Children’s room wall design: wall painting for children

Paint the children’s room walls yourself

Children’s room wall design based on Friedenreich Hundertwasser

It started in 2011 with the children’s room of our first-born son Emil. Like all of our children’s rooms, his children’s room is located in the spacious attic and therefore has partly sloping walls that are clad with white wood.

When designing his children’s room, we first considered how we wanted to divide the room. We have a corner for sleeping, one for playing and one for the desk. We then determined the motifs to match.

Grandma Sabine then drew motifs in the thematically divided children’s room areas based on Friedenreich Hundertwassser that interest, concern and address Emil. A street runs above the play corner, on which cars drive and under which there is a small fish pond. There is a dreamy tower above the sleeping corner, which is guarded by the moon.

And in the desk corner can with the Book bird and magic tree letters are discovered. Initially the name was only EMIL, but after the birth of his siblings, he also wanted their names.

The children’s room paintings are deliberately kept simple to stimulate children’s imaginations. The motifs invite you to think up stories, make assumptions and speculate what is going on, what could be there and what if. These considerations are the first basis for philosophizing and an important development step in childhood.

Children’s room wall design based on the book Leo and Zoe

At the age of one, our middle child Carlo got his own room right next door. Of course, he also had to have his own walls in the children’s room. So Grandma Sabine was hired again to do a great job with brush and paint Nursery for To conjure up boys.

The basis for Carlos wall design was the beautiful picture book Leo and Zoe".

Grandma has depicted individual scenes on his wall, with the help of which the story can be retold.

Carlos’ wall design in the children’s room now encourages philosophizing again. We often speculate whether the sun and moon can meet and become friends and how it is with day and night.

The motifs give many occasions to dream and talk to each other. And since our Carlo has always been a big fox lover, this must not be missing as his favorite topic in the play corner.

Children’s room wall design for girls

Last but not least, our little mouse also got her own nursery, with which we now have a girl’s room for the first time shape could. Little birds, funny little creatures, magic flowers and the crowned initial letter of their name invite you to tell stories. The colors shimmer in light in the most beautiful colors and ensure a good mood.

Grandma Sabine found the inspiration for these drawings in Goethe’s book "Found".

Children’s room as a reminder

Our children, by the way, know very well that grandma designed their children’s room walls, because when they were one year old they always watched enthusiastically and chatted "grandma paints".

Grandma also designed my niece’s girl’s nursery a few years ago. Lara is now 9 years old and her room has been redesigned in the course of renovations. Unfortunately, the wall painting also had to be removed. However, Lara saved the most beautiful flower as a piece of wallpaper and hung it framed in her new youth room.

Tips for painting the children’s room wall

We used acrylic paints for our children’s room walls because they are harmless to health. They can also be mixed perfectly and you can create wonderful transitions with them. You can achieve a very special effect if you use bright gold and silver in addition to the normal colors. We can recommend the acrylic paints from Gerstaecker to you – not cheap, but high quality and very economical!

Draw your ideas thinly in pencil, then not much can go wrong! Our children’s room paintings are always on an endless line through the rooms. This line forms the common thread for an eye journey along the images, which can be added to stories.


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