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Workshop with Mai Cocopelli

dealing with future generations. In their songs, each in their own way, they pick up on individual psychic needs of the children, as well as their social skills and difficulties, and on several occasions address the global problems of living together on earth. With regard to these different aspects, children’s songwriters have a great responsibility. Precisely because they appeal with their songs fun, joy and liveliness of the children and thus have special effects. Borders, templates, prejudice against other people are not yet educated in children. Therefore songs can be a part of intercultural education, getting to know each other of children of different nationalities and different backgrounds. “

This call for the very first German Children’s Song Congress has not lost its relevance to this day. And so KinderKinder has organized the German Children’s Song Congress four times in the last 15 years. Every three to four years we invite composers, lyricists and performers of children’s songs from all over German-speaking countries to Hamburg for a symposium. Also music teachers and choirmaster as well as representatives of publishers, record companies, the GEMA as well as radio and television stations are always with it.

For three days there are numerous workshops and discussions, the participants exchange experiences and advice, everyone learns from everyone. Naturally, singing and music is also possible, but above all valuable and fruitful contacts can be made. Since the first congress in 1998, the encounters and new connections between the individual artists have resulted in various children’s song festivals, for example in Nuremberg, Berlin and Kiel. In addition,, a very active association of almost 40 children’s songwriters and groups from all over Germany formed.

Here you can download the documentation of the fourth congress 2013 as PDF.
For more information, go to the Kinderliedkongress homepage.

First children’s song congress
October 29th to
November 1, 1998

Second Children’s Song Congress
November 8th to
November 11, 2001

Third children’s song convention
September 25th to
September 27, 2009

Fourth Children’s Song Congress
September 27th to
September 29, 2013


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