Children’s house leubnitz e

Anything you teach children prevents you from discovering it yourself.

20 years of the Leubnitz e.V..

We look forward to a new and interesting year with many surprises and highlights! Be curious …

A Christmas market is beautiful,
because you can go completely in family.
There are many candles on tables
in the form of stars or hearts.
Sweet scent is everywhere,
a happy sound comes from afar.
You can hear Christmas songs,
in the children’s home each year again.
You can tinker, draw candles, discover a lot
and lick the cotton candy.
The hot tea will make you very warm,
after the fairy tale we go home, arm in arm!

Of course, we also brought out our books for the nationwide reading day, made us comfortable and watched the goings-on with astonishment. Even our little ones were there with all their senses. Thanks for the wonderful morning.

One of the most beautiful customs for children is the Martinsfest, when the little ones flock through the streets with lanterns in hand …

This year, our lampion parade, led by the Dresden girls’ play parade, also started from kindergarten by the Residential area in Leubnitz. This time there were again many lanterns, beautiful, imaginative, self-made lanterns, which our kids shone through the November evening together with parents, grandmas, grandpas and educators for marching music.

After the square concert of the Spielmannszug everyone could have a little refreshment before they went home to bed for all the little mice in the children’s house.

So quickly built a lantern and off you go!

Start at 5:30 p.m. at the children’s home ….

Have fun all of us!

Sporty dressed >It was a successful, sporty morning in the children’s home. Until next time.


Also this year Neptune, the Lord of the Lakes and Seas, visited us with his Ariel in the children’s home.

Our Neptune Festival started with nice summer weather with music and lots of water (from buckets, spray guns, water tables, mud facilities …). The "baptism of the earthlings" was carried out this time with green, blue or red gum slime and a tiny rubber worm.

But the children of Children’s homes were brave and almost all passed their test of courage!!

… and what’s best there?

Of course – everything that is wet!

Water spray guns, water bombs, water hose, mud in the mud system and finally a delicious water ice

… What can you do with everything??

For example, With water balls !

Water polo wide / throw up, water balls in the swing cloth, which water polo is sprayed the furthest away with the hose ….

And finally there was a mini children’s disco

On the occasion of Children’s Day, songwriter Jürgen Denkewitz visited us today. "Jürgens Liederkiste" inspired us all with a colorful program on the topic:


Then there was an ice cold refreshment for everyone

Closing times and dates 2020

May 14, 2020 – Dixieland in the children’s home
May 22, 2020 – closing day after "Ascension of Christ"
October 8/9, 2020 – closing days
22.12.2020 – from 12 p.m. up to and including.
01/03/2020 – Christmas holidays
(based on the Saxon school holidays)


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