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Certain rays may be radioactive. You can not smell, see or feel radioactive rays. These rays arise when certain atomic nuclei transform. This is the radioactive radiation that permeates the human body. These rays can be very dangerous.

When talking about a refinery, it usually means either a sugar refinery or an oil refinery. Processing is common to them – in one of them, sugar is extracted from cane sugar, and in the other, crude oil is processed further, for example into gasoline or heating oil. Refineries are big technical facilities.

Ramadan designates the fasting month of the Muslims. From sunrise to sunset may be taken during this time nothing. The beginning and the end of Ramadan are aligned with the moon and are therefore different every year.

If two states have a common head of state, this is called the personal union. If the connection goes even further, as many institutions, such as the administration, co-exist, one speaks of a real union. For example, between 1569 and 1791 there was a real union between Poland and Lithuania.

right-wing party, right-wing (political)

Right and left designate basic attitudes in politics. In between lies the political center. Right-wing parties are conservative and want to preserve existing values ​​and traditions. They assume that people are unequal. Left parties are more in favor of equality and more progressive. There are different currents on both sides.

In a referendum, the people are allowed to vote on something that Parliament or the government has worked out.

A reform is called the transformation of existing conditions, for example of the political system. There are religious, political and social reforms.

Rainforest occurs in regions of the world where it rains a lot. Mostly we mean tropical rainforest when we talk about rainforest. It grows on both sides of the equator, for example, the Amazon in South America. High-altitude rainforest is also referred to as cloud forest. In the rainforest you will find very special plants and animals. The biodiversity is particularly large there.

Rainy season is the time when it rains a lot. Rainy seasons alternate with dry seasons. There are two rainy seasons in the year near the equator. With increasing distance to the equator, there is only one rainy season.

A regime is a political system and another word for government. Often the word is used negatively and then means a non-democratic system, for example a dictatorship.

Germany the Federal President represents the Federal Republic of Germany. However, he has no real power, but represents a country to the outside. The Queen of England also represents her country, but personally makes no important political decisions.

Reptiles are a certain class of vertebrates. In German they are called also reptiles. They have a dry skin from dandruff. The reptiles include lizards, snakes, turtles and crocodiles.

A republic is a certain form of government. In a republic, the people of a state elect their politicians and thus their representatives. The word republic stands for a policy serving the common good. Often one uses in this context, the word democracy, that is, the “rule of the people”.

A reserve is an area for a purpose. An Indian reservation is called delimited areas that have been assigned to the indigenous population. Such reserves exist in the US, Canada, Costa Rica, Dominica, Brazil, Colombia and Peru. They were mainly furnished in the 19th century.

A ritual is an action that always follows the same pattern and is repeated. There are many religious rituals, but you can also make drinking tea into a ritual, for example. Rituals are important for humans because they also provide support in difficult situations, such as when a person dies.

Clearing is the cutting down of trees and shrubs. The result, ie the resulting tree-cleared area, is called clearing. For example, you clear areas to build houses or to cultivate farmland.

Raw materials are substances that occur in nature and have not yet been processed by humans. These include coal, salt, iron, sand, oil and natural gas among many others.

Roma is the generic term for a group of people originally from India but resident throughout Europe for hundreds of years. Common to them is their language, the Romanes. In all the countries where they live, Roma are a minority and are often treated badly.


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