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Motocross for children in Switzerland from 4 years – Mini-Motocross

Children’s motocross and mini motocross gives children discipline, coordination, stamina and the ability to listen

Our children’s motocross course in Switzerland brings motor sports enthusiasts children closer to the fun of PS. Equipped with complete protective equipment, the young interested ones can expect extensive instructions from experienced professionals. They explain in detail what needs to be observed to move a children’s motocross motorcycle correctly. They also give you tips and tricks on how to make the day on the motocross track a very special experience. For children’s motocross beginners, the instructor rides with the child until it has mastered the children’s motorcycle itself.

Children-Motocross Switzerland, learn to jump in the MX-Academy-Motocross-Team

Mini motocross and children motocross at the MX-Academy Switzerland

A mini motocross automatic motorcycle is available to the little motor sports enthusiasts for perfect success, so that they become familiar with the handling of such a machine. For this purpose, we offer young people the entire Honda children’s Motocross series: CRF50, CRF70, CRF110, CRF125 and CRF150. As long as the operation of the throttle and brake does not function smoothly, an experienced professional rides along and helps in difficult situations.

Mini Motocross – Learn to drive a Mini MX in Switzerland

The next step amazes most parents. Most children are able to drive through the children’s motocross course on their own after a short time. A very special self-confidence kick for the offspring!

Blild right: Kindermotocross Switzerland learn first steps on a Kindercross machine picture left: Children’s motocross course with your own children’s motocross bike

All children with a passion for technology can also learn how to operate the clutch and show their skills with a switched children’s motocross bike. Just like the grown-ups. Everyone when they’re ready.

Kindercross Switzerland, MX-Academy:

Kindermotocross Switzerland, MX-Academy:

The children’s cross offer is aimed at children from 4 years of age and is individually adapted to the child’s abilities thanks to our experienced professionals. Together with the children we experience the joy of the fast machines and can arouse a far-reaching enthusiasm for everything that has two wheels. Children’s Motocross and Mini-Motocross is not only demanding in terms of condition but also in terms of coordination and teaches the kids discipline and a sense of balance. This in an environment that probably corresponds to many children’s wishes: Motocross riding. That’s why Motocross for children is also an excellent school of life, even in its early years. General information about this fascinating sport can be found under Motocross Sport, what it is all about in Switzerland under Motocross Switzerland. Our German Children’s Motocross page can be found here under Children’s Motocross.

Children’s Motocross Switzerland, learning to drive on the track, the first round with support from the coach

The whole thing for adults can be seen under Motocross riding and Motocross taster course. You would like to have your own motocross equipment for your child and because you like to screw on the bikes yourself, also your own children motocross bike? In the kids motocross shop you can see all equipment parts, under kids motocross buy you can see an ideal kids motocross bike and under mini motocross the smallest mini motocross bike on the kids motocross market. Under Kids Motorcycle you can see more options.

Kids Motocross and Mini Motocross | MX-Academy

If you and your child are interested in a children’s motocross course at the MX-Academy, you can inform yourself about our offers here or directly under This e-mail address is being protected from spambots! JavaScript must be enabled to view this page! Get in contact with us. If you have questions about kids motocross and mini motocross, don’t hesitate to call us or send us an email – we look forward to hearing from you! If you don’t want to miss any dates, then you can subscribe to our newsletter or you can sign up for one of the next children’s motocross courses in the calendar of events.

Kindermotocross Switzerland

Children-Motocross-Switzerland, Mini-Motocross Course on the Field

Children’s Motocross and Mini Motocross ride in Zurich, Winterthur, St. Gallen, Lucerne, Basel, Chur, Central Switzerland, Central Switzerland, Eastern Switzerland and Northern Switzerland, Thurgau, Schaffhausen, Appenzellerland, Bern, Aargau, Schwyz, Glarus, Uri, Graubünden, Solothurn, Rhine Valley and Children’s Motocross Germany, Children’s Motocross Austria, Mini Motocross Germany, Mini Motocross Austria.

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