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This site is for children. Adults can of course also like to read …!

So: hello children! What do you want to know about me?

You can find out the following about me:

What my name is and where I live

By the way, that’s me as I look today …!

Photo: Veronika Hahlweg

My name is: Axel Hahlweg

"Hahlweg" is a difficult name. Usually people spell it wrong, for example like this:

Hallweg Halweg Hallwich Hellweg

All wrong! My name is Hahlweg! punktum!

and live in: Braunschweig

Photo by: User: Brunswyk (User: Brunswyk) via Wikimedia Commons

What it was like when I was a child

This is what I looked like when I was a child. That was a long time ago …!

My grandparents had a small farm with cows, pigs, chickens and two cats.

We lived in a small village in Ostholstein. The Baltic Sea was about 5 kilometers away.

That was our house. I myself am the little boy in the picture who walks with his grandfather. My grandma and later my mother had a small shop, which can be seen in the picture on the right.

When I was a child, some things in the world were very different from today:

  • There were no cell phones yet
  • There were very few computers – and they were huge boxes the size of an entire room. Only very large and important companies had something like this – there was no computer at home yet.
  • There were no color TVs yet – only black and white ones
  • There was no remote control for the television. If you wanted to watch another program, you had to turn a wheel until you found a station.
  • We only had four television programs. Three from the "West" and one from the "East", which was very difficult to receive. (This means that the picture from the "East" was not so good.)
  • For children there was only television on Sunday afternoon.
  • Germany then consisted of two parts: a western part and an eastern part. We lived in the west. The west belonged to America and the east to Russia. We were always told that bad people lived in the east and that Russia was very bad.
  • There was a border between West Germany and East Germany, which was very closely guarded, with shepherd dogs, police officers with guns and with mines. Almost no one could get over this border in secret.

About my hobbies

I kept a few hobbies from my childhood, gave up a few and a few hobbies are new now.

electric crafts

An uncle of mine was an electrician and electronics engineer. Unfortunately, he died very early – I was just five years old. But through my uncle’s job, my family had a lot of electrical items. My father also dealt with electronics, because he repaired electric motors.

So it happened that I did me also interested in electrics and electronics. The first thing I wanted to do was build a radio. It didn’t work at all at first, and I kept tinkering with it forever. Then one day it suddenly worked and I was really proud! Later I made a lot of things myself, but I didn’t become a super hobbyist. When I finished school, I was certain that I would study electrical engineering!

Incidentally, I had built this control panel myself. One could tap direct and alternating current (3 volts, 5 volts and volts).

Music (piano and singing)

When I was about six years old, my parents decided that I should go to music lessons. I first learned Melodica. After that, my parents wanted me to learn the accordion. But I didn’t want that. I wanted to play the piano. At some point I was able to implement my will.

I have a keyboard today. I play on it sometimes.

There was a choir in the school. I sang there and I had a lot of fun. Today I sometimes sing in church on Sundays: I stand alone in front and sing to the congregation. It’s also fun, but at the beginning I found it quite exciting: what happens if I sing wrong …? But it is not so bad. People always say they never noticed.

To go biking

I like to ride my bike. Sometimes only for an afternoon, but sometimes for a whole day or for several days. For that you need

  • a bike (logical!)
  • a couple of bike bags (to take things with you)
  • a good map (so you know where to drive)
  • to eat and drink
  • a little repair kit (if the bike breaks)
  • something against too much sun and against rain
  • a tent (if you want to stay outside)

That’s how much luggage you need for a multi-day bike tour (Photo Axel Hahlweg)

The is my Tent! (Photo Axel Hahlweg)


I love reading. I used to read adventure stories when I was a child, and today I read everything: adventure stories, crime novels, non-fiction and science fiction.

Science fiction is also an adventure story that mostly takes place in the future – often in space, but sometimes also here on Earth. Some authors have very exciting or funny ideas, such as life e.g. could look like in 100 years.

By the way: one of the most exciting books in the World is not available on paper. It is called Wikipedia and is available on the Internet. Wikipedia is the largest lexicon in the world, and anyone who knows something useful can write it down. In Wikipedia you can read, read, read … without ever coming to an end. I got a lot of information about my book project from Wikipedia.

But I also have a question for you: how do you imagine life in 100 years …? Just write to me …!

About my work

Here I want to write something about my work. I find it very exciting. But there are people who look bored at the ceiling and start yawning when I tell …

So, you’ve probably seen industrial robots on TV. So not so artificial people, but people who usually only consist of one gripper arm.

Of course, the arm does not move by itself, but is driven by an electric motor. And the electric motor does not turn on its own either, but is driven by a device called a "servo controller". There is a lot of electronics (my former hobby) and a computer (also a hobby of mine). The company I work for builds such servo drives. So far? Great!

If we build such servo drives, we have to be very careful because the electricity can be very dangerous. We therefore have to test a lot, and sometimes there are problems because the servo drive does not work the way the customer wants it to. For us that means "quality management". And I do that.

If you want to surf at my company, you are cordially invited!


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