Children’s vacation at the farm in bavaria

Six Bilerbuch farms for your vacation with children

Vacation with children on an intact farm in Bavaria, the vacation becomes an unforgettable adventure.

Child-friendly vacation, this is always a farm holiday. Children need one Children’s Playground and sometimes a home baked it Stick bread at the campfire.

Here you will find six picture-perfect farms for her Vacation with children in beautiful Bavaria.


Fantastic view and comfortable 5-star ambience in our holiday home in the Bavarian Forest.

With the prince

We offer cozy wooden houses and holiday apartments in a secluded location in the Bavarian Forest.


The holiday paradise in the Bavarian Forest with a desire for nature and adventure.

Höfler organic farm

Wonderful holiday apartments and hut holidays in our wooden house.


The Bavarian Forest National Park begins in front of our courtyard door. It is the oldest national park in Germany.


Five comfortable apartments in a fantastic outskirts in the beautiful Bavarian Forest.

Bavarian forest

The Bavarian Forest is a low mountain range on the border with Austria and the Czech Republic. The undulating mountains rise up to 1456m. A landscape that seeks nature like a paradise. You can hike, cycle or just enjoy it. The Bavarian Forest is relaxation at its best.

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Holidays with children, that’s what these six farms specialize in. A farm already offers ideal conditions, but children need more. You need Free rooms. Of course there must be cows and chickens, also a horse or pony. A place to grill and lots of play options.

Our farms are still real farms, as you can imagine, and we take care of our farms, after all it is nice for us to live and work in a picture-perfect farm.

We manage our farms and produce healthy food, especially milk. Do your children know what fresh milk tastes like? It is a pleasure and so healthy. Nowhere else can milk be fresher than on a farm, because it is milked here. Oh, your children have never seen that either, then it is high time. We find it very important that children have a relationship with food to get, that they know where and how they are generated and learn to differentiate healthy from worthless.

You can learn a lot on a farm. How hay is made. Where the chickens like to lay their eggs and why you have to lock the chicken house at night.

In addition, it is quite comfortable on our farms and you will relax wonderfully.

Höflerhof – Höfler family
Glotzing 2 – 94107 Untergriesbach
Bavarian forest


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