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Are you looking for an exciting children’s program in Munich? E.g. planning for a children’s birthday party in Munich and you want to offer the little ones something very special? Then let your charges follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes. For two hours we go on a search for traces on our city tours – right through Munich’s city history! You and your little detectives can solve your own cases and master numerous tricky search tasks!

Your advantages for their child

  • Exciting program for children of different ages
  • Your children learn something about the history of the city – packed into captivating stories
  • Different topics, depending on the interests of your children

Our children’s programs at a glance

"Rough Knights" tour

This is what our customers say about the children’s program in Munich

Mrs. von K. from Munich about the “Princess on the Pea” tour in October 2018

Our children’s program in Munich – history packed in an exciting way

We understand that history is not for everyone. Especially not if you restrict them to dry facts and years. That’s why we make Munich history: Munich stories! For our tours we have picked out the most compelling events in the history of Munich and pass them on to our little listeners in an equally entertaining way! In addition, the little detectives are “forced” to pay permanent attention, otherwise they cannot solve their detective case, oh and in between there are always tough search tasks that have to be dealt with …

You can see that we succeed in arousing interest in Munich and its history through the numerous positive responses of the past years.

An exciting children’s program in Munich – even when it rains

It’s raining. Nothing interesting is going on in the cinema, swimming was yesterday and just sitting at home in the living room all day, is not an acceptable alternative for you or your children? Then go with us, the city detectives, in search of traces! The detective tours take place in any weather! We defy snow and rain by entering the sights and killing two birds with one stone – we don’t just stay dry, No the children experience history live on site!
And if you prefer it to be completely dry and homely, you can of course also choose one of our museum tours: Indoor trail search with fun factor. Whether inside or outside – choose one of our tours here!

Events for children in Munich – our program for you

Regardless of whether you want to go on a journey back in time through the history of the city with your children or to tackle the secrets of old masters: the topics for our city tours are wide-ranging and have something for everyone. Select the topic that suits you from the Offers section and then embark on an exciting two-hour search for traces.

Children’s program Munich – the city detectives help you with the planning

If you have any questions regarding the planning of your city tour, the topic, the schedule, etc., do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks to our 10 years of experience with children’s city tours, we are sure to find a solution to your request quickly. Under the heading Contact you will find all information to be able to contact us at any time.

What age is the city detectives’ children’s program suitable for??

We offer the tours for children from 5 years on – you can find out more in the individual offers.

What should you bring for our children’s program?

Good mood and weather-appropriate clothing ;-). Also happy to have something to drink and eat "on hand".

The city detectives

Would you like to experience a special city tour with fascinating stories and exciting evening adventures through Munich? Then you are exactly right with us!


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