Children’s sleeping bag test: tuptam sleeping bag with legs – practical tests!

The most important of the Tuptam sleeping bag kids test at a glance

  • My advice: Very good and inexpensive children’s sleeping bag with legs
  • with many motifs for girls and boys
What I like Which could be better + Transitional and summer sleeping bag with legs – Zipper from bottom to top and on the neck (inside) no protection + restful sleep as there is no tangling + especially practical for children who don’t Sleeping bags or like blankets + Tuptam baby sleeping bag cheap (less than 20 euros) + good workmanship + soft sleeping bag for children + 100% cotton + breathable + grows with the child: runs large, but the approx. 10 cm wide cuff can be turned inside out

Table of contents baby sleeping bag

A sleeping bag with legs under 20 euros: This inevitably raises the question of what to expect from a sleeping bag in this price question. Let’s take a closer look at "Tumtam sleeping bag with legs".

Tuptam sleeping bag with legs

1. Package contents and first impression

The package contains a baby sleeping bag with legs in the size 80-86. I particularly like that the sleeping bag with legs feels totally soft.

2. My tuptam experiences

Inexpensive, soft children’s sleeping bag with legs, which is also suitable for children who do not like a sleeping bag or blanket.

Tuptam sleeping bag with legs: The Tuptam sleeping bag with legs looks like a jumpsuit. The children’s sleeping bag is particularly popular with children who can already walk. Unlike the sleeping bag with feet, where the feet are either inside or outside when sleeping, they are outside the sleeping bag with the Tuptam. In the transition period, socks can warm your feet. A child’s sleeping bag with legs is practical if your child moves a lot during sleep because nothing can get tangled and the baby will sleep more peacefully.

Summer sleeping bag and sleeping bag for the transitional period: The manufacturer does not announce a tog value. After the comparison with the Julius Zöllner sleeping bag 0.5 tog and own feeling, the sleeping bag has 1 tog. It consists of two layers of jersey fabric (100% cotton), the lining being particularly soft and slightly warm. The Tuptam sleeping bag is too warm for hot summer nights. As a sleeping bag for autumn, spring and cooler summer nights, the sleeping bag is pleasant. The decisive factor is the room temperature. Of course, you can also regulate some things about the clothes of your sweetheart. In the summer a diaper is enough, in autumn a long-sleeved body is suitable.

Sleeping bag 80/86, sleeping bag 92/98 and sleeping bag 104/110: The children’s sleeping bag with legs is available in 3 sizes and can therefore be used in the appropriate size from approx. 1 year to 5 years. Unlike the slumber bag, which is designed like a standard sleeping bag with foot openings, the Tuptam sleeping bag has legs approx. 30 cm long (sleeping bag 80-86).

Children’s sleeping bag grows with your child: The Tuptam sleeping bag with legs is cut rather large (sleeping bag 80/86 approx. 85 cm long) and has an approx. 10 cm wide cuff that can be folded over if necessary.

many designs: The baby sleeping bag with legs is available in many neutral designs, making it equally suitable for boys and girls.

Zipper sleeping bag: The plastic zipper with metal closure is in the middle. It closes from the bottom up. The zipper teeth are hidden on the inside, but the metal slider at the top is free and not protected. A fabric protection for the neck would be fine here. There is a large fabric bottle on the outside, which protects the neck and chin with a push button.

comfort: The children’s sleeping bag is flat on the back. The Tuptam sleeping bag is slim, cut like a jumpsuit.

Wash the tuptam sleeping bag: The Tuptam sleeping bag can be washed at 40 ° C and according to the label is not suitable for tumble drying.

Update October 2018:

"In the meantime we have been using the Tuptam sleeping bag with legs for 3 months. My little one loves him. It is also ideal as a romper."

Update November 2018:

"The Tuptam sleeping bag with legs convinced us in summer. That’s why I immediately bought a warm Tuptam sleeping bag for the winter in size 92-98."


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