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So another category. Poems dedicated to children
judge. Often as a children’s song. They try to do the important thing
and truth – whatever that is – in a child-friendly way
Way of expressing. Simple and simple, which is none-
away must be flat. On the contrary, the most beautiful verses
are full of grace for me, folk song-like intimacy
and believing humility. And are aimed at everyone who owns
Have preserved childhood.

Nursery rhymes
Yet another category. Poems which were created for
children, quite a few of them are songs. They try to ex-
press what’s important and true – whatever that may
be – in a way children can understand. They are plain
and simple, but that doesn’t mean, they are shallow.
On the contrary, the most beautiful rhymes resonate
with deep grace, humble faith and the intimacy of folk
songs. And appeal to everyone who has preserved his
or her childhood.

Poemas para niños
Aquí, os presento otra categoría de poesía: Poemas
para los niños, algunos en forma de canción infantil,
que intentan expresar lo importante y verdadero –
sea ​​lo que sea – de una manera adaptada al mundo
infantile. Simple y sencillos, lo que no significa que
no tengan profundidad. Al contrario, para mi, go
versos más bellos están llenos de gracia, auténtico
cariño y humildad. Para todos aquellos afortunados
que han podido conservar algo de su corazón de niño.

Poèmes enfantins
Voilà une autre categorie. Des poèmes qui s’adressent aux
enfants, souvent des chansons enfantines. Qui cherchent
à exprimer l’essentiel et le vrai – quoi que ce soit – d’une
facon enfantine. Pure et simple, qui n’est pas nécessaire-
ment plat. Au contraire, parmi eux les plus beaux vers
abondent en grace profonde, intimité populaire et humble
foi. Et s’adressent à tous qui ont préservé leur enfance.

tradución del alemán al español
Elke Lange

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