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A pagoda is a tower-like building that has several floors. On each of these floors is a kind of projection ahead. Pagodas are in Vietnam, China, Nepal, Myanmar, Japan and Korea. In the past, pagodas were used as tombs of Buddhists, but today they are also used for worship, treasure preservation or fortune.

Paleoanthropology is a science. It deals with the development of man, that is, the question of who developed when, where and how exactly. Fossils in particular help with this.

Palisades are piles that are digged side by side into the ground, forming a kind of wall. Sometimes they are still pointed up. They are to ward off invaders and enemies. In the past, for example, villages with palisades were protected. Today you can find them, for example, in coastal protection.

Palm oil is a vegetable oil derived from the pulp of oil palm fruits. Palm kernel oil, on the other hand, is made on the seeds of the fruits. It is used as food, but also for the production of detergents. Malaysia and Indonesia grow the most oil palms.

Panarabismus is a movement that wants to unite all Arabs from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf, into a common national state. There would then be no single Arab states, but only one. The colors of panarabism are black, red, white and green.

Military-equipped groups or units that "Next" (para) exist the official military of a country, one calls as paramilitary or paramilitary units.

Parasites are parasites that feed on other species. For example, a mosquito sucking blood is a parasite. Also lice, ticks, mites and fleas are parasites.

Parliament is the representation of the people. It is chosen by the state people. People’s representation is the German word for parliament. In democracies, parliament passes the laws of the country. In Germany, the parliament is the Bundestag. Some parliaments have two chambers with different responsibilities, for example in the United Kingdom.

A partisan is a fighter who is not a soldier of his country. Partisans also fight in an area where someone else (for example, the country’s army or a foreign army) is in control. Partisans fight in their own country, often only regionally limited. In particular, the resistance fighters who fought in the countries occupied by the German Reich during the Second World War are called partisans.

A (mountain) pass is a narrow pass in mountains. A passport is usually the traffic handled.

The Passat is a wind that occurs in the tropics. It always blows from the east towards the equator. In the northern hemisphere it comes from the northeast, in the southern hemisphere from the southeast. This is also known as the Northeast Trade Pass and the Southeast Passat.

Pacific, Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is also called Pacific for a short time. Oceans are the largest seas on earth. The Pacific is the largest ocean on earth. It lies between Australia and Asia on the one hand and America.

Permafrost soils are frozen all year round and never thaw. They are mainly found in the Arctic and Antarctic.

If two states have a common head of state, this is called the personal union. For example, the person may have been elected in both states, or he may inherit the rule. For example, from 1714 to 1837 there was a personal union between Great Britain and Hanover.

the natural balance.

The Phoenicians lived in antiquity, where Lebanon and parts of Syria are to be found today. They traded a lot of trade throughout the Mediterranean and went to sea.

Phosphates are salts of phosphoric acid. You can find them in many places on earth, especially in North Africa, in the USA, Russia and China. The largest producer is Saudi Arabia. Phosphates are mainly used in fertilizers, but also in detergents and food.

The PISA studies are international surveys designed to compare the educational achievement of children in different countries.

Plankton are tiny little animals that are transported through the water in the sea. They swim with the stream. Plankton serves as food for fish and other sea creatures.

A plantation is a very large farm that grows only a single plant. These can be bananas, cotton, but also coffee, tea or cocoa and other plants. One can also call a plantation a large plantation.

If a country operates a planned economy, it determines in advance what and how much is to be generated. For this a plan is created. In the market economy, on the other hand, supply and demand determine what is produced.

More PLO, Palestinian Liberation Organization

The PLO is a parent organization representing the Palestinians. She recognized in 1993 the right of existence of Israel. After the death of Palestinian leader Arafat in 2004, the radical forces of Hamas gained the upper hand, rejecting Israel as a state and not shying away from terrorist attacks.

Pluralism in politics means that different political views, lifestyles and opinions co-exist in one society. You can also describe it with political diversity. The opposite of pluralism is monism or a one-party policy.

The polar region is the area between the north and south poles and the polar circles. The northern polar region is the Arctic and the southern polar region is the Antarctic.

Arctic circles are the latitudes on which the sun does not rise or set in the winter and summer solstice. The polar circles surround the polar regions, ie the Arctic and the Antarctic. They lie on the 66th latitude north and south latitude.

If a man has multiple wives or a wife is married to several men, then that’s called polygamy. The German word for this is Vielhe. In Germany polygamy is prohibited. In many countries in Africa and Asia, plural marriage for men is allowed by law. Islam allows a man up to four wives.

Polynesia is one of the three island regions of Oceania, the easternmost. New Zealand is the largest island in Polynesia. Hawaii and Easter Island are among them. The inhabitants of Polynesia have a similar culture and speak a Polynesian language. Externally, they differ from the inhabitants of Micronesia and Melanesia by a lighter skin.

Populism is a policy that dramatizes the political situation in order to win over the masses. Populists often see themselves as the “voice of the people”. Populus is Latin and means people. Populists like to claim simple solutions to serious problems.

Prairie is the name for the steppe in North America. In the steppe no trees grow, only grasses. The winters are cold, the summers dry.

the United States is a presidential republic, as are the states of Latin America. The Parliament (the People’s Assembly) and the President are elected in separate elections. In parliamentary republics like Germany, on the other hand, there is only one choice in which the people elect the parliament. From it comes out the government.

Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian, Presbyterian

The Presbyterian Church was built in Scotland and is one of the Evangelical Reformed churches. The Reformed churches of Scottish origin are generally called Presbyterian. Most Prebyterians live in the USA.

Per capita income is calculated by dividing the total income of a country by the number of people. This is often used when one wants to compare the incomes of countries. But it always remains an average. There can be many poor people, if there are very few.

Productivity is the ratio of something produced to everything needed for production. For example, if only a few people produce a lot because they use a lot of machinery, then they are very productive.

The word Proclamation comes from the Latin term proclamare, what means to exclaim. With a proclamation you give something important public knowledge. For example, the republic may be declared after the country was previously a kingdom.

When someone advertises certain ideas, ideas or opinions, he does propaganda. Mostly the term is understood negatively, because propaganda does not necessarily represent the truth, but often distorts it.

Prostitution, prostitute yourself

Women or men, but also children, sell their bodies and get money for them. Many – especially children – do not do this voluntarily, but are forced to do so.

The term derives from the Latin term "protect" from. This is sometimes called a protected area. It is an area that is not state-owned and partially governed by another state. Thus, a protectorate can not make some decisions itself. However, a protectorate has more rights than a colony.

When pureeing, food is processed into a pulp, a puree. For example, vegetables are chopped, boiled, crushed and at the end often swept through a sieve.

Puritanism was a Protestant religious movement that emerged in England in the 16th century. The Puritans advocated renewal within the church and one "cleaning" on. "Pure" means as much as "purely". From this the term was derived. Puritans live piously and simply. They were persecuted in England and many of them emigrated to North America.

Coup, military coup, coup d’état

A coup is a violent overthrow in which someone or a group overthrows the government of a country and takes power. It is high-ranking soldiers who do this, which is also called a military coup.

Pygmies refers to a group of small peoples from Central Africa. Culturally, these peoples differ greatly. Today one avoids the term, because he names only the body size as a common feature.

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