Children’s vehicles: from skid to radl everything is there

With about two years, children are relatively safe on their feet, so that the radius of action and movement is always on. At this age also belongs increasingly driving suitable children’s vehicles. Not infrequently, grandmothers and grandfathers donate such a childrens’ vehicle on their birthday or other occasions.

A children’s vehicle is just fun, because there is nothing better than to rush through the garden or across the yard. They support and promote the natural urge to move of children. Vehicles are numerous in the market. But which vehicle is appropriate for the age of the child? We have created an overview.

You can divide the mobility of children into different stages of development

  1. Toddler starting phase (1-2 years): Simple movements are now relatively safe. The child becomes increasingly active and tries out movements.
  2. Toddler (2-3 years): The child can move quite safely on sliding vehicles. It begins to practice and optimize the coordination of arms and legs as well as the sense of balance, a good time to move to the next “vehicle level”.
  3. Kindergarten (4-5 years): The child is becoming more and more independent and more secure. This also extends the radius of movement.
  4. School beginners (6-7 years): The child learns to solve problems. All important movement sequences take place relatively safely, it can act alone and now – accompanied (!) – make first experiences in the traffic.

Normally, based on the movement phases, the usage of different vehicles results in this rough order:

Slide / Slide Car -> Tricycle -> Impeller / scooter -> Bicycle (without support wheels)

Important to know:

  • Caution on the road: Even school-age children can not properly assess the dangers. Distances and speed of other road users can still Not be estimated. Only with about ten years children can participate independently and safely on the road.
  • Safety first! Please leave your grandchild No way without a helmet, run the bike, scooter and scooter. If you need a children’s bike helmet, you will find here a huge and good selection: Bicycle helmets for children

We did not recommend children’s bicycles at this point because many individual decision criteria are the basis for the purchase. When buying a children’s bike, especially the frame size and the child’s motor skills must be considered. Importantly, if you want to buy a bike, listen to your child. If it says to you during the test drive that the bike does not fit properly, it is not the right one. Read here helpful tips for the purchase or purchase of a children’s bike

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