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Children’s songs from

The lyrics, notes and melodies of the songs are included. The vocals can be reloaded as an in-app purchase.

The songs can go straight from the App can be printed.

If something doesn’t work, please contact me. I can treat error messages in the iTunes reviews badly because I have no way to contact the author.

The following songs are included:
All my little ducklings [children’s song
All the birds are already there
On the wall on the wait
Something is going on in our meadow
Bake bake cake
brother Jacob
Hiking is the miller’s delight
The Cuckoo and the donkey
The monkeys race through the forest
the moon has risen
Thoughts are free
The artisans
The bird wedding
Three Chinese with the double bass
A little man stands in the forest
The mill rattles on the rushing stream
A Bi-Ba-Butzemann is dancing
It was a mother
It doesn’t take much to be happy
Green, green, green are all my clothes
Fox you stole the goose
Hoppe Hoppe Reiter
Hänschen Klein
Hansel and Gretel
Bunnies in the pit
I go with my lantern
Come ye Ye Children
Jack was in the kitchen
Now we’re driving across the lake
A bird comes flying
Cuckoo, cuckoo, it calls from the forest
Let us be happy and cheerful
Lantern, lantern
Let it snow
Lirum Larum spoon handle
Mariechen was sitting on a stone
Tomorrow there will be something for children
Oh dear Augustine
O Christmas Tree
Sankt Martin, Sankt Martin
Sleep kid sleep
Snowflake whitedress
Silent, silent, silent
Silent Night Holy Night
Hum hum hum …
Taler, Taler you have to hike
Do you know how many stars are there?
Who has the most beautiful sheep?
Widele wag

The following Christmas carols are also included:
Every year
The Christmas tree is the most beautiful tree
It’s going to be smooth dumpa
En gardant ma bergerie
Merry Christmas everywhere
I’m at your crib here
I lay and slept when I dreamed
In dulci jubilo
Come on, you shepherds
Open the door
O you happy
From the sky, that’s where I come from
Come on, O believers – Adeste Fideles
The lights are burning on the Christmas tree
The Savior is born
A ship comes loaded
It’s a rose
Sweeter the bells never sound
Jingle Bells
Joseph, dear Joseph my
Jingle Bells
Santa Claus is coming tomorrow
Daughter Zion, rejoice
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Born in Bethlehem
I go with my lantern
Come ye Ye Children
Let us be happy and cheerful
Lantern, lantern
Let it snow
Tomorrow, kids will give something
O Christmas Tree
Sankt Martin, Sankt Martin
Silent Night Holy Night

Copying and performance of sheet music, playbacks and vocal versions for educational purposes free of charge and royalty free permitted and desired.
Commercial use of all contents of this app with the The goal of economic profit is prohibited.
Vocals and piano playbacks: CP Projects
Illustrations: CP Projects under license from Birte Breidbach


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