Children’s World Journey – n

Children's World Journey - n


The Middle East is understood as an area in the Middle East, ie in western Asia. These include the entire Arabian Peninsula and the region north of it with Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan. Sometimes Turkey, Egypt and Iran are counted as Middle East.

A nationalist is fighting for the unity of his nation. Often, however, nationalists distinguish themselves from other nations and consider their own nation the best.

A national park is a large nature area, which is under special protection. Man should intervene in these parks as little as possible. Some species, especially in Africa, have been saved from extinction by setting up national parks. National parks are often used for recreation.

A National Assembly is a Assembly of the People’s Assembly (Parliament). There important laws are passed. Often we use the term in connection with the constitution: the National Assembly passes the constitution of the country.

NATO is an alliance of 28 countries for common defense. The common goal is security and worldwide stability. At the time of the Cold War, the member states of NATO faced those of the Eastern bloc. The abbreviation comes from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which means the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The term navigation is used by "navigare" derived, which means as much as controlling a ship. But you can also navigate a vehicle on land or in the air. For navigation, you always need to determine the point you are currently at and the point where you want to go. Then the best route is determined.

Neutral means impartial. Those who act neutrally do not interfere in a conflict of others. A country that behaves neutrally is also impartial in a conflict of other states. Some countries have declared themselves neutral, such as Switzerland and Malta.

The Niger Congo languages ​​comprise nearly 1,400 languages ​​spoken by about 400 million people in many parts of Africa. They are not spoken in the north and southwest of the continent.

In the Egyptian Nile Delta, the Nile flows into the Mediterranean Sea. The name Nile Delta is based on the Greek letter Delta, which is triangular like the Nile Delta.

Nobel Prize, Alternative Nobel Prize

Each year, Nobel Prizes are awarded in Stockholm for special achievements in the fields of medicine, physics, chemistry and literature as well as for peace. The money was given by the inventor of dynamite: Alfred Nobel. The Alternative Nobel Prize is awarded for use in a better world, regardless of the Nobel Prize.

Nomads are people who do not have a permanent residence, ie move from place to place. They breed animals like sheep, goats, cattle or camels. They usually live on their herds of animals, eat their meat and process the coat. Well-known ethnic groups that are still living today are the Bedouins, the Berbers, the Maasai and the Nenets.

North America is the northern part of America. North America is counted as a separate continent. He is the third largest continent after Asia and Africa. It includes the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Central American countries to Panama and the Caribbean islands.

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