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Carrion is the decaying body of dead animals. Some species such as vultures and hyenas feed on carrion. That is why they are called scavengers.

If the trees of a forest are felled, then this is called deforestation. Mostly this is done to use the forest area for something else, for example to create fields. Sometimes trees are cut down to be used as firewood. Often this does not have a good impact on the environment.

A form of government in which a king has the perfect power over all is called absolutism. In the 16th to 18th centuries, many countries in Europe were governed by absolutism. The most famous absolutist ruler is Louis XIV of France, also called the Sun King.

Axis powers are the German Reich and its allies in the Second World War called. These were mainly Italy and Japan. Later, other countries joined as allies. The name of an axis Berlin-Rome comes from the Italian dictator Mussolini and described the close connection between Italy and Germany, which existed since 1936.

Anyone who adopts a child accepts this as his own child. The adopted child receives the same rights as a natural child. The parents are then the adoptive parents and the children are the adopted children. The process of legally accepting such a child is called adoption.

Adventists are a Christian movement that emerged in the 19th century in the United States. Adventists believe that Jesus returns. "Adventus" comes from Latin and means "arrival". From this movement emerged various churches. The largest is Seventh-day Adventist. They are also available in Germany.

The equator divides the earth into a northern and a southern half. Of the two poles, the equator is equidistant. The equator is the zeroth latitude.

An estuary is a broad, often funnel-shaped estuary.

Africa is one of the continents of the earth. 1.1 billion people live in Africa in a total of 54 states. Africa is the second largest continent after Asia by size and by population.

The Africa alphabet is a script designed to spell African languages. Their letters are based on the Latin letters. These are the ones in which we also write. The letters in the Africa alphabet look similar to this part. The Africa alphabet consists of 30 letters.

The Great African Rift Valley is a stretch zone of the Earth, which extends in East Africa to Southwest Asia. Millions of years ago, a broad valley was formed there, because here deep in the earth a plate of earth (see there) has split. The Grabenbruch is a total of 6000 kilometers long. The width is between 30 and 100 kilometers. You can divide the rift fracture into several sections. Often, rivers and lakes run through him.

The change of a place’s name or name into a typical African name is called Africanization. For example, the president of DR Congo Joseph-Désiré Mobutu changed his name to Mobutu Sese Seko Nkuku wa za Banga.

In an agricultural state, most people work in agriculture. The opposite is an industrial state. Many agricultural states are underdeveloped and poorer states. People earn little money working in agriculture.

faster and can die from it. There are now drugs that can not eliminate the virus, but stop.

Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization of Islamists. Al Qaeda has made many attacks since 1993, including the 9/11 attacks in New York. The founder and longtime leader of the group, Osama bin Laden, was killed in 2011. The group continues to carry out attacks.

The Alawites are a religious group belonging to Shiite Islam. They live in the Middle East. Their grouping originated in the 9th century in the area of ​​today’s Iraq. Today they live mainly in Syria, Lebanon and Turkey.

Alevis are a faith that is close to Islam. The Alevis live mostly in Turkey, especially in Central Anatolia. Alevis are usually counted among the Shiites. They must not be confused with the Alawites in Syria.

Allies means “allies.” Mostly the term is used for the opponents of the German Reich in the Second World War. In particular, here are mostly United Kingdom, the United States, the Soviet Union and France meant. In connection with the First World War one speaks rather of the Entente (France, Great Britain and Russia).

If, in a large number of cases, the punishment is issued or significantly alleviated, it is called an amnesty. In an amnesty, many people are released from prison.

Amok, killing spree, gunman

If a perpetrator attacks other people to kill them and at the same time accepts to be killed himself, then this is called a rampage and the people as a gunman.

Amphibians are a group of vertebrates. The German name is Lurche. They live on land, but can only reproduce in the water. These include toads, toads, newts, frogs and salamanders.

An amulet is an item to which a special power and effect is attributed. So an amulet can bring luck or protect someone. The carriers of an amulet believe in that. As a lucky charm, an amulet is also called a talisman.

An illiterate is someone who can not read and write. In countries where many children do not go to school, there are also many illiterates.

Animism is a religion that assumes that there is a soul in every thing. These animated things can be animals, plants, springs, mountains, rocks, etc., everything that occurs naturally. Animist religions use magic or clairvoyance to guard against evil spirits.

Annexation is the incorporation of a foreign territory into one’s own country. A country annexes another country or a foreign territory. Most of the annexation is preceded by a occupation of this area by soldiers.

The area around the South Pole is called Antarctic. Antarctica includes the continent of Antarctica and the Antarctic Ocean, both land and sea.

The Antarctic Ocean is also called the Southern Ocean or Southern Ocean. He belongs to the Antarctic. He is the second smallest ocean in the world.

Anthropology is the science of man and its evolution. An anthropologist is therefore concerned with the history of human development.

Apartheid is the time of racial segregation in South Africa. The white population ruled over the native black. There were beaches, park benches and even white and black toilets. Blacks were not allowed to enter parks and had to go to schools only for blacks. It was not until 1994 that apartheid ended.

“Aqua” is Latin and means “water”. Breeding fish or other aquatic inhabitants (such as shells, crabs or algae) in a sea, lake, pond or river is called aquaculture. One can say to the plant also Aquafarm. The Aquafarm belongs to an owner.

In the 7th and 8th centuries, the Arabs spread from the Arabian Peninsula to the west and east. They brought their religion, Islam, with them to the conquered lands. This is why we also speak of Islamic expansion. Expansion means expansion.

The Arabian Peninsula lies between Africa and Asia. It is the largest peninsula on earth. It counts to Asia on a national level. The largest state on the Arabian Peninsula is Saudi Arabia.

The Arab League is an association of Arab states and consists of a total of 22 members in Asia and Africa. It was founded in March 1945.

The “Arab Spring” is a series of uprisings and protests of the people of the Arab countries in 2010 and 2011. The protests were directed against the respective governments. The Arab Spring began in December 2010 in Tunisia.

A group of islands and their associated waters are called archipelagos. Indonesia is the largest archipelagic state with more than 17,000 islands. Smaller archipelagos are for example the Balearic Islands, the Canaries or the Cape Verde Islands.

Archeology is the science of antiquities. Archaeologists explore the cultural development of man. They are interested in all that man has created over the millennia. Many legacies have to be dug up first. Sometimes the findings are so old that science can not say exactly how old they are.

Arctic, Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean is also called Arctic or Arctic Ocean for short. He is the smallest ocean of the earth. It is located in the far north of the northern hemisphere in the Arctic.

The Arctic is the region around the North Pole. The North of North America, Asia and Europe share in the Arctic. The Arctic Ocean is also located in the Arctic. The region around the North Pole is covered by snow and ice all year round.

Absolute poverty is the fact that people can not satisfy their basic needs, they do not have enough to fill themselves up. Then there is a relative poverty that is always placed in relation to the environment. In Germany, for example, there are poor people who, unlike in Africa, do not starve to death. But you can still call her poor.

If income is lower than it should be to eat enough and buy things like clothes and pay rent, then you are considered poor. This limit of income is set by organizations such as the World Health Organization WHO or the World Bank. The value varies from country to country. The World Bank identifies an “international poverty line” that states that people who have less than US $ 1.90 a day are considered poor.

If a species or species is threatened with extinction, it needs special protection. Unfortunately, it affects many species on our planet that need this species protection. Sometimes he comes too late or the measures do not help. Many species are already extinct.

Biodiversity measures the number of animal and plant species in a country or habitat. Some countries or areas have a very high biodiversity (for example, the Caribbean, the Caucasus or the Philippines), others a very low (for example, Latvia or Ireland). Particularly rich in species is the tropical rainforest.

The abbreviation ASEAN stands for “Association of Southeast Asian Nations” in German and is an international organization of the Southeast Asian states. It was founded to improve the economic, political and social cooperation of the individual states.

Asia is the largest continent on earth. There are 47 states on the continent and four billion people live there. More than half of the world’s population lives here. Together with Europe, Asia forms a single landmass, also called Eurasia. The border runs through Russia. Mostly the mountains of the Urals are the limit.

Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is also called the Atlantic for a short time. Oceans are the largest seas on earth. The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean after the Pacific. The Atlantic lies between America and Africa or Europe.

The Atlas Mountains are located in northwestern Africa. It is 2300 kilometers long. The highest mountain, Toubkal, is 4167 meters high and is located in Morocco.

Atolls are ring-shaped coral reefs that enclose a lagoon. They are formed by many narrow islands that make up this ring. You can find them in seas with warm temperatures.

Nuclear weapons are also called nuclear weapons. They release very dangerous radiation when ignited. Some countries have declared their areas to be nuclear-free. This means that no nuclear weapons may be stored there. This is governed by international treaties that many countries adhere to.

The Non-Proliferation Treaty is a treaty between many countries that have agreed not to buy nuclear weapons and to use nuclear energy only for peaceful purposes, such as powering villages and towns. 191 countries have signed this contract. Only India, Pakistan, Israel and South Sudan did not and North Korea stepped out of the treaty in 2003.

An assassination is a violent attack. The target is usually a known person to be hurt or killed, for example, a politician.

Epiphytes grow on other plants. Orchids or Bromeliads belong to this genus of plants. The foreign word for her is Epiphytes.

If a ship does not sail under the flag of its own country, but is registered in another country, it is called the flag-out. Ship owners usually do that to save costs. There are countries that charge little tax. Flags under which many ships travel are those of Panama and Liberia.

Austronesians speak an Austronesian language. 1150 languages ​​are included. From Taiwan, the Austronesians spread from 4000 BC. To Indonesia, the Philippines, Micronesia, Polynesia and Madagascar.

Those who are self-sufficient live economically independently. Being self-sufficient also means being independent and independent. If a country seeks autarky, it wants to be as independent as possible from imports from other countries.

If a person autocratic rules, then they exercise power in an uncontrolled manner. An autocrat is not bound by a constitution. A dictator is as much an autocrat as a ruler in an absolute monarchy. The opposite of an autocracy is democracy (“rule of the people”). It is also possible that a democracy is gradually becoming an autocracy.

Autonomy means self-determination, independence or independence.


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