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If you enjoy spending time with your children outside, you will soon need a children’s sleeping bag.

But before you go out and buy the first-ever children’s sleeping bag, read this article that deals with the topic:Sleeping bag" employed.

If you want to make your child happy and buy a children’s sleeping bag, you know – camping is the ultimate in a successful outdoor trip.

When buying a children’s sleeping bag, you should pay particular attention to the material so that your child does not sweat in the sleeping bag or, conversely, does not freeze.

Also note the cut of a children’s sleeping bag, because it should neither be too wide nor too narrow. If the children’s sleeping bag is too wide, your child will freeze at night. If the children’s sleeping bag is too tight, your child squeezes the filling and feels constrained.

In addition, you should pay attention to the cover, because it should be nice and thick so that the zipper does not jam.

It would also be good if the hood was filled to the top so that your child can lie comfortably in the children’s sleeping bag.

In this article we would like to introduce you to five different children’s sleeping bags that you might consider buying.

1. Children’s sleeping bag – Husky Kids Magic

This children’s sleeping bag from the brand "Husky" is characterized above all by its incredible temperature resistance out. The "Husky" children’s sleeping bag keeps an icy outside temperature of minus 12 degrees Celsius was standing.

These are of course extreme conditions that should not necessarily be tried out. However, at a temperature of minus 4 degrees Celsius, it will be nice and warm in the children’s sleeping bag. The comfort temperature for this children’s sleeping bag is included plus 3 degrees Celsius.

The filling consists of twice the amount of 190 g of hollow fiber per square meter and is in four chambers divided up. The inner material is Poly pongee with microfleece, which will keep your child warm even in the coldest temperatures. The outer material is a 70 D 190 T nylon taffeta and is very resistant to dirt and dust.

The size of this children’s sleeping bag is 125 to 155 cm. That means this children’s sleeping bag grows with your child and will make your child happy for a long time. The waxing of the sleeping bag enables a clever zipper, which makes the sleeping bag bigger at the lower end.

The children’s sleeping bag can also be used as a compression sack be used. To do this, the foot area is separated. This sleeping bag can also be used as a button-on footmuff be used.


– Dimensions: 180 cm x 150 cm x 75 cm
– Weight: 1.5 kg
– Pack size: 40 cm x 20 cm
– Suitable for children from 125 cm to 155 cm
– Inner material: poly pongee and microfleece
– Outer material: 70D 190T nylon taffeta
– 4 chamber hollow barrels
– reflectors
– Cold-resistant to -12 degrees Celsius


It’s not for nothing that the Husky Kids Magic got its name. This children’s sleeping bag ensures that your child is nice and warm even in extreme outside temperatures. The good workmanship, the bright green color and the good material ensure that this children’s sleeping bag has been awarded a customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

2. Children’s sleeping bag – VAUDE children’s synthetic sleeping bag

The children’s sleeping bag from the brand "VAUDE" provides with one Sensofiber filling for the ideal sleeping comfort and a ideal isolation from the outside temperatures. This children’s sleeping bag is particularly suitable for the humid climate.

So you can go on outdoor trips with your child from spring to autumn. The warm collar ensures that the children do not have to freeze and for one constant, warm inside temperature.

It is very practical inside pocket, that your child can use to store the smartphone or a book. The cut is form-fitting and this is very important because your child will not feel cold in a body-hugging sleeping bag. The heat balance is thus perfectly regulated.

Furthermore, the length up to 160 cm tall adjustable and can therefore be adapted to the height of your child.


– Dimensions: 190 cm x 80 cm x 10 cm
– Weight: 1.3 kg
– Material: polyester
– Washable and quick drying
– Optimal climate comfort
– For children up to 160 cm tall
– Adjustable size
– Inner pocket for utensils
– Body-hugging


A children’s sleeping bag made for outdoor trips in the cool season. The body-hugging cut and the breathable inner material ensure the perfect heat balance in the sleeping bag. Furthermore, customers commented very well about this product and therefore awarded it 5 out of 5 possible stars.

3. Children’s sleeping bag – Jack Wolfskin children’s sleeping bag Grow Up Star

This children’s sleeping bag from the brand "Jack Wolfskin" is perfect for that Outdoor Trip in summer thought. The padding is single-layer and only withstands the summer outside temperatures. The padding also ensures that it is nice and cozy in the sleeping bag and that your child can sleep comfortably in it.

Of course, the advantages include ease of this sleeping bag. Furthermore, this sleeping bag renewable, as the name suggests, and can therefore be adapted to the height of your child.

This child’s sleeping bag offers more protection in places sensitive to cold, so that your child does not get cold and uncomfortable. This children’s sleeping bag is especially where you freeze most – and these are your feet double filled at the end.


– Dimensions: 190 cm x 70 cm x 5 cm
– Weight: 962 g
– Material: 100% polyester
– Grows with your child (renewable)
– Only suitable for summer
– The padding ensures comfort
– Easy care
– Double filled at the end
– Breathable


If you are looking for a children’s sleeping bag for summer or for the warm season, then this children’s sleeping bag is exactly the right one for your child. It offers sufficient protection against the cool outside temperatures at night and ensures that your child’s feet do not freeze due to the double feeding at the end of the sleeping bag. Amazon customers also rated the product with 4.5 out of 5 stars, which speaks of excellent quality.

4. Children’s sleeping bag – Black Crevice children’s sleeping bag Peak

This children’s sleeping bag is one Mummy sleeping bag, which one extremely body-hugging is. The Hollow fiber filling ensures a pleasant indoor climate and comfortable indoor temperatures. This top model meets all requirements.

A hood pulled up and a collar also belong to the basic equipment of this sleeping bag. The outer material is both breathable as well as water repellent. The inner material consists of cotton and is also breathable. Because of the sleeping bag breathable a safe and comfortable sleep is guaranteed.

The zipper is one double zipper and therefore very smooth. By making this children’s sleeping bag very easy you can put it in any backpack and take it with you wherever you go. The filling consists of 200 g 3D polyester per square meter.

The advantages of the children’s sleeping bag from "Black Crevice" belongs to easy care as well as the possibility to have the sleeping bag washed in a washing machine. Whether for short trips or longer camping trips – this children’s sleeping bag is suitable for everything.


– Dimensions: 165 cm x 70 cm x 5 cm
– Weight: 980 g
– Material: 3 D polyester
– Breathable and water-repellent
– Packsack included
– warm collar
– Hood pulled up
– 100% cotton lining
– Very easy


A great product if you and your child plan to go on a short trip in the forest or at the lake. The product holds the warmth constant in it and ensures a warm, cozy indoor climate. Furthermore, the sleeping bag is very light and ensures that you can take it anywhere. In addition, customers rated the product on Amazon with 5 out of 5 possible stars. This clearly speaks of a quality product.

5. Children’s sleeping bag – Outdoorer Dream Express blue

With this sleeping bag from the brand "Outdoor Dream Express" it is a perfect travel companion for a family vacation. It is optimally adapted to the needs of children and ensures the optimal indoor temperature for children with a Height from 110 to 150 cm.

The feeling of security become Their children love with this sleeping bag. The lining is very important in a children’s sleeping bag and here you have it with a technical one cotton to do. This not only feels pleasantly soft on the skin, it is particularly easy to care for.

The ideal heat storage is guaranteed by the hollow fibers. The comfort zone in which you should use this children’s sleeping bag is included plus 5 degrees Celsius. This sleeping bag is ideal for that Summertime as well for the Fall and spring time suitable.

The zipper is very smooth and does not allow you to pinch anything. If the night is very warm, your child can open the sleeping bag completely and the side in no time as a blanket to use.


– Dimensions: 130 cm x 30 cm x 60 cm
– Weight: 930 g
– Material: technical cotton
– Outer material: polyester
– Giraffe motif on the sleeping bag
– Smooth zip
– Quickly redesigned to the ceiling
– Breathable
– Suitable for children from 110 cm to 150 cm


The sleeping bag from "Outdoor Dream Express" ensures that your child has a really comfortable time in the sleeping bag in cool summer outside temperatures. At just 930 g, it is not heavy and can be easily taken with you. Furthermore, it is breathable and ensures the perfect heat balance. The customer reviews on Amazon with 5 out of 5 stars are more than satisfactory and indicate the high quality of the product.

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