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Children’s songs: "Spring songs. Happy, cheeky spring hits" by Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier, from 3 years

Spring is here! The bikes are brought out, the little one learns to drive and then there is the first excursion with delicious ice cream. But be careful, April does what it wants with the weather. And the Easter bunny is still looking for its colors, so his wife has the brilliant idea. 11 spring-fresh, funny, joyful children’s songs lure you out into nature.

With cheers, the red-haired girl rocks happily up to the sky. Fresh green and a bright sun in the blue sky make you want to listen to the CD immediately. Wherever there is Sternschnuppe or Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier, there is this very special children’s music. No junk, no annoying strumming with an artificial mood. No, the best hand-made music by true children’s musicians, full of happiness, warmth and affection.

"Spring songs. Happy and cheeky spring hits" opens the musical door for one of the most beautiful seasons. (Why? Because then summer is coming ;-)) What do you associate with spring? Easter, first excursions, first ice, first warm day, the blossoming of nature, April weather, cycling, many hours in nature with games, romping. All of that is in the CD.
In typical shooting star style, the songs are embedded in a relaxed family setting. The family is not defined. The two singers form the "parents", the children singers the children. Their CD names have already appeared on other CDs. And then it goes through the spring with the first rays of March sun, the hedgehog waking up, the April weather, Easter, international bird wedding, stork arrival, May. Every spring association has found their song.
And what is still typical for the shooting star songs? Exactly, the music. Sarholz and Meier not only value great, fresh and cheerful lyrics full of creativity and play on words, but also and especially music with real instruments. All participating musicians master their instruments at a high level, play and play with them. Her instruments are her word tools, the tones dance around each other, swing at heights, calm down, are sometimes cheeky, sometimes cheeky, sometimes thoughtful and often happy.

This time it was particularly successful that Sarholz and Meier dedicated each song to one type of music: the hedgehog country, the stork tango, a swing, a hit. The children also get to know different music trends. Text and melody go perfectly together. The children’s voices are not overused. Everything is round. The feet wobble automatically, you sing the chorus immediately.
The children’s songs CD "Spring songs. Happy and cheeky spring hits" by Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier is the best spring song CD for children there is. No boredom, even with the 20th repetition. Virtuoso lyrics that take the children seriously, fresh, happy, humorous, with a lot of warmth and affection. It definitely belongs in every child’s room!

Title list
01: Come on May. (Intro Instrumental) – 2:22
02: Listen to me! (Text) – 0:23
03: He flew here with the starlings (beautiful spring song for children) – 3:42
04: Already rustling (text) – 0:25
05: Ouch! Geez! Rough spring celebration! (Funny spring song for children) – 4:00
06: Clara can do it! (Text) – 0:38
07: Then spring is here! (Happy Children’s Song for Spring) – 5:36
08: Through the rainbow (text) – 0:28
09: April, April. (Spring song for children) – 3:54
10: The Easter Bunny, who else? (Text) – 0:25
11: The world is full of colors (Funny Easter Bunny Song for Children) – 4:54
12: Daisy bride – But without kissing (text) – 0:31
13: The bird wedding international (children’s song classic with funny new stanzas) – 4:16
14: African vacation with frog buffet (text) – 0:40
15: Plapper-Schorsch, the rattle stork (funny children’s song with Hessian dialect) – 4:09
16: First bike trip (text) – 0:35
17: Oh May, Oh May! (Nice spring song for children) – 2:59
18: And at the kiosk on the quarry lake. (Text) – 0:19
19: Two little Wiener Würschtel (Funny children’s song) – 6:08
20: Popsicles and feet in the water (text) – 0:28
21: Come dear May. (Outro Instrumental) – 2:09
22: The most beautiful thing about spring (text)

Margit Sarholz, Werner Meier: Spring songs. Happy and cheeky spring hits
Label: Sternschnuppe, 2017
Features: CD, folding cardboard box with funny illustrated 20-page text book
Price: approx.13.95 €
Age recommended by the label: from 3 years
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