Children’s songs: funny hits for schoolchildren – by margit sarholz and werner meier, from 6 years

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Children’s songs: "Funny hits for school kids" by Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier, from 6 years

Let’s go to Schullandheim. All children are really happy. Finally great days off with swimming, knight’s castle and campfire. And the teachers are also more relaxed. It is clear that there is a lot of singing and laughing.

On the children’s song CD "Funny hits for school kids" (Published by Sternschnuppe in 2016) Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier take us on a school trip home. There is everything that belongs on a school trip: long evenings around the campfire, exciting excursions, lots of fun, laughter, To sing and of course relaxed teachers. It is therefore not surprising that a teacher’s song starts at the beginning. And then the story continues briskly. Because as it should be for a good shooting star CD, there is not only brisk music to be heard here, but a real story is told with the songs and recordings of the children. This story is the common thread through the CD. He combines the colorful mix of songs.
Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier selected well-known hits from the previous albums for this CD. So if you are a real fan of the two and have all the CDs on the shelf, you will know almost all the songs on the new album. However, if you do not yet know the two shooting star musicians, you have a really good selection from their repertoire here.
The two musicians sometimes accompanied the old songs with a new disco rhythm. Unfortunately, it is not always better if you know the originals. But this is really high level whining. Because again Sarholz and Meier packed the whole range of music into the CD. There is grooving, cheering and dancing with a lot of momentum. No song is boring. With a lot of vigor, joy in music, ability, rhythm, rhyming and humor, the music is sung and music is played with real instruments. Again, they both succeed in bringing really good, handmade music to the children. Exactly such children’s songs need we!
And in the end, you want to experience a class trip yourself. You play a lot of songs several times, your feet rock, you sing along or just dance to them.

01 We come from the blue mountains
02 A refrigerator went for a walk
03 Why, why, why?!
04 Do you dare!
05 One singer sang: Lalala
06 The old knights
07 We are the rain pirates
08 We are the children’s chefs!
09 Ratzfatz – everything in its’ place!
10 What a day! (Birthday Jubilee Song)
11 I want to dance!
12 Blue as my eyes
13 My grandma is riding a motorcycle in the chicken coop
14 hand in hand (student anthem)

Margit Sarholz, Werner Meier: Funny hits for school children,
Falling star, 2016

Equipment: 1 C D with text booklet
Price: € 13.95
Age recommended by the label: from 6 years
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