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Every child wants a place where it can be completely alone. A little kingdom of its own, where the youngsters rule over their plush toys or dream into distant worlds. With a children’s tent everyone has Princess and every Indian Space for his dreams. The classic Indian tent can be placed indoors and outdoors. With a tent for a cot, a solution is found if the space in the children’s room is rather limited and a separate children’s tent cannot be set up. There is hardly a tent in such an extensive range Colors and shapes available like children’s tents. This way, every taste and area of ​​interest of the small residents can be met. It is important for the parents not only to offer their children a stylish, but also a stable and environmentally friendly tent. The test reports can provide valuable help and make the decision for the long-awaited play tent easier.

Children’s tent test 2019/2020

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A brief introduction to some types of children’s tents

Since it is with regard to Colors, shapes and designs In the children’s tent there are practically no limits, we would like to briefly mention the most popular models below. The children’s tent for the apartment is high on the wish list of girls. Boys are drawn to one knight’s tent or teepee preferably outside. No matter which children’s tent you choose, the desire for movement, a spirit of discovery and imaginative play can be fully met with a tent for the youngsters.


An Indian tent is the undisputed classic for guys. As a children’s tent for Garden and children’s room a teepee is simply indestructible. The Indian tent becomes the perfect backdrop for the cowboy and Indian game and can also be used at children’s birthday parties and theme parties for children.

Tunnel tent:

With a children’s tent with a tunnel, you can send the youngsters straight into adventure. This season basically consists of two parts. The actual tent is with that game tunnel connected. There are also models on the market that consist of two tents, which in turn are connected to the play tunnel. With a tunnel tent you buy the best children’s tents. Experience has shown that although these models are not particularly cheap to buy, they can keep children busy for hours. Used as a tent for children’s rooms, tunnel tents need a correspondingly large one space requirements.

Ball pool tent:

The fun starts really when one Pop up tent with balls and tunnels. The children’s birthday is saved with a children’s tent with balls and the little guests will play and romp enthusiastically. There is space for up to 200 small plastic balls in the tent. As room tent this model can also be used if space permits.

Knight’s Tent:

Boys and girls feel at ease in a knight’s tent. On proud knight and a noble princess find the perfect home in these play tents. With turrets and flags, knight’s tents are particularly attractive as a tent for children’s rooms. Knight tents can also be used outdoors.

Tent for cot:

If there is little space in the children’s room, the children no longer have to look sad, because no children’s tent can be set up. A tent for children’s rooms does not necessarily have to be on the floor a tent for a cot offers an alternative. In this way, a loft bed can be transformed into a room tent in just a few simple steps. A tunnel tent can also span a simple child’s bed as a sky. Bunk beds have the advantage that the whole Cover the substructure leaves and so to a castle or one huge play house can be.

Pop up tents:

A pop up children’s tent can be set up in a matter of seconds. This is particularly practical if the tent cannot be set up constantly in the children’s room due to space constraints or a children’s tent for outside is sought, whose assembly instructions does not puzzle the whole family. This children’s tent is particularly flexible to use when you travel on holiday or delight the whole playgroup in kindergarten. Already Toddlers are enthusiastic about these tents. When buying, however, pay attention to the children’s tents test and the safety of the materials used

Children’s tents and their leading manufacturers

company COMPANY
HABA Very good children’s tents have been coming from HABA for years. Habermaaß GmbH from Bad Rodach produces wooden and textile toys. The company was founded in the 1930s. A tent for children’s rooms from HABA is always one too looker, because the fabric is particularly imaginatively printed and the manufacturer always proves imagination in the design of the colorful room tents. Since the HABA tents are not necessarily bargains, it is helpful to be able to compare the prices and decide on the right model based on the test reports.
Knorrtoys Knorrtoys GmbH also delivers German quality work. The company has been selling branded toys for almost 70 years. The company started with doll’s prams. Today, customers can also send a tent for online shipping Children’s room or garden to order. The children’s tents are comparatively inexpensive and also come up with numerous child-friendly motifs. Among them are Princess, Frozen, Heidi or Maya the Bee. We also noticed the children’s tent for painting.
Roba Children’s furniture and wooden toys have been Roba’s trademark for more than 80 years. The product range was continuously expanded and from children’s tents with tunnels to teepees customers can buy tents that impress in terms of appearance and workmanship. We can also give the best recommendations regarding the materials used. A children’s tent from Roba with a seal of quality is a sustainable purchase at an affordable price.

An important test criterion – find environmentally friendly children’s tents

A children’s tent should not only convince visually. A tent for children should never be contaminated with chemicals. Especially the ones included softener represent a source of danger because contact with saliva or water can release them and harm the small tent dweller. So that carefree play is possible in the Indian tent and the knight’s tent, cell walls and floors should be free of pollutants.

Tip: To be on the safe side, pay particular attention to the eco-certificate as an indication when purchasing the children’s tent. The test reports also point out possible pollutants.

Advantages and disadvantages of a children’s tent

  • No matter if inside or outside: Tents for children are a great way to play, but also offer a retreat from the hustle and bustle.
  • The models are available in many designs. From A for cars to R for knights to Z for trains, the selection is huge. You will surely find the right tent for your offspring.
  • Children’s tents inspire your child’s imagination and can also be used as a storage place for balls or toys afterwards.
  • Depending on the design of the tent, the little ones cannot stand in the model or move around well. The tent should therefore be large enough, especially for longer games.

Buy a children’s tent – what you should pay attention to

  • correspond to the interests of the child with the choice of motif
  • stable processing
  • waterproof children’s tent for outdoor use
  • tearproof fabric

So that the little ones can really conquer their new empire, the children’s tents should not be too small. If the tent is intended for children’s rooms, the space requirement will be rather limited and you will have to make do with a smaller tipi tent. Outdoor play tents may be larger, and the children’s tent can be used with a ball pit or tunnel adventurous game landscape complete.

With a children’s tent, you will succeed in fulfilling a long-cherished wish for your offspring. Tents are extremely popular with children. There is a large selection of models for indoor and outdoor use so that you can also choose a tent > .

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