First-aid kit for children

Unfortunately, children sometimes get sick on holiday. In southern holiday countries, for example, they often get “Montezuma’s revenge”, the travel diarrhoea. With our tips for travel first-aid kits you and your children are guaranteed to get through your holiday well.

The first-aid kit should contain everything necessary for the first treatment of your child. Pack on time and sufficiently – one third more than probably needed – medicines, which your child will need also in the vacation constantly. Before your holiday, check the expiry date of all medications. If you are travelling to tropical regions, you should avoid suppositories and e.g. use juice, as the suppositories melt in the packaging at high ambient temperatures. Medications must be protected from sunlight, transported and stored dry and cool. Therefore they should not be placed in the glove compartment, on the back seat or on top of the car in the trunk.

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For some time now, the Internet has been spreading the claim that toothpastes containing fluoride are harmful. Opponents of fluoride warn that fluorides are especially toxic for children. Fluoride is a rat poison and pesticide. That is why toothpastes that do not contain fluoride are advertised strongly again and again.

Misunderstanding fuels fear

In fact, the fear of fluoride-containing toothpaste is based on a misunderstanding, as toxicologists say: many people confuse fluoride with fluorine. Fluorine is a very aggressive, poisonous gas, which is only liquid at minus 180 degrees, it eats through all materials. But fluorine gas is different from fluoride. Fluoride is the negatively charged ion, which together with sodium produces a relatively harmless salt. According to dentists, fluoride is safe in the form and dosage used to fight caries. A person weighing 60 kilograms would have to eat 20 tubes of toothpaste a day to reach an alarming threshold. If you use toothpaste properly and brush your teeth two or three times a day, there will be no negative effects.

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Ten important values

How does my child become a good person?

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If your own child has beaten, lied or stolen another child, the parents are worried. They fear that they will fail in their upbringing, that they will not succeed in conveying the right values. But how does this work and which values are particularly important? We give tips.

Our society demands a large number of values. Some are values that compete with each other. For example, quite different values are often demanded in professional life than in the family. Does it make any sense at all to convey certain ideals of human behaviour to children? In any case! Scientists have found that children in whose family certain values apply are happier. They experience more cordiality in their lives, are more resilient to problems and failures and usually also have a more optimistic attitude.

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What could be better than spending the most beautiful time of the year with the whole family? To ensure that both parents and children can really relax, the range of family-friendly accommodation and holiday offers is constantly growing. Whether you want to spend your holiday in nature or appreciate the comfort of a modern club hotel, there are many ways to spend a family holiday today. Always perfectly adapted to your wishes and the needs of the children.

Short trips with children

The big annual holiday with the whole family is still over or is already behind you. However, you still want to treat yourself and your family to some relaxation from everyday life. Even a city trip with children is no problem. Since the city trips are again in the trend, the offer of overnight accommodations has expanded strongly. Where previously only sterile business hotels existed, there are now also attractive family-friendly hotels in large cities. Or spend your short trip in a holiday flat or an apartment. This gives them more space as a family and the children feel at home.

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Superprice: We make the reservation directly with the owner of the accommodation, without expensive intermediaries.

Secure Booking Process: We withhold your payments until arrival for the security of your money:Click here for more information.

This finca has tourism license number.

The guests are included in the price by a liability insurance with a coverage of up to 300.000 € per claim: Click here for more information.

This impressive and sunny stone property is situated in a beautiful area on the outskirts of the village of Porreres, surrounded by olive and fruit trees and with stunning views of the Mallorcan countryside. It is a large house with large bedrooms, a large living room and a spacious kitchen, as well as several terraces and verandas to enjoy the good Majorcan climate.

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In many families, children with a pet have a loyal friend at their side. Natural family photos can create valuable memories of this animal friendship. However, photographing children and pets at the same time often presents parents with a double challenge. Many rules of photography can be applied to both children and animals. Together with professional family photographers and mothers who are enthusiastic about photography, we have compiled a few tips for you.

Photographing with composure

(Photo: Sevi Koch Photography)

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with Anne Farahani and Amandine Affagard

The Program:Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)Prepare yourself Zion* (from Christmas Oratorio)

Johann Sebastian BachPrelude – Tres vite (BWV 995)- Lute solo –

Johann Sebastian BachVon Himmel hoch**arranged by Anne Farahani and Amandine Affagard

Michael Praetorius (1571-1621)Canarios*from Terpsichore (1612)

Michael PraetoriusA child born* and It’s a Roß´*

Carl Friedrich Abel (1723-1787)Allegro in D minor – Baroque mandolin solo –

Johann Hermann Schein (1586-1630)In dulci jubilo

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The extra items for the various benefits approved by the health insurance can quickly add up to a considerable amount, especially for those who are temporarily seriously or permanently ill.

In statutory health insurance, insured persons are entitled to benefits that prevent illnesses or serve to treat illnesses. The Patients’ Rights Act stipulates that health insurance funds must decide on applications for benefits (e.g. for therapeutic appliances and aids, domestic help, domestic nursing care) within three weeks of receipt of the application. If an expert opinion is required, in particular from the Medical Service of the health insurance funds, the health insurance funds must decide within five weeks of receipt of the application whether the service is to be approved. If it is unable to meet the deadline, it must inform the insured person in good time and in writing, stating its reasons. If no written justification is given after the expiry of the deadline, the application for a benefit shall be deemed to have been approved. Insured persons can then procure the required benefit themselves and invoice the Fund.

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Are you still looking for an original gift for your offspring? Even small children have a lot of fun looking at themselves and their loved ones in pictures, so you can give them a treat with a photo book. We have looked around for you, which variants are available for the little ones.

Special children’s photo books are a particularly pretty variation. A photo box, for example, offers a combination of a classic picture book with your own photos. The story of “Pidi the Penguin” told in the text is individually tailored to the child.

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