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Children’s wardrobes offer plenty of space for pants, sweaters and shirts and ensure order in the children’s room. But which cabinet is the right one? We answer common questions.

At what age does my child need a wardrobe??

While in toddlers a changing table is often enough to hold the cute panties & To accommodate co, kindergarten children usually already have a rather extensive wardrobe. Want now Guys and Girls choose what to wear in the morning and need space for all the beautiful t-shirts, sweaters, dresses and pants. So it’s high time for one children wardrobe.

What size should children’s wardrobes be??

The bigger the closet, the more you can put in it. Therefore, you should consider before buying whether there should only be space for clothes or toys in the children’s wardrobe. Generally low, but wider models are recommended. This way, even small children can easily reach their things themselves. If you have little space in the children’s room, corner cabinets can be a good solution.

Which division is recommended for children’s wardrobes?

There are children’s wardrobes with doors, drawers and shelves. Which division is best suited depends on your individual needs. Drawers are perfect for storing laundry, socks or small toys, for example. Integrated shelves also offer space for books or cuddly toys. In general, when dividing up, you should make sure that things that your child needs regularly can be accommodated at a height that is easy for the little treasure to reach.

What should I look for in a wardrobe for children in general??

Safety is an important aspect in children’s rooms. Therefore, you should make sure that wardrobes for small children have no sharp corners and edges. This will reduce the risk of injury if your child bumps into it while playing. It is also important that furniture for children is free of pollutants, such as those that can be found in paints and varnishes. This is indicated by seals of approval such as the Blue Angel or the TÜV test mark.

What designs are there in children’s wardrobes at Schlafwelt?

Wardrobes for children’s rooms should not only be functional, but should also please little boys and girls. It is best to let your child have a say in the purchase. At Schlafwelt you can choose from many happy and imaginative designs, for example with pirate and racing car motifs or in a princess look. You can also order all of our children’s wardrobes on account.

Further information on children’s wardrobes:

Children’s wardrobes are available at Schlafwelt from well-known brands such as Home Affaire, Parisot, Rauch, Relita, Roba, Silenta and Vipack Furniture. We offer models in a lot of different sizes and colors, For example 1-door, 2-door, 3-door or 4-door, in white, pink, red, black, blue, purple, gray, beige or brown.


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