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Children's orthodontics berlin charlottenburg - - ku64

Children Orthodontics

Innovative children’s orthodontics for children and adolescents at KU64

What is pediatric orthodontics for??

Orthodontics for children is concerned with the prevention and treatment of dental and maxillary malformations in children. They are frequently the cause of chronic illnesses (for example gastrointestinal complaints due to bad chewing and biting function, postural damage and resulting back pain, jaw inconsistencies, headaches due to tension, etc.).

Protruding teeth, for example, are particularly vulnerable in the event of a fall or impact. Narrow teeth can be poorly cleaned, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. A deep bite can damage the periodontium. Incorrect bite (such as crossbite) can lead to a crooked face and asymmetry throughout the body. Therefore, it is particularly important for children to recognize a tooth malposition early – and fix it. For all these reasons, orthodontists always have to keep an eye on the entire human being – with KU64, we try to take account of a holistic therapy concept.

When is orthodontic treatment necessary for your child??

Only a dentist or orthodontist can determine if orthodontic treatment is necessary. The diagnosis requires a complete medical and dental medical history, clinical examination, impressions of the teeth and special X-rays as well as photographic images. On the basis of the data thus obtained, the orthodontist or pediatric dentist can decide whether orthodontic treatment is to be recommended in a specific case and – if positive – develop the correct treatment plan for the patient.

Orthodontics in children’s milk dentition:

Indications here are, for example, sucked-open bites that affect the bite function, crossbites that can hinder the growth of a jaw, premature deciduous tooth loss, and severe crowding when permanent teeth can not grow. With simple, mostly removable braces that the children wear in the afternoon and at night, we can take very positive influence here, influence the body statics (see also holistic orthodontics) and thus provide for the well-being of their child. I.d.R. so-called active plates and functional orthodontic appliances (Bionator / Fränkel).

However, the use of removable braces often requires parents to co-operate and influence their child to ensure consistent orthodontic braces.

Orthodontics in the mixed dentition:

In most cases, the commencement of orthodontic treatment (fixed or removable braces such as Invisalign) is sufficient when the so-called second change of teeth begins; usually at the age of about 9-10 years. At this time, the examination by our specialists is recommended to determine the appropriate therapy. The aim is to make room for all permanent teeth, to adjust the ratio of both jaws correctly to prevent TMJ problems and back pain, and to place all permanent teeth in the jawbone axis.

The aesthetics are automatically given in the manufactured function. We work here with removable braces, functional orthodontic appliances, fixed appliances from the inside (incognito) or outside and transparent rails (Invisalign).

If one of the following deformities occurs in a child, the parents should undergo an orthodontic examination:

Overbite – The upper anterior teeth are too far above the lower teeth.

Unterbiss – Here the teeth of the lower jaw are too far forward or the upper teeth too far back.

Open Bite – There is a gap between the incisal edge of the anterior teeth and / or the chewing surfaces of the molars when the posterior teeth are crunched together.

Non-Symmetrical Midline – When the middle of the upper anterior teeth does not line up with the middle of the lower anterior teeth.

Distances – gaps or spaces between the teeth as a result of a missing tooth or teeth that do not fill the jaw.

Crowd – If there is not enough space for the teeth on the ridge.

Everything for a healthy child smile!

Every bit is as individual as its wearer. Therefore, an individual and exactly coordinated treatment concept as well as the cooperation of the parents is essential for the success of the treatment. Regular training and further education of our orthodontists and the practice team guarantee competence at the highest level and orthodontic treatment (including innovative methods such as Incognito or Invisalign), which takes into account the whole person.

How does the pediatric orthodontist treat??

There are many types of fixed and removable appliances that allow the teeth to be moved by applying light pressure to the jaw and teeth, allowing the muscles to adapt and affect the growth of the jaw. Based on the nature and severity of each problem, it is determined which orthodontic treatment in the specific case promises the greatest success: A fixed braces such. Multi-brackets apparatus consisting of brackets, bands or wires. Ligaments are attached to the teeth and used as an anchor for the device, while brackets are usually glued to the front of a tooth.

Orthodontics and speech therapy

Concomitant with orthodontic treatment, concomitant speech therapy may be required to reconcile the functional pattern of the tongue and musculature and / or osteopathic treatment to positively affect dysfunction in the body, tension patterns in the fascia system, and postural damage.

Everything with a lot of know-how

Our dental specialists are in constant contact to create the best possible treatment plan for their child. Here patients benefit from our unique concept of short distances, optimal coordination among colleagues and the latest high-tech devices. The advancement of the techniques and materials has e.g. The development of almost metal-free and invisible braces made possible, which of course it is also used in KU64. By the way, we only use tested and compatible materials and give long guarantees – far more than usual.

All from one hand

Their guarantee of the highest quality with biocompatible materials is guaranteed by our in-house and experienced dental laboratory.

Please contact us! Dr. Isabella Piekos, specialist in orthodontics and dr. Anne Linderhaus, dentist for holistic orthodontics and osteopathy, will be pleased to advise you on all the orthodontic services that we offer in our practice!

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