After the birth of a child, the joy is great. But everyday life will soon start – and with it the concern about the correct nutritional and health status of the baby. Does it weigh too little? Does this weigh too much? The weight develops too quickly or too slowly? These are all questions that young parents often deal with. Without tools, they are difficult to answer. And very few have the right equipment for it.

That is why we want to help you find the right balance for you on this website.

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This way children sleep well

When the day draws to a close and bedtime begins, many children seem more active than ever. This is how it works with bedtime.

At the end of each (exciting and eventful) day, parents or child carers have the task of putting the children to bed. But again, the little ones don’t make the slightest impression that they are even nearly tired? To ensure that bedtime does not become an event lasting several hours, you should follow these expert tips.

Prepare healthy sleep during the day

Nora Imlau, journalist, author and mother herself, recommends the following rule of thumb to all parents and child carers: "Children sleep well at night when all needs have been met during the day." going out every day, for babies as well as for older children. A full day, taking into account the child’s various needs, promotes restful sleep. This means that babysitters and parents should make sure that the balance between active and resting phases in the daily program is balanced. Rest periods do not necessarily mean sleep. Even quiet minutes with your favorite book or a couple of cuddle sessions recharge a child’s energy storage.

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The 10 best swimming goggles for children at a glance.

Children’s swimming goggles are useful accessories for your beach holiday. If your child goes swimming regularly, suitable swimming goggles are essential to the Protect eyes from chlorinated water. In common children’s swimming goggles tests, properties like that Anti-fog coating and UV protection of glasses rated.

The anti-fog coating ensures that the Do not fog up glasses. UV protection is especially important for swim outdoors important to the Protect your child’s eyes from the sun’s reflecting rays of the water surface. In our comparison table we present the most popular products and their most important properties.

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The topic of via ferrata with children is very topical for many families. Climbing parents in particular want to make this beautiful sport tasty for their little ones too. Sooner or later, the youngsters should go on the great via ferrata excursions. However, there are some aspects to consider. On the one hand, methodical preparation and tour planning are of central importance. On the other hand, it is important to master the correct safety technology when performing the tour. uses the example of the Climbing Arena Damm High and the Klettersteig Kölnbreinsperre to explain how to proceed. With our tips, parents should be able to experience a safe and fun via ferrata day with their children.

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Children’s birthday in Bielefeld: With 330,000 inhabitants, Bielefeld is one of the 20 largest cities in Germany. There are of course many children living there. And they want to celebrate their children’s birthday! If you don’t want to party at home or are looking for a new idea, you will definitely find it here. We have 30 ideas for children’s birthday compiled in Bielefeld!

The 30 best children’s birthdays in Bielefeld

Where is the best way to celebrate the big day in Bielefeld? What does your child like? Is it sporty, does it like nature or would you rather do handicrafts? There is a solution for all cases!

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bébé confort Streety 3 – Pram, Blue Brown Earth Brown

Bébé Confort Cosi Citi car seat Nomad Black

similar products

Bébé Confort Pebble, car seat group 0+

Includes adapter, reducer pillow, headrest and the conservatory. Compatible with all the Bébé Confort chassis. Compatible with the following bébé-Confort strollers: Loola, Eléa, High Trek. Compatible with the Quinny strollers all versions: Zapp, Buzz. Is attached with the back to the direction of travel.

The straps remain open to make it easier for the child to sit inside. Comfortable baby seat with removable seat reducer. Integrated sun protection hood. Accessories: removable seat reducer for newborns. Simultaneous adjustment of the belt and head piece. Can be used for 12 months up to 13 kg: awarded 4 stars by the European authorities for safety tests.

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Why Pinolino relies on solid wood

Photo: © Pinolino Children’s dreams

Pinolino children’s furniture is largely made of solid wood. Why we chose this material, what advantages it has has and, what it brings you, you can read here in the Pinolino blog

At that time, in our clique we had one who knew all about wood – his nickname: "Henni Holzwurm". While the rest of us were completing our Abitur and thinking about studying later, Henni as a carpenter was immersed in his material, his material: wood! – … hence the super nickname …
It was practical, even if he was a little "different" than the rest of us. So he always built us all sorts amazing Things – of course made of wood, always had a squared timber on hand and also otherwise we always had a lot to laugh about and great stories in our group.
Today I understand once more his passion for solid wood at that time. The many advantages, this wood with character! A large part of all children’s furniture and toys from Pinolino children’s dreams are made of this natural and environmentally friendly material. Only woods from secured stocks are used. In this way, children will continue to grow up in a healthy environment.

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Play, romp, learn, chill, sleep. Right it is about the children’s room, the realm of our little ones or big ones. The children’s room accompanies our children for many years and phases on their path through life.

It is therefore not always easy to set up the children’s room and it changes depending on the age. That your child feels comfortable and likes to be in his room should be included in the design. Here you will find a few useful tips and practical ideas for children’s rooms.

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The selection of dog harnesses is as diverse as the possible uses and the equipment. That is why it is not so easy for many dog ​​owners to find the "right" dog harness for their own dog.

Click image to enlarge The most popular dog harness types are:

saddle dishes
Step-in dishes

In this article we briefly introduce the different types of dog harness.


The harness is a widespread type of dog harness, which is available in different versions. In this type of dog harness, a web runs from the chest through the dog’s front legs. This ensures that the harnesses fit snugly against the dog’s body and hardly slip.

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How can you treat inflammation of the Achilles tendon??

Acute phase
The first goal of treatment is to reduce inflammation.

To do this, the affected ankle must be immobilized so that the micro-injuries can heal.
For the first two days, it is helpful to pack ice packs 3 times a day for 20 minutes.
So that the affected area is not irritated again, other people should be asked for help if necessary and / or supports should be used to perform painful movements.

If pain-causing activities continue to be carried out at work and in sports, there is a risk of the lesions becoming worse until the tendinitis becomes chronic.
Sometimes these measures are sufficient to completely cure achilles tendonitis.

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