The doctor will check your child’s age-appropriate development during the check-ups. What he looks at

Everything OK? The checks at the pediatrician provide security

It is full of valuable information: the yellow health care booklet. It accompanies your child from birth to around the age of six – and should therefore be treasured like a treasure. With each of the checkups The pediatrician records his observations U1 to U9. It also contains the growth curves for head circumference, weight and height compared to the age. The doctor enters your child’s values ​​in these so-called percentile curves so that he can assess his age-appropriate development with regard to body measurements.

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Whether early English or bilingual kindergarten – there are already foreign language offers for babies. Are they useful?

Learn languages: the sooner the better? Not necessarily true

Babies on colorful blankets, proud parents and a singing educator who took place "All my ducklings" rather "Old McDonald had a farm" warbles. On closer inspection, the crawling group turns out to be an early childhood get-together: English lessons for under one year olds. The little crawlers get to hear songs and sayings in the world language in the group.

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After we did some do’s & Dont’s, topics like religion, behavior and dress code in the Maldives, we want to take a closer look at the topic Entry requirements in the Maldives received. Because the entry requirements for the Maldives are quite different from those of other countries, even if at first glance a lot appears to be the same as in other holiday regions. But if you know what to look for, the Maldives’ entry and residence regulations are very easy to understand.

Information on the entry requirements for the Maldives at a glance

  • A visa is required for the stay
  • Visa application is completed on the plane
  • Completed application will be approved at the airport
  • When packing suitcases alcohol & leave revealing magazines or pictures at home
  • Medications such as the pill should be prescribed in writing by the doctor

Entry into Maldives: how to get a visa?

As far as general entry into the Maldives is concerned, the entry requirements for the Maldives are fairly easy. The free tourist visa get vacationers at their Arrival at the appropriate airport. You have to fill out the necessary forms on the plane. Then nothing stands in the way of entering the Maldives. At least not if you meet the other requirements. These are:

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Is there a right to Child benefit for children or parents living abroad? Yes, especially in the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) there can be a claim to child benefit abroad. However, this only exists under certain conditions. You can read here what benefits a family is entitled to.

The most important information about child benefit abroad in a nutshell

  1. It is basically possible to get child benefit for one child living abroad to apply. However, this initially only applies to EU countries and the European Economic Area (EEA).
  2. who is paying Child benefit for children, who live abroad? The decisive factor is where the applicant submits his Place of residence or work Has.
  3. In cross-border cases you can also apply for German child benefit abroad. The Familienkasse checks which state that Child benefit paid out in the end.

Child benefit: The child lives abroad and can still be entitled to child benefit.

Who can receive German child benefit abroad?

Child benefit can also be claimed abroad.

Foreigners who live in Germany and the corresponding ones requirements are entitled to child benefit, even if that Child lives abroad. However, the child benefit claim is from European law and intergovernmental agreement dependent.

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Posts on plain text for children

Moers Working together against child poverty, that is the motto of the stylists "MAD MAKEOVER" and the interest group "" on December 2nd and 3rd at the Christmas market in Moers. On both days, the team offers hot mulled wine, cocoa, children’s punch and delicious homemade pastries from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The offer is rounded off by live music in the afternoon and evening hours. All income comes from the association “Klartext für Kinder e. V. – Active against child poverty ”.

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Dr. Andrea Bannert has been with NetDoktor since 2013. The doctor of biology and medical editor initially researched microbiology and is the team’s expert for the tiny things: bacteria, viruses, molecules and genes. She also works as a freelancer for Bavarian Radio and various science magazines and writes fantasy novels and children’s stories.

Carola Felchner is a freelance writer in the NetDoktor medical department and a certified training and nutrition consultant. She worked for various specialist magazines and online portals before becoming a freelance journalist in 2015. Before her traineeship, she studied translation and interpreting in Kempten and Munich.

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Care, support and employment for seniors and people with dementia


The best activations from!

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A movement story for the pre-Christmas period …

You need one or two green towels for each participant. You can find suitable wipes here at Amazon. *

Every time the word Christmas tree/ –trees in history, all towels are held up (if you don’t have green towels for everyone, green napkins are also very suitable).

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Intergenerational interest in clarifying fate

Around 20 million people in Germany are directly and indirectly affected by the Second World War. These 60- to 90-year-olds are increasingly concerned with their own past with increasing age; many of them still suffer from their experiences during the war, regardless of whether they were adults or children. The effects of this usually only become apparent in later stages of life.

But also the subsequent generations families immediately affected by the war are increasingly concerned with the unexplained fates of their relatives. Children, often grown up without fathers because they were drawn in during the war, are now increasingly interested in their fates and their own origins as adults. In the estate of their deceased parents, mothers, they often find documents about their unsuccessful search for their missing persons. Many take up the topic again and inquire about the current state of research. If you receive a notification of destiny, often ask for additional information about the last Life stages and the place of death of their relatives. The right of these people to be certain about the fate of their missing relatives is justified. The DRK search service is dedicated to this humanitarian task and, thanks to its extensive database, can provide further information in many cases.

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Attention, throwing alarm! How parents recognize the heralds and skillfully boot out. These ten strategies help to calm down large and small defiant heads quickly

If the child wants to head through the wall with his head, parents have to stay calm

1. Show understanding

You pick up your child in the daycare. The atmosphere is relaxed. Then you say: "We’re going shopping now." The mood immediately changes: "No! I want to go home", your child cries, throws his jacket on the floor, grumbles and cries. How embarrassing, you think, how you feel resistance. Sentences like "I don’t let myself dance on my nose" then shoot us adults through the head.

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Reading time: 2 minutes If you want to write a children’s book, you not only need a lot of creativity, but also time and, above all, patience. After all, most books cannot be written within a few hours. Children’s books in particular should be very demanding. Because small readers attach great importance to the fact that they really like the writing.

Writing children’s books – instructions and tips

Finding the right topic is vital for success here. But let’s get straight to the point: As an author, you won’t get rich in today’s world.

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