Children’s horoscope: white horoscope for children and parents

How a children’s horoscope helps

A children’s horoscope benefits both the parents and the child. The parents recognize potential and problem areas in the nature of the child, early and profoundly. You will receive individual help for raising children.

Competent astro advice on the horoscope for children …

  • Gives a deep insight into all assets and talents, strengths and weaknesses, needs and interests of your son or daughter. A normal birth horoscope illuminates the complete “who am I” of the horoscope owner, including the life plan and life purpose. The children’s horoscope does exactly the same thing, only that it is about the "who am I" of children.
  • Supports parents in a targeted, conscious promotion of talents and developments .
  • Takes a valuable look at children’s weaknesses and challenges. The astrological perspective sees backgrounds and relationships like no other source. This is especially important when dealing with difficult children.
  • Provides insight into the deeper, possibly psychological causes of illnesses .
  • Gives you a huge time advantage. Depending on the age of your offspring, many systems and challenges are still dormant. As parents, you can see all the sleeping tigers and enchanted princes or princesses in advance and can adjust to them.
  • Often a mother is asking "what do children need"? You need e.g. Limits, but more love. The children’s horoscope does not provide an answer to what "children" need, as guides and family websites do. No, much better, it tells you what especially yours Need children, e.g.. Which border.
  • Helps you in every way as a counselor in the upbringing. Whether you are dealing with difficult children, puberty or conflicts: raising children is always a responsible challenge.

Through children’s horoscopes, parents learn which talents and interests are dormant in their children. In this way, they can specifically and consciously support their offspring very early on in developing their skills. Education benefits from this additional knowledge and ultimately both Pages, parents like children.

Useful occasions for a children’s horoscope

Wise parents get advice on the child’s horoscope after the birth of a child. Difficult children of all ages also think of astrological help using a horoscope.

A child’s horoscope after birth helps parents

Family growth, i.e. the recent birth of a child, is taken as a good occasion for a child’s horoscope by some parents. They want to know who was put in their laps there. What could become of him or her? And what can you prepare and prepare for now??

The parents show a wise interest in the horoscope for children. Actually, there should be a law that rewards the post-birth astrologer with government grants.

Deliver the second reason difficult children. They can be real problem children, but the difficulties may also be temporary or limited to a single topic. For a horoscope, for example hyperactive and aggressive children. Possibly. a therapist diagnosed ADHD, Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADS, Attention Deficit Disorder. The horoscope can also provide useful support in the event of difficulties at school.

Some parents see themselves challenged by their offspring because they appear to be highly sensitive, clairvoyant or a little like from another world. Social inclusion in kindergarten and school is often difficult. Some call them indigo children or crystal children. For "special" and difficult children of all kinds, a supports personal horoscope for children with its very own astrological strengths.

Horoscope for "special" children

So-called crystal or indigo children are very sensitive and spiritual, but they cannot cope with it and need help. Their strong sensitivity is both a blessing and a curse, often they are conspicuously susceptible to illness, e.g. ADHD.

An astrologer can use the horoscope for children to examine the individual case in more detail and e.g. determine how the children could live out their subtlety constructively. An astronomical horoscope should also be considered.

Difficult children

Good advice explains unconscious needs, conflicts and developmental tasks that difficult children deal with. The advice is mostly aimed at parents, who can use it to help their children.

Some like to call difficult children problem children. At least subliminally, such “labels” stamp the children. Such terms give the wrong impression that the children are solely responsible. On the other hand, the parents often hardly have anything not correct made and see themselves more as desperate "victims". Many other things that have already been tried unsuccessfully finally find their way to the horoscope for children.

Causes in the horoscope for children

What a horoscope can do for children their Make part and own contribution to the problem conscious? Are you open to the idea of ​​reincarnation? Every child has its own personality before birth and brings with it difficult developmental tasks. No soul enters the stage of life as a blank slate. Parents and children choose one another. The same applies to so-called difficult children.

As the saying goes, there is always two to everything. In this sense, an astrologer can e.g. analyze and interpret partnership in the horoscope. Such partner horoscopes can all Examine relationships astrologically, including family relationships. The horoscope shows, for example, who presses which button with whom.

So both are true: difficult children always have their own share in the problem and that is why the horoscope makes sense for children. You are at the center of the help. At the same time, they always work on joint development tasks with the parents, on relationship problems. Especially in their situation as responsible, authorized parents, these are also in demand.

Horoscope for "difficult" children

Difficult children cannot and / or do not want to understand their actual inner problem in an understandable way. A horoscope for children can provide parents with expert advice on such unspoken, deeper backgrounds and needs.

On the other hand, no child is born as a white, innocent piece of paper. Some are e.g. at school to become a perpetrator or make life difficult for her parents.

Dealing with difficult children

The younger the children are, the more they move parental handling of difficult children in the foreground. With small children, the parents have the strings in hand. You are asked to set active accents in the shared responsibility with loving responsibility.

This is undoubtedly one of the great strengths of the children’s horoscope: it sees and helps both sides. It reveals the causes on the part of the child, holistically and comprehensively. The consultation However, it is usually aimed at the parents, depending on the age of the child. Strengthened by the advice, parents can then better help their children – and themselves.

Various educational guides provide tips for dealing with difficult children, e.g. how and when to generally praise or set limits. The horoscope for children, however, very specifically reveals what exactly you Child really needs. Professional psychological tests would also be individual. With regard to the holistic context, astrology remains in my opinion. but unbeaten.

Patient development, best handling difficult children

Ideally, the horoscope serves as a growth and development aid for parents when dealing with difficult children from birth. Understanding everything means forgiving everything, they say.

A holistic, deeper understanding with the help of the children’s horoscope also makes it easier to find effective solutions and ways. The left picture expresses important truths symbolically. It is very suitable for meditation for parents and children.

The time factor helps with the horoscope for children

With advice on the children’s horoscope, parents can set the right course early on. They take advantage of the fact that children are still susceptible to parental influences.

On the one hand, each child has its own personality, which it already brings into life and which can be recognized in the children’s horoscope. Children are therefore not malleable. On the other hand, depending on age, there are still undeveloped, developing systems and potentials. The parents influence what the little ones make of it, e.g. through education and example. The better the parents understand their offspring, the more constructively they contribute to grinding the raw diamond.

Given this starting point, every horoscope for children has a natural ally, namely time. A child cannot be shaped in any way, but the younger, the more receptive it is to parental influences. Advice will support you in good time the development to steer in desired paths .

The horoscope for children using a practical example

A concrete example illustrates how advice on the horoscope for children supports their life development in the long term.

Imagine that you have a four-year-old daughter. The little girl may not belong in the "difficult children" category, but she has a difficult, very fiery and spirited Venus in the horoscope. Therefore, she tends to violent love adventures with the risk of burning her fingers. She is often in love even in kindergarten. The not unusual doctor games for children in kindergarten are more intense for her than for other children.

At the latest when your daughter falls unhappily in love for the first time, you understand why she needs this experience. Through the children’s horoscope they already know why and how they have to learn to control their fiery, passionate temperament. They have the right conversations with her and tell of suitable personal experiences. They sexually clear them up early.

They are also aware that the temperament could rise in creative activities such as art. They keep in mind that their daughter can later find a job in this direction, possibly even his calling. They specifically promote the interests set out in the horoscope, which pave the way for them to actually find such a calling. With such a conscious upbringing, you may save her a harder experience, e.g. about an unwanted early pregnancy.

In certain diseases, you see the passion for Venus physical level Act. You will find suitable alternative treatments, perhaps you will even deal with how to activate your self-healing powers. Such activation of the self-healing powers takes place most strongly through suitable energetic and psychological changes. Astromedicine gives tips here.

Final tips

Two final tips if you are pursuing a real concern with the horoscope:

  • Take better Distance from children’s computer horoscopes. Written children’s horoscopes that can be bought online are almost always program texts. A computer program compiles a horoscope from a fixed set of text modules. Although it uses the exact dates of birth, the seller often advertises it as a personal product and occasionally supposed star astrologers give their name for it: it is not a truly individual, personal horoscope. Do you really want to entrust yourself to a program when raising your loved ones?
  • Unless you’re just looking for a little entertainment, also avoid zodiac horoscopes for children. You probably know the signs of the zodiac to be found everywhere with typical properties ect. Pure zodiac horoscopes without exact birth dates have nothing to do with real, individual astrology. Nice-sounding texts are copied from any "vulgar-astrological" sources or invented freely. You can see such a horoscope for children on the T-Online website.

(Author: Martin Dierks)

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