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How children’s teeth stay healthy

children treatment

Treatment in a friendly atmosphere

Some mother knows the stress when she has to go to the dentist with her child: the child does not join. It is crying or crying. It can be treated only after long persuasion and sometimes not at all.

That does not have to be! Children are special patients. They do not know what to expect, so they are understandably afraid. You have to gain your trust before you get treatment. You also have to explain to children, in a way they can understand, why they should do it.

And for that you need time and patience!

We take time for your child

Regular prophylaxis protects against tooth decay and toothache

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The most important information for healthy children’s teeth to download:

Children’s teeth are exposed to many dangers:

Sugar and acids in sweets and foodstuffs attack the enamel and can quickly lead to damage.

In addition, juvenile enamel is not yet that resilient and children often do not brush as well as adults. The result is: Caries (holes in the teeth) can develop within a few months. This is often much faster than adults.

Some mother knows the consequences: Sleepless nights, because a child has toothache. It does not have to be this: With the regular prophylaxis in the dental practice, your children‘s teeth are effectively protected against tooth decay. Here’s what you‘ll learn about prophylaxis:

Health insurance companies pay for basic prophylaxis

The health insurance companies have long recognized that regular prophylaxis avoids tooth damage. You therefore pay a basic prophylaxis for children and adolescents.

Indeed reimburse the statutory health insurance some meaningful Preventative services Not, such as. the Fissure seal of the small molars (Infra). If you want the best possible protection for your children, please contact us: We are happy to advise you.

What is being done in prophylaxis?

First of all, prophylaxis only makes sense if it is regularly carried out becomes. Are common semi-annual appointments. In children with a high caries risk, shorter distances may be necessary.

And this is how the process of a prophylaxis session looks like for your child:

  • First, the teeth are stained with a food coloring. This shows plaque on, which one otherwise can not recognize so well.
  • We show your child in the mirror, where there are still un-plastered areas and where it needs to be cleaned more carefully in the future.
  • Of course, we also show him how to brush his teeth the best. Together with the child we practice the correct cleaning technique.
  • Thereafter, our prophylactic lady cleans all teeth gently and thoroughly. Even in the places your child does not reach when cleaning.
  • Finally, your child will still get Tips for a healthy diet

Fissure seal to protect against decay

Teeth naturally have fine dimples in which bacteria can multiply – especially the large and small molars on their chewing surfaces. With the toothbrush, these bacteria colonies can not be removed.

Here helps the so-called. Fissure sealing: The dimples are closed with plastic, so that bacteria no longer have a chance. This seal is renewed every few years and offers a very good protection against tooth decay.

The small molars should also be sealed

For some unintelligible reason, public health insurance companies only cover the cost of sealing the large molars. The small molars are also at risk. Therefore, we recommend to have them sealed and to bear the costs themselves.

Prophylaxis should make your children fun

We want your children to come for prophylaxis. Therefore, this takes place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and with a language adapted to the age.

Your children can playfully learn to brush their teeth carefully and properly. Of course they will too rewarded, if they take part in prophylaxis on a regular basis. We have a big one "Reward Basket" with many attractive little gifts to choose from.

Young people also benefit from the prophylaxis

Please remember: Only the regular, at least half-yearly prophylaxis provides reliable protection against dental disorders. The health insurance companies assume the costs of basic prophylaxis until the age of 18.

So there is nothing wrong with registering your offspring for prophylaxis now. They are doing the best for their dental health and Your children will thank you later.

Call now and arrange a prophylaxis appointment for your children!

We want your children to grow up with healthy teeth. What we can do together, during pregnancy, as a baby, toddler, schoolchild or teenager can be found on our special website

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