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What different children’s swings are there??

Before you go to Buying a children’s swing you decide, you should inform yourself about the different children’s swings. In the ongoing text you will find out which children’s swings are available.

First you decide on a scaffold. There is a plastic frame for small children to enter the swing world, which is very cheap, but not particularly stable. But it is ideal for small children. Then there are wooden scaffolds that are the most weather-resistant. These are still cheap, but more expensive than a plastic frame. The wooden frame is the most popular. The most stable, however, is a metal frame. This is also the most expensive, but it guarantees stability if the frame is concreted into the foundation.

Once the frame is up, you can always mount new types of swings. There are simple swing seats made of hardened plastic, there are elastic seats that adapt to your body shape, there are plate swings that swing in all directions and there are even double swings for double fun! To attach a nest swing, you have to put on an extra stable swing frame from the start respect, think highly of.

Our recommendation – the best children’s swings

When can children use swings alone??

In general, it can be said that a children’s swing is ideal for children aged 3 to 13. However, there are so-called toddler swings in which you can put the toddler. Many of these swings also have the option of buckling up the child. Such swings can be used under the supervision of the parents from the age of one year. Alone, a child should swing at the earliest at 3 years of age. Here, however, it is important that a back support is mounted on the swing seat, for the reason that children of this age do not yet have a particularly strong sense of balance. However, the parents should take a look at the swing from time to time.

Is rocking good for kids and what skills does rocking encourage?

The rocking is very good for toddlers and children. Studies have shown that swinging improves the children’s sense of balance. Rocking also promotes the child’s motor skills. But the rocking is not only good for the motor skills and the sense of balance, but the up and down movement while rocking lets your child relax. It forgets the worries and stress that unfortunately children have today. So you can say that swinging on a child’s swing promotes the development of the child.

Where should a swing be best set up??

It is important for your child that the children’s swing is placed in a particularly nice and quiet place in the garden. Your child will use this swing for a very long time and it is therefore advisable to set up the swing in a place where your child feels comfortable. If possible, the swing should not necessarily be in the blazing sun, considering that the swing is used most in summer. It should be important for you, however, that the swing is best visible, for example near the terrace, so that you can always take a look at your children playing.

What should the floor be like under a children’s swing??

In the best case, the floor under the children’s swing should be as soft as possible. It is recommended that the floor is made of grass and that there are no remains of twigs, pine cones or similar on the floor. Sometimes, however, it cannot be avoided that the base of the swing is hard. In this case, it is urgently advisable to place a so-called jumping mat under the swing to avoid injuries to the child. The child jumps off on a soft mat. But grass is the most beautiful as a surface, because your child not only has a soft surface, but is also a little closer to nature.

How much space should a swing have??

In order to minimize the risk of injury to the child, a space of at least 2 meters should be kept behind the swing. On the sides to the left and right of the swing you should plan a space of one meter each. You should have more than 3 meters of space at the front, as the children also like to jump off the swing after which they rocked. To make this jump safer, a distance of at least 4 to 5 meters in front of the swing is recommended. You should also make sure that no branches or twigs protrude into the swing that could damage a child while swinging.

How do you secure a child’s swing against tipping over, or how do you anchor it??

It is particularly important when installing a children’s swing that the frame is securely anchored and leveled. It should be ensured that the scaffold, be it made of wood or metal, is anchored deep enough in the ground. It is therefore advisable to dig a hole about 40 cm deep beforehand, where you will anchor the scaffold. It is advisable to cast a concrete foundation on a metal scaffold so that it is stable. You should always make sure that the scaffold is level. A further securing and tying of the scaffolding is no longer necessary after assembly.

What can you do to ensure that a swing does not swing wrong??

The prerequisite that a swing does not swing obliquely is that the scaffold was brought into the balance during assembly. It is also very important that the chain, which is mounted on the left and right of the swing seat, is exactly the same length. With a chain, it is important that the same number of chain straps are used on the left and right, so that there is no misalignment. Because this would greatly affect the swing fun and your child should have a carefree swing fun on his child’s swing.

What length should a chain or rope be??

The length of the rope or chain to which the swing seat is attached is variable. The length should be adjusted to the height of your child and can be adjusted at any time if the child e.g. has grown, or other children are swinging on this swing. You should make sure that your child can still touch the toes with the floor. The length of the chain or rope should therefore be adjusted so that your child is not too high and not too low.

How long should a child rock without a break??

It can be said that a child can rock without hesitation for a while. However, external circumstances, such as the weather, must be considered in order not to endanger the child’s well-being. For example, if there are very high temperatures in summer, it is advisable to remind the child of a break in good time.
In addition, a child should not swing for more than 15 minutes without a break, otherwise the sense of balance is a little disturbed after the child has got off the swing.

How to minimize the risk of accidents with a child’s swing?

You should rule out all possible dangers before you let your child play on the swing without hesitation. For example, there are special seats for toddlers that are used to prevent them from falling out of the swing. You should also make sure that there are no sharp objects on the floor, such as branches or pine cones, and you should always make sure that no branches protrude into the swing area. If so, you should cut back these branches and make sure that they do not grow back too much. In addition, a bounce mat is always required on a hard surface.

How best to attach a swing to a tree?

Now there are a lot of swing frames. However, you also have the option of attaching your swing to your children’s favorite tree. The following text explains how to do this. There is a round sling to buy, this is 2 meters long and ideally you wind several times around a stable, healthy and as horizontal as possible branch. In the sling comes a carabiner hook, on which a swing chain or a rope can be attached. At a certain distance you repeat the whole thing with a 2nd round sling and attach the 2nd rope to the snap hook.

Which child’s swing are best used for a small garden?

There is also the perfect solution for a garden with little space. Small swing frames are available for very affordable prices. Most of their companions are only made of plastic or plastic. But here, too, your child will have a lot of fun. Small or big, rocking is fun.

How high can a children’s swing swing??

No special height can be specified here, since the swings are of different heights. However, it is advisable that your child never swings higher than 80 degrees. If the 90 degree angle is exceeded, the swing seat may tip. To avoid this, your child should not exceed the 80 degree angle. Before swinging, you should tell your child not to swing too high.

What are the safety regulations for a swing??

The norm “EN 1176” applies to swings in private areas. This stipulates that the distance between the swing seat and the swing frame must be at least 70 cm. The standard also prescribes guaranteeing a safe jump radius. Normally, there must be safe and soft ground up to 225 cm in front of the swing. In order to avoid accidents when running into the swing area, the standard expressly recommends that a swing be set up in a bordered area.

Which child’s swing is the best?

Of course, you should be guided by the taste of your child. However, there are recommendations as to which properties are most popular in children. Many children want to go high. Therefore, high swings are very popular with children. However, there are also swings that are attached with 4 ropes, which thus swing in all directions. This also increases the fun factor for your children. You should too thereon make sure that the movements of the swings are as smooth as possible. Swing ropes are more popular than swing chains and reduce the risk of injury.

What does a children’s swing cost??

Since the children’s swing is one of the most popular play equipment for children, more and more parents are deciding to buy a children’s swing. The prices of such a swing are often very affordable and are often between 50 and 300 euros. On the other hand, a whole play tower with a climbing frame, slide and swing costs up to more expensive 1,000 euros.


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