Children’s yoga for beginners: postures, exercises, use

Children’s yoga is useful for a growing body. Simple lessons can also be turned into a fun game.

  • Kids Yoga – benefits for children’s health and development
  • Video: Children’s Yoga: Health and Harmony from an Early Age
  • Children’s yoga for beginners: poses in pictures, photo
  • Children’s health yoga: exercise
  • Children’s hatha yoga: exercise
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  • Children’s yoga:
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yoga – this is not the usual course of physical activity as you might think at once. This is an ancient teaching created with the aim of healing the body and purifying the mind.

Practicing yoga people differentiate strength, strength, commitment, good health and a clear mind.

Kids yoga

Kids yoga

Kids Yoga – benefits for children’s health and development

Kids yoga – unique exercises that run regularly help to develop coordination and strengthen authorities. In addition, children who practice yoga improve overall health, endurance, and flexibility. Also develop memory, imagination and observation.

Imbalanced youth yoga helps to find peace, achieve emotional balance, to quickly overcome stress, learns to concentrate at the same time and keeps your body in good condition.

Children’s yoga benefits

IMPORTANT: The best way to start learning yoga is to consider the age of 7-8 years, provided that the classes take place under the guidance of an experienced teacher. They do the same exercises in 4-6 years, but do not require children to repeat the asanas exactly. With the children play games, exercises that resemble yoga poses.

Video: Children’s Yoga: health and harmony from an early age

Children’s yoga for beginners: poses in pictures, photo

Yoga classes with younger children are only vaguely similar to real “adult” exercises. All actions are as simple as possible, the child does not need an exact repetition of complex elements.

First of all, yoga should give the child joy.
If the little one gets used to the loads, the program can gradually become more complicated. However, everyone has to amendments be led by an experienced instructor, otherwise it is likely to harm the fragile body of the child.

Children’s yoga for beginners, exercises in pictures

Children’s health yoga: exercise

doing yoga with your child can be at home on your own. But the standard "adults only" aren’t interested in yoga baby, so it’s best to build them in a fun way.

Encourage your child to imagine that he – the child Pandochka and his mother – is a giant panda. Show the child the following exercises and do it with them.

Exercise 1. Pandochka baby and mother are awake. They sat down (in a simplified lotus position) and stretched.

Exercise 2. Baby panda would go for a walk. For this he has to stretch his paws. The child pulls his arms and legs (front and rear legs), wiggles his fingers.

Exercise №3 .Pandochki walk through the forest. First, the baby offers like on the outside of the foot and then on the inside.

Exercise # 4. Panda found an apple and played with it. Let the child imagine that his head is an apple. Let him turn it from side to side.

Exercise # 5. Panda wants to turn into a tree. One child stands on one leg, the second leg resting on the foot on the knee first. The hands are from one "candle" raised. Most likely, the tree will swing a lot in the wind because the difficult children keep the balance in this pose.

Exercise "Wood"

Exercise №6. Baby panda notices how the grass grows – it stretches up into the sun. Little panda mother shows how it works: squatting, slowly rising, pulling the handle upwards.

Exercise # 7 .Panda with his mother in a "triangle" pose: Straddle, put his right hand on his right foot, left – raised as high as possible. They built a fence in a clearing. The same exercise is repeated in a different way.

Exercise # 8 .Panda saw a beautiful butterfly that fluttered from flower to flower. He and her mother repeated their action: sitting on the floor, connected to the foot with slightly bent legs, grabbing hands and starting to breed and combine the knees. Then the fingers have to grasp the big toes and pull them apart dramatically – so open flower, butterfly inviting.

Exercise # 9. A baby panda needs a basket to collect the fruits. The child lies on his stomach, his hands grasp his feet. Mom helps him make a basket like that.

exercise "Basket"

Exercise №10. The small Panda decided to rock the floor. He is lying on his back and clutching his knees. In this position it swings back and forth.

After all exercises are done, just ask your child to lie down "on the grass" and relax.

For lessons you can have various fun stories, in which small animals and fairy tale characters invent.

Children’s health yoga: exercise

Children’s hatha yoga: exercise

essence Hatha yoga , as a toddler and adult learns how to perfectly own and operate your body. This practice can combine the exercises in different directions, methods of a particular school cannot hold.

Children hatha yoga

IMPORTANT: Main condition for hatha yoga – during each exercise you need to direct energy to the body.

Purpose of hatha yoga – align your body to achieve normal functioning of all organs, systems and tissues. When the goals are reached, they move to a new level of study.


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