swissmom: Why should parents take out supplementary insurance to partially cover the costs of orthodontic treatment?

Claudia Bruckert: The demands to have harmonious, aesthetic interlocking are high today. Through the annual school dental check-ups, parents become aware that treatment might be necessary. There is not exactly any pressure, but there is a high demand in the aesthetic area. About half of the tooth corrections are functionally necessary, the other corrections are aesthetically justified. The supplementary insurance covers part of the costs of these desirable corrections; in really difficult cases with a medical background, the costs are partly covered by the IV or the basic insurance. In the case of accidents, the costs are borne by the accident insurance.

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No boredom on Phuket! Thailand’s most popular holiday island offers children a lot of activities and sights. Most hotels have great swimming pools and childcare to make the stay relaxing for the whole family.

Family-friendly beaches and hotels

The best beaches for families are Karon and Bang Tao. Both have several child-friendly hotels and resorts.

Karon is a long and mostly quiet beach that is only a short drive away from the rugged shopping centres of Patong beaches. The best hotels for families in Karon are the Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket, the Movenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach and the much cheaper Phuket Orchid Resort. All three have great pool areas.

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Our mobile desk grows with the tasks.

Your child’s growth spurt is child’s play for our mobile desk – it grows with you! It can be easily adjusted by means of a preset grid and thus adapts to the ergonomic needs of your child. And it is also very adaptable when it comes to the surroundings: Various additional parts such as a table top, a supplementary top, a practical desk drawer or the spacious mobile container ensure that all wishes with regard to storage space and work surface are fulfilled.

The matching desk swivel chair combines all TEAM 7 strengths: design, function, high-quality materials and safety (GS tested). The three-dimensional adjustment options guarantee ergonomically healthy seating comfort.

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Child-friendly camping in Croatia: the 5 best campsites

(Advertising) With miles of beaches, pure sunshine, pleasant temperatures and plenty to discover, Croatia is an ideal destination for families. Here mum can do yoga on the beach, while dad is immersed in the latest crime thriller and the offspring are optimally cared for. Where child-friendly camping in Croatia is possible, we tell you here.

Zaton Holiday Resort – Leisure activities for the whole family

With almost 20 different sports on offer, boredom is almost impossible at this campsite right by the sea. In addition to pony riding, the Zaton Holiday Resort also offers windsurfing and diving courses, archery and beach volleyball. The pool area with its swimming pools and children’s paddling pool is equally suitable for large and small water rats.

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Holidays in Hamburg – Excursion tips with a child

    Muttis Nähkästchen 1. März 2015 Reisen mit Kind / Schulkind

A weekend or a whole week in Hamburg with children? And nobody should become bland? Yes, it works wonderfully. Again a house exchange – our preferred holiday form – brought us to our holiday domicile at a reasonable price. We find the following sights worth seeing for parents and children:

As always, we were on the road exchanging houses – this is simply unbeatably cheap for the family’s holiday. The reason for the destination was an article about the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg in a school newspaper. “Mom, I’d like to go there!” The son was gone and gone. So mother went on a search for a family willing to exchange – and found what she was looking for. Our personal recommendations:

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Get involved in the fight against illiteracy and for equal opportunities.

With your help, the basic needs for clothing, food and basic medical care at schools and training centres are covered. Give the children a new perspective – they deserve it!

It has become a personal concern for all members to get involved in India and especially in the situation of women in order to help improve their often hopeless life situation – become a part of it!

We are very keen to transfer full donations to India for our projects.

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With magnets like Rodeo Drive and Union Square, California undoubtedly has the top ranks when it comes to shopping, but the latest fashions and pretty souvenirs for all those who stay at home don’t necessarily have to eat a big hole in their already strained wallets. The best outlet malls in the state, where the superstars among the fashion brands are represented (such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Prada and Kate Spade), offer quality clothing, household goods and accessories with substantial discounts. Some of these “outlet” centres look like ordinary shopping centres, others have their own style – one is sun-drenched in the middle of the desert, the other is housed in an old tire factory in Los Angeles and a third is so lavishly kitsched, as if it came straight from the Arabian Nights.

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Many people are afraid of the dentist. Most people are afraid of drilling their teeth. But the anaesthetic injection is also perceived as unpleasant. Laser treatment can avoid both.

The laser releases a highly focused, high-energy light beam. During the laser treatment of teeth, this happens in impulses. Depending on the work to be performed, lasers with different wavelengths are used. For example, the exact cutting of tissue or the removal of superficial substances is possible. The proven germ-reducing effect of the laser opens up a broad spectrum of applications.

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Most parents think that their children’s milk teeth don’t need to be cared for very well because they fall out after a certain time anyway. This misbelief is widespread. In order for your children’s teeth to develop well, healthy milk teeth are a basic requirement.

You should therefore clean your child’s very first milk tooth every day with a small child’s toothbrush or cotton swab. The filigree toothbrush for your child’s teeth has particularly soft and small bristles. With the help of these bristles, the plaque on your children’s milk teeth can be removed without any problems. Brushing the milk teeth not only removes the food residues, but also the annoying plaque on the teeth, which can attack the enamel.

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Qualified personnel is a feature of easy-kid-care.

We attach great importance to optimally trained employees. They go through strict selection and application processes.

Target discussions are held regularly and progress, development and satisfaction are reviewed. Continuous training of our support staff is important to us. We support them with further education and training. Our quality management ensures that we only employ the best.

The composition of our team is tailored to the care and education needs of the babies and children entrusted to us.

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