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Back communism

What is communism??

In communism, all people are the same, so at least the >[©]

The basic idea of ​​communism is that everything should belong to everyone. So there is no one who has more than others and one hopes that everyone will enjoy the same. There should be no man over another, as was the case for a long time. All people should be treated equally.

All the things needed to make products should not belong to a single person, as in capitalism, but also belong to everyone, the community. So there is no personal possession. That’s fair, you might say, then no one will end up having more than the other. Because with us it is quite often unfair, then a few have a lot and most only a little.

Who actually had the idea of ​​communism??

This is what Karl Marx looked like. [© public domain]

150 years ago the workers had hardly any rights. The economy was booming, the factories were highly productive. It was the age of industrialization. Many products were no longer produced by hand but with the help of large machines in factories. The differences between the people who made the products and the few who owned the factories were huge. The workers working in the factories were often in very bad shape. They received little pay for their work, while the owners of the factories made a lot of money. Then came a man who should write history and whose name was Karl Marx.

Karl Marx wrote a book:

In 1948, Karl Marx wrote a book that was to become very popular. That meant "The communist manifesto". He wrote it together with a man named Friedrich Engels. What was in there? The class society is to be eliminated by a revolution and the proletarians take over the rule. "proletarian" means as much as "worker". By the way, much of what was in this book did not originally come from Marx, because the word "communis" means "communal" and comes from Latin.

. and more books

The three volumes of "The capital". [© McLeod / CC BY-SA 3.0]

After 20 years Marx published three volumes of another book, that is "The capital". Here he describes the optimal form of society, in which all are equal, there is no private property and above all no state and no government. Incidentally, this idea did not come originally from Marx, but from Thomas Morus, who had this already many years earlier – exactly in 1516 – named in his work "Utopia" described.

According to Marx and his "capital" First there is a so-called class struggle and then a dictatorship of the proletariat. The state before communism is socialism. Religion is, according to Marx "Opium for the people". Religion stuns people and thus does not fit with communism. For as long as there is religion that puts people off to a life in the hereafter, they do not make a revolution, which in turn is the precondition for the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Marx sairb 1883 in London. His idea did not work out right after his death, only in Russia. Here, in 1917, there was a revolution that took up the ideas of Marx and Engels.

Is communism now? "wrong or right"?

There were many forms of communism or its precursor, socialism. Often it was le >[© Communpedia Staff / CC BY-SA 4.0]

You will receive many different answers to this question. From the idea, quite a lot in communism is completely correct, only the thought leaders of the communism did not consider that humans unfortunately do not always act justly, but see themselves often enough in competition. They just want to have more than others, they should feel better and they want benefits.

This was also similar in countries where communism or socialism could spread, as in the Soviet Union, in China or in Cuba. The GDR was also a socialist state. Everyone was officially the same, but some somehow "the same". These were often the leaders of any parties, the people who had something to say in the end. And again they oppressed the people who had nothing to say, so the people. Often there was only one party that determined everything. And often this party acted very brutally and cruelly against their opponents. Here, then, little was felt about the equality of all people. In the end, that was not so much different in communism from capitalism.

Thus, the supporters of communism are still not quite in agreement about how people should be led to communism. And for the opponents of communism, the fear is great, because just the communism conjures the revolution and the abolition of the state. This is z. B. against our constitution. Therefore, Communists were also classified for a long time as so-called anti-constitutional enemies.

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