! Take your orders and get them right in this exciting time management game. Do your best to keep your customers happy so they can come back.

The pancake business is not an easy job!

In this online coloring game you can color all kinds of cute animals. Let your imagination run wild when you decide which color bunnies, kittens and many other animals should get!

Bob takes his old tricks out of the box again and this time he has brand new equipment! Help him break into secret labs and other well-secured buildings in this exciting mobile game. But you have to take care of him if he has to avoid scientists, guards, security cameras and other things in this great game.

Children will love this fantastic coloring game! In it you can paint a lot of drawings of food, animals, cars and much more according to your mood.

Help Bauschnecke Bob have a nice Christmas by helping him survive in this winter land.

This pizzeria is the most popular in the city and there is always a lot going on. Can you satisfy all customers and serve them quickly? Take your orders and make sure your pizzas are cooked correctly in this exciting time management game.

In "Betsy’s arts" you can bring beautiful paintings to life. you just need some sand!

Bob the Snail is back – and Grandpa’s birthday, so the party can start!

Things are a little different in this boutique. Some items of clothing are easy to find, but are in gift boxes. Join Eliza as she searches for it and chooses cool outfits for herself. She would love to find some pretty things for herself and of course the baby in this great dress up game for girls.

Is it true love? Are your friends meant to be together? Find the answer with the love test in this romantic game.

Oh, on a tour with Papa’s newest restaurant, you accidentally broke his expensive lucky cat. Now you have to put in extra shifts to make up for the damage. Stand behind the counter, put on an apron and serve dad’s customers as soon as possible. Prepare sushi, bubble tea and much more for them in this exciting time management game!

The classic game is back with this retro online version! Enjoy the 8-bit graphics and make your snake as powerful as possible! You can adjust the speed of the snake before you help it devour as many tasty apples as possible.

These animals are so cute but messed up! Can you unite them with their twins in this adorable puzzle game? Combine the right pairs and clear the field.

Children’s games for the fun pastime or for learning

children’s games come in all shapes, sizes and types. Everything is offered here, from dress-up games to car games. Here you will find painting, cooking, puzzle, quiz, memory games and much more. Children can let their imagination run wild in “Make an animal” and invent completely new animals. If you are looking for child-friendly games, you are guaranteed to find them here under our games for children.

It also action games for the little ones. Although these are not quite as violent as for adults, they are nevertheless no less exciting and rapid and promote hand-eye coordination among the children. For the very brave children there are also horror games like the survival game "Clown Nights".

Parents who worry that their children are wasting their time on senseless games can sit back and relax. With our educational games, the children use their free time to learn new things in a playful way. In our geography games such as "Capitals of Europe" or "The Countries of Africa", the children playfully expand their geography knowledge by assigning their names to the respective countries on a map. In other games, they learn to type on a keyboard, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s world.

So parents can be sure that with all the fun, the learning effect will not be neglected. Our online range of free children’s games is constantly expanding. So keep an eye out for new games!


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