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The 8 best children’s floor microphones and handheld microphones at a glance.

If you were born too late to make it into the Mini Playback Show, you should at least have the opportunity in your own children’s room to sing your heart out to your heart’s content. With children’s microphones you can have this fun for less than ten euros enable.

Is your child a real early starter? Then buy a microphone that is suitable for children from the age of 12 months. It is also nice to try out if the device Sound effects or voice distortion offers. Visit our test and comparison table, where the different models are clearly presented.

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Children’s microphone comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Reig Minnie and You Wishtime JL8391 Baby Sing&Play Smoby 27219 Violetta Simba 109306641 Mascha and the bear Fisher Price FBP32 Bontempi 40 1071 Bontempi BONSM 1071 VTech Baby 80-078754
at Amazon *
11 reviews 28 reviews 33 ratings 16 reviews 64 reviews 1 reviews 14 reviews 19 reviews
Age recommendation from 3 years 12 months 3 years 3 years 18 months 3 years 3 years 18 months
For girls for guys
material plastic plastic Kunstsoff plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic
business batteries
3 x AAA
2 x AA
electric wire batteries
2 x AAA
4 x AA
3 x AA
3x AAA
sound effects
  • melodies
  • Amplify voice
  • voice distortion
  • sound buttons
  • different pieces of music
  • echo
  • cheer on
  • melodies
  • echo
  • Sing-along songs
  • Shooting mode
  • sound effects
  • learning sounds
  • sound effects
  • 3 sound effects
  • sound effects
  • different melodies
  • game function
applause button Yes Yes Yes No No No No No
Stand included Yes No No No No Yes Yes No
  • flashing disco light
  • great entertainment value
  • good workmanship
  • with microphone stand
  • including lighting
  • colorful design
  • to use for very young children
  • In addition to German, French, Spanish and Italian can also be selected
  • good workmanship
  • beautiful design
  • including lighting
  • colorful design
  • Learning aid for letters, numbers, colors and body parts
  • nice look
  • Connection for MP3 or CD players
  • with microphone stand
  • nice look
  • good workmanship
  • beautiful design
  • Animals and sounds are introduced
  • childproof battery compartment
  • Automatic shutdown
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Reig Minnie and You Questions and answers about Wishtime JL8391 Baby Sing&Play Questions and answers about Smoby 27219 Violetta Questions and answers about Simba 109306641 Masha and the Bear Questions and answers about Fisher Price FBP32 Questions and answers on Bontempi 40 1071 Questions and answers about Bontempi BONSM 1071 Questions and answers on VTech Baby 80-078754
To offer * To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer "
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  • Before buying a children’s microphone, pay attention to the age recommendation of the manufacturer. He can best judge whether there are parts built into the microphone that fall off and can be swallowed by the toddler.
  • Operation must also be taken into account when making a purchase decision. Battery-operated devices do not have an annoying power cord, but batteries have to be bought regularly.
  • Does your child like to sing along to melodies or does he just want to amplify his voice with the pink, blue or neutral microphone to sing along with songs from the radio? Depending on which songs your child loves to sing, we recommend models with appropriate sound effects.

Children like to play games. But not only board games or 3D puzzles are at the top of the fun radar for toddlers, but also role-playing games. With a child’s microphone, they can play that they are famous singers by singing karaoke to a song. In our children’s microphone comparison 2019/2020, we checked handheld and floor-standing microphones for children that make your child or even your baby a superstar at every children’s or family celebration. The toy for your child is not only aimed at entertaining the enthusiastic audience, but is above all a highlight for the future superstars. In our children’s microphone comparison, we introduce you to the best children’s microphones and tell you why this hand or floor microphone is the ideal gift for children.

1. How does a child’s microphone work?

Great fun factor for children.

In our children’s microphone comparison 2019/2020 we show you why a children’s microphone increases the fun factor at every party and causes grandparents, aunts and uncles to melt away with rapture, because of the little child star. The benefits of this toy are quickly found: in a room full of people, as is the case for example at a family Christmas party, the child can play his poem or song without anyone in the room being able to hear what was sung or spoken , Children can also sing karaoke lids, i.e. sing along to familiar melodies with their own voice, with a children’s microphone.

With a children’s microphone, the child’s voice comes as a sound inside the microphone. The sound waves set a thin film in the housing of the microphone in motion, which is transferred to a metal pin that sits in a coil. A small amplifier built into the microphone converts this sound into a loud sound. This guarantees that the audience in the back row also understands what has been sung. Of course, the technology of a children’s microphone is not as sophisticated as that of a normal adult microphone in a recording studio. But the volume of the child’s voice is increased significantly. The entertaining sound effects, such as Disney songs that the child can sing to, increase the entertainment level of your child many times over.

2. What types of children’s microphones are there??

The children’s microphone Violetta from the manufacturer Smoby is, as the name suggests, in violet color and suitable for girls from 3 years. Children’s microphones for girls are usually painted pink or have princess pictures. There are also children’s microphones for boys and girls, which were produced by manufacturers like Simba in a neutral design and not in violet. Children’s microphone Types with which the child can sing karaoke mainly differ in whether they are handheld microphones and only in that hand can be taken or stand microphones that are led directly to the mouth via a stand. With a height-adjustable children’s microphone stand, both small children and somewhat older children can become a music star and impress their listeners with impressive songs. Below we show you the most important advantages and disadvantages of a children’s microphone:

  • great fun factor for your child
  • Entertainment value for adults too
  • The child’s voice can be trained
  • Child may discover passion for singing
  • Volume a bit annoying in the long run

3. Purchase criteria: You have to pay attention to this when buying a children’s microphone

In order to make it easier for you to buy a microphone for your offspring from 3 years of age, we have listed the most important categories in our children’s microphone comparison below, which you need to consider in order to decide on the best children’s microphone.

buying criteria description
Recommended age The age recommendation of the manufacturer is important for this reason, since small parts on the microphone could possibly be swallowed by babies or toddlers from 3 years. In addition, this recommendation specifies whether the operation of the toy is appropriate for the age of the child, i.e. whether the child can operate the toy alone. In our children’s microphone comparison, the microphone types are mostly suitable from an age of 3 years. In this respect, however, you can find out more in the table for our children’s microphone comparison 2019/2020.
material All microphones for children in our children’s microphone comparison are made of plastic. Plastic is particularly light, which is why the toy is not too heavy to be held by weak children’s hands.
business In our children’s microphone comparison, the microphones are mainly operated with batteries. This operating mode is particularly widespread for hand-held microphones. A standing microphone can also be powered by a power cord. The advantage of this is that batteries do not have to be purchased on an ongoing basis. But the power cord also harbors a risk of accidents, as your children can trip over the cord while singing.
target group The target group for this toy is usually children from the age of 4. Many manufacturers, such as Simba, Mytoys, IMC. Reig and other well-known manufacturers produce children’s microphones in pink for girls and blue for boys. Manufacturers of such brands often also use colors that appeal to both boys and girls.
sound effects The brands from our children’s microphone comparison 2019/2020 can in any case amplify the voice, which is what makes the best children’s microphone. In addition, many manufacturers offer effects. Known melodies can be operated via a switch and sung along with them. A special highlight is the button, which represents a cheering or clapping audience. This is how your child feels like a big star!

4. The most popular children’s songs for children’s microphones

These songs are also liked to be sung:

Even the most famous folk songs are very popular for singing along. Especially songs like "The moon has risen","The bird wedding" or "Three Chinese with the double bass" are also often sung aloud by children.

The most well-known songs from Disney films, such as "Try it with coziness" from the film, are very popular with children "The jungle book, "Under the Sea" from the romantic story in "Arielle" or the lively song "Be here guest" from "The Beauty and the Beast". Some manufacturers have integrated these songs into the toy as a preset melody. You can also simply play the CD in a player or plug your mp3 player into your speakers so that your child can sing along with the microphone. Some types have also saved Christmas carols, which are especially popular on Christmas Eve.

5. The main manufacturers

Important manufacturers in our children’s microphone comparison include Smoby, Reig, Mytoys and Bontempi. In order to give you an overview of the manufacturers of the best children’s microphones, we have listed them for you, which also appear in almost every children’s microphone test:

  • Simba
  • Reig
  • IMC Toys
  • Bontempi
  • Haberkorn
  • Amonfineshop
  • B. Toys
  • Pro Series
  • Vtech

6. Children’s microphone test – at the Stiftung Warentest

Stiftung Warentest has not yet tested a child’s microphone.

Le >can read here.

7. Questions and answers about the topic of children’s microphones

7.1. Can children swallow the microphone?

The children’s microphone itself is relatively large, which is why children cannot generally swallow it and there is no risk of suffocation. However, small parts can come loose that could swallow babies or toddlers.

In any case, pay attention to the manufacturer’s age recommendation, since the manufacturer can best estimate whether there are small parts that may come loose and can be swallowed by the child.

7.2. Can I also record songs with a children’s microphone??

A children’s microphone is not a device for professionals, a PC microphone for adults or one for real stars in the music industry who play the recorded songs on professional players. Mainly children’s microphones are used to let the child sing along to a song aloud. Some children’s microphones have a recording function, which you can then play back using an mp3 player, for example. However, the sound quality of such recordings is rather poor.

7.3. How loud are children’s microphones?

Because of a child’s microphone, you don’t need to equip the walls of the children’s room with soundproofing. With these products going it’s more about the fun than the quality of the volume, which of course doesn’t mean that an entire ballroom can be filled with sound. However, if you are very sensitive to noise, we recommend that you buy your child a remote-controlled excavator, a remote-controlled helicopter, a remote-controlled tank or a water gun for the summer. If your child enjoys the new toy and uses it around the clock, it could also be a bit of a nuisance to parents or other adults in the immediate area. In the video below you can see and above all hear what a child’s microphone can do:

7.4. Can I make a children’s microphone myself??

Pink children’s microphones are mainly manufactured for girls.

The technique of a real microphone or a child’s microphone is very complicated and has to be put together by a specialist. If you do not yet have a child’s microphone, but your child definitely wants to play the music star, you can simply give your toddler a wooden spoon. To make it look more like a real microphone for children, put a black sock over the head of the spoon and stuff handkerchiefs into it so that it looks like a round microphone head. You can also make a speaker out of an old plastic cup. You can find the instructions here.

7.5. Where can I buy a children’s microphone?

Microphone children can choose between the colors pink, blue or other nuances in a Toys”R”Us branch or another children’s shop, where good buying advice can also be given. You can also order the best children’s microphone via various online portals and have it conveniently delivered right to your door. The payment methods for online shipping vary between credit card payment, bank card payment and prepayment.


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