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Poland is a very child-friendly country. In front of many larger shops you will find play equipment, often for money mostly 1 zloty (approx. 0.25 €), in shopping centres you will often find areas where the children can play or be handed in for care. Children are a big market in Poland, as Polish families hardly save on children.

In the seaside resort of Niechorze, during the season from May to September, commercial playgrounds for children are set up throughout the town, as well as several amusement parks and merry-go-rounds. On the beach you will find a large water slide and several bouncy castles. For teenagers and adults who are young at heart, there are several beach volleyball opportunities right on the beach.

One of the most interesting sights Rewal coast, especially for children but also for Erwschsene is the historical narrow gauge railway “Retro – Express”. He leaves Gryfice every morning and drives the whole day through the seaside resorts: Trzęsacz, Rewal, Niechorze, Pogorzelica. With a hissing and snorting steam locomotive and the historic wagons you feel transported back to the past. Outside the season, the whole fleet can be admired in the nearby district town of Gryfice in the local railway museum.

historical railway from Pogorzelica via Niechorze-Rewal to Trzensac

The attraction for the whole family are horses and stables. Riding in the riding arena or outside is possible in several riding stables in Pogorzelica (Stajnia Czachary), in Rewal (“Koński kierat”) and in the Palace in Trzęsacz. There are also carriage rides and rides on the beach in the early morning hours. The most impressive are the trips to the beach during sunset. It is less adventurous to rent a carriage and go on a tour with the whole family. Of course, the stables also offer riding lessons for adults, beginners and advanced riders.

Niechorze has the most beautiful historical lighthouse on the Polish coast. It is enthroned on a 20m high cliff on the beach. The 45 meter high building is a symbol of the holiday region Rewal-Niechorze and one of the biggest tourist attractions.

The lighthouse of Niechorze is open daily and can be climbed up about 200 steps to the top of the viewing platform. There you can admire the wonderful view. You can see the wonderful landscape over many kilometres, the seaside resort Niechorze, the edge of Rewal, the inland lake Liwia Luza, coast and of course the sea. It is said that when the weather is good you can even see the Swedish island of Bornholm.

Beside the lighthouse you will find an interesting miniature park for children and adults, where all existing lighthouses in Poland (as well as 2 former lighthouses) are built in scale 1:10. The coastal formation of the Polish Baltic Sea coast from Swinemünde to behind the bay of Danziger Bucht is depicted to scale along the paved path. The entrance fee includes a German-speaking guided tour that can explain many interesting details to you.

Also at the lighthouse there is a butterfly park where the children can not only admire rare butterflies and above all huge butterflies but also sit on their hand or arm.

In the newly built restaurants in front of the lighthouse there is a wax museum with many interesting exhibits, especially many from films and the current children’s series.

Niechorze is also home to the Museum of Sea Fishing. It is located directly on the main road not far from the confluence of Stettiner Straße and Villa del Mar. In the exhibition you will find a collection of exhibits from the field of small fishermen, the animal world of the Baltic Sea as well as tools and aids used in fishing.

During the holidays the Villa del Mar offers interesting family offers for children. In the spring holidays in February, for example, up to 2 children are free of charge when travelling with 2 adults.

At the sports complex of the seaside resort Niechorze you will find a skater park with various facilities for young sportsmen. In the sports complex you can also rent bicycles.

The large 800-bed Sandra Spa Hotel in Pogorzelica on the border with Niechorze offers a public swimming pool with water slides and other attractions for children. The nearest public swimming pool complex is in Kolberg, about 40 km away. Aqua Millennium Park offers a swimming pool and recreational activities, children’s pool, three water slides, four Jacuzzi bathtubs and many water attractions.

Huge dinosaurs are always an impressive experience for the children. A few kilometres north of Kamien-Pomorski behind the 1st branch to Pobierowo you will find a newly built dinosaur park with many interesting replicas of huge and small dinosaur species.

While driving to the district town of Gryfice, you can also visit the slightly smaller Galeria Hosso shopping centre. There is also a playroom for smaller children full of colourful pearls and balls and some attractions.

The Villa del Mar is known as a very child-friendly hotel. Next to the coffee garden there is a play, bottle and climbing area for the little children, in the restaurant you will find a play corner with popular games and colourful painting things. The swimming pool area of the beach hotel Villa del Mar is also very popular with the little ones, especially because of its pleasant warm temperatures both inside and outside the pool. With only 14 suites, the Hotel Ostsee Poland cannot of course offer childcare or extra children’s areas – this is reserved for the large holiday hotels.

Playground and swimming pool area in Villa del Mar

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