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Fancy roller skating?

We have achieved our goals for this year:
1. The building application for the new KinderWelt was submitted last week.
2. The property is for the Prepared new building.
3. The planning for the new game attractions is in place.

We wish everyone who follows us happy holidays and a good start to the new year! It will be exciting…

Our partner for demolition and disposal work:

Today we were able to start cleaning up on the KinderWelt site.

08/31/2019 – Status update

The KinderWelt area was cleared by the police and the insurance experts for the clean-up work. The final report is ready not yet in front. A waste disposal concept is currently being drawn up based on the samples taken yesterday. We hope to begin pre-sorting the parts to be disposed of as early as next week.

We have set a (wish) period of 9 months until the Children’s World reopens.

We are aware that we depend on many external decision-makers, but we also hope for a lot of understanding and help from all parties involved.

During the reconstruction, we will be assisted by Intrakon GmbH, Recklinghausen, and the architecture firm Dipl.-Ing. T. Drawski, Recklinghausen, accompanied. Many thanks to the two for the quick help.

Intrakon GmbH is currently examining whether the remaining part of the hall (mini golf and slot machine) can and may remain. The prospects are good.

“We would like to thank the fire services, the police and the numerous helpers who, on August 22, 2019, the day of the devastating fire in our KinderWelt building, prevented the worst from happening with excellent work and rapid deployment.

We are thankful and relieved, that nobody was seriously injured.

We thank you for the many positive and encouraging words as well as the numerous offers of help from our business partners, friends, acquaintances and the city of Recklinghausen.

We thank the employees who reacted confidently when the fire broke out and were able to safely guide all guests – and themselves – out of the hall.

We regret the inconvenience that the clouds of smoke caused to a large number of the people around us.

We are sad because many children are now.

We are sad because a great team of employees has lost their jobs.

First, the cause of the fire and the reason why the fire has spread so quickly and intensively – despite complying with all fire protection requirements – must be clarified. If we find a safe solution for the future here, we will start the reconstruction as soon as possible. "


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