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Are you looking for a new children’s room? Then you have come to the right place at Emob! You will find in our extensive range high quality children’s room collections at unbeatable prices.

With our collections you have the choice between different styles and designs. You are guaranteed to find it the perfect children’s room for your child.

Browse now and find the right thing quickly!

Children’s room – how do I find the ideal one for my child?

When your child has outgrown his furniture, it is high time for new ones! Before you buy a complete children’s room, however, you should ask yourself what requirements you place on the new room and what the conditions are.

  • How much place is available to me in the nursery?
  • Which Furniture (Children’s wardrobe, children’s desk, bedside table, …) you want besides a new bed?
  • which design is the right one? Do you already want a modern and timeless room that is also suitable as a youth room or are you looking for a playful design with children’s motifs?
  • How flexible do you want to be with the new room? Do the furniture have to be disassembled and re-installed as part of a move or a renovation? Then the choice of material is definitely decisive. In this case, cots and other furniture made of solid wood or robust MDF boards are preferred.
  • which budget is available to me or what do I want and can I spend? We have the right set for every budget!

When you have answered all the questions for yourself, you are well prepared for the definitive search.

Complete children’s room at affordable prices

you Baby, child, or youth room you can put together according to your wishes at Emob: Stylish, individual and uncomplicated! Now there is good news. If you select a complete set, you will receive whole sets when you buy it 5% discount! A basic package is always exposed 5 parts together:

Such a set can then be supplemented with other furniture from the collection. Under each set you will find bundles with practical extensions that you can easily order with just a click of the mouse. In addition to the standard furniture, you will also find desks, dressers, bookshelves and / or bedding boxes. And now watch out: With bundles you can often save another 5%!

Would you prefer to combine the cot from one collection with a wardrobe from another collection? Then of course it is possible. You can simply store and order the desired furniture separately in the shopping cart!

Children’s room decoration – more than just finishing touches

When you set up a children’s room, of course, it takes more than just the right ones Furniture. As a parent, you naturally want to offer your child a nursery that he will later remember with joy. With the the right decoration also works! At Emob you will find numerous decoration options: photo wallpaper, bed linen, canvas pictures, children’s carpets and much more.

With a suitable decoration, the children’s room can be individually designed so that it also does justice to your child’s personality. The right arrangement, for example in your favorite color or in the theme of your child’s favorite cartoon character, invites you to play and dream. A room to relax!

Order children’s rooms online at a special price

Thanks to Emob, you don’t have to wait months for the new room. Because we have almost all of our furniture and accessories always in stock and therefore surprise with a particularly fast delivery! That’s something you can rely on.


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