Children’s games from 3 years: the best games and tips for children’s birthday

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As soon as your child is in kindergarten, they also want to invite their friends to their birthday. You can read about what you do with the pack, which food is suitable and which games are popular here.

This inspires the little ones – games from 3 years of age for outdoors and indoors

Indoor games

1st tree falls!

Simply place a player in the middle, one Schwimmnudel holds in hand. The other children run in a circle around the game master. When this "tree falls!" Calls, the children have to catch the swimming noodle before it falls on the floor.

2. Hobby horses and the stop dance

You can make them yourself out of cardboard or felt and a halved broomstick. A mane can be glued from the remains of wool and the eyes and snout can be glued on from cardboard. With a Stop Dance the horses can then be initiated. For this you stand in front of the stereo system and let the children dance wildly through the living room. When you stop the music, everyone has to freeze in their position.

3. Ant is looking for a chair – cool!

For this game you have to put up a chair for all children – except for one. Everyone now sits in their chair. Then the starting signal is given and everyone changes places. The child without a chair shouts "Ant is looking for a chair – cool" and goes in tiny ant steps to the next vacant chair. The other players try to snatch the chair from the ant’s nose so that the child does not catch the chair. When the child is sitting, the ant can be replaced!

4. Bello, Bello, your bone is gone!

All children sit in a circle. A child crouches in the middle and covers his eyes. The game master puts a candy on the child’s back in the middle and determines silently, who can steal the candy. All children in the circle must now hide their hands behind their backs. Now it will Child in the Awakened middle, in which everyone shouts "Bello, Bello your bone is gone!". The child now has to crawl to everyone and look for the candy. If it wants to see the hands, it has to bark. Then it is exchanged.


Outdoor games

1. Bite cookies

On a cord in the garden ring biscuits are hung. The children have to now with your hands on your back try to bite the cookies off the string.

2. Squirrel game

For this nice collectible game you have to choose different ones Hide nuts in the garden. Everyone gets a bag and now has to go to find the nuts. Whoever has the most wins.

alternative: It doesn’t have to be nuts. In summer, it is advisable to hide filled water pistols. And whoever finds it can get started!

3. Stocking-smurf hunting

For this purpose, a fine sock is put on each child’s head so that a corner sticks out. Every child has to try now, as many hats as possible to get hold of. If you end up with a hat on your head, you win.

Your lifehacks for the perfect party

Preparation is everything

This motto applies to both your beloved decoration, that you would rather clear away beforehand, as well as for a few things that you should have in the house. These include band Aid, Cold pack, an ointment against itching in mosquito bites (there is a natural basis of Mama Natura) and a list with phone numbers The parents. For an action outside you should always have sunscreen and a little change of clothes ready. In case of doubt, you are well armed!

The cute alternative to the candy bag

Instead of a big candy bag that every child will end up with, you can also a single candy bar cute packaging: cut out a butterfly from colorful cardboard, decorate as you like and stick a chocolate bar between the wings – done!

It tastes good too

Many parents don’t give sweets or cakes to young children. And you don’t have to! There are many great alternatives to smarties and Co. For example, dried fruit, freeze-dried strawberries (for example from Cheeky friends), grapes or handy watermelon sticks. A recipe for healthy ice cream can be found below!

Cool ice cubes

Melon pieces are decorative and can be super frozen. The embellishes every drink! If you want to cool a large bowl of drinks, fill water balloons with water and freeze them. It looks nice and can be used several times. Incidentally, the water bombs are also cheaply made of natural rubber. This makes them food-safe.

Picnic without wasps

One studded with cloves lemon half every wasp sells on the picnic blanket! An inverted muffin cup on the drinking cup prevents insects from flying into the glass. It is best to cut a hole in the straw and attach the case to the mug with a rubber band. Also works well as a Drop-Stop for a popsicle!


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