Children's natural wood desks and swivel chairs, TEAM 7

Our mobile desk grows with the tasks.

Your child’s growth spurt is child’s play for our mobile desk – it grows with you! It can be easily adjusted by means of a preset grid and thus adapts to the ergonomic needs of your child. And it is also very adaptable when it comes to the surroundings: Various additional parts such as a table top, a supplementary top, a practical desk drawer or the spacious mobile container ensure that all wishes with regard to storage space and work surface are fulfilled.

The matching desk swivel chair combines all TEAM 7 strengths: design, function, high-quality materials and safety (GS tested). The three-dimensional adjustment options guarantee ergonomically healthy seating comfort.

All dimensions, materials and variants at a glance.

Your creativity is boundless? And so is the variety of our furniture. Therefore we show you in the type overview all planning and design possibilities of our custom-made natural wood furniture.

Please select your type of wood.

Solid, firm and yet fine: beech.

Our beech wood comes from sustainable, European forests in Austria and Germany, because short transport distances are important to us. Their wood colour varies in aesthetic nuances between light yellow and pink-brown. With regular exposure to sunlight, the colour darkens slightly. Beech wood is heavy and solid – and its structure makes it particularly easy to work with.

Warm, red and charismatic: alder.

Our alder wood comes from sustainably managed forests in Hungary and Poland. It is characterised by its warm, red-golden colour, which darkens slightly when exposed to sunlight. The alder grows quickly, has fine pores and a medium-hard wood which can be processed excellently. And best of all: its light colour variations and medullary rays make every piece of furniture made of alder unique.

Show your colours. We are happy to help you.

We work with the best and most modern tools: our hands.

The right workplace for little writers and painters.

The partially inclinable table top offers your child additional comfort. The lovingly handcrafted finish makes the pleasant feel of pure natural wood a tangible experience and makes operation child’s play. Just right if your child wants to put his ideas on paper.

The best of both worlds.

We bring together what makes our work with natural wood even better: the latest technology and traditional Austrian craftsmanship.

Natural wood is healthy. But it is addictive.

Be inspired by our living worlds and learn how TEAM 7 furniture can make each of your rooms even more beautiful and natural.

Really good design is sustainable. Because it is timelessly valid.

Good design is not only valuable, but also full of values.

TEAM 7 is first-class design with a clear philosophy. Design that is timeless and places nature in the foreground rather than taming or subduing it.

Wood meets the highest demands. And it is wonderfully undemanding.

The most ingenious thing about wood: easy care.

Wood has by nature unique, self-cleaning properties. You therefore only have to do little to ensure that your TEAM 7 furniture will still look the same in decades to come.

It is in our nature to love nature.

We don’t just take on orders. But also responsibility.

We believe that a company should take responsibility for its decisions. We therefore stand 100% behind ours. Manufacturing perfect natural wood furniture for our customers is important to us – but for us, the path to the product is also an inseparable part of it. That is why we treat our partners, employees and nature as they should be: fairly.

We love wood.

We love what we do – and you can tell that from every finished piece of furniture. Because innovation and pioneering spirit are our innermost demands. We know everything about our forests and the material wood. We treat it with respect and combine innovative technology with traditional craftsmanship.

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