Eye migraine: symptoms, causes and duration

May 18, 2019, 4:03 p.m. | dpa, t-online.com

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It flickers in front of the eyes, flashes of light cross the view, vision is restricted: The symptoms of eye migraine are particularly frightening the first time. The causes of the disease have not yet been researched in detail, but those who know the triggers can minimize or even prevent eye migraine attacks.

Overview of the

Eye migraine (ophthalmic migraine) is a rare form of migraine. Its symptoms vary greatly from person to person and can change over the years. Fortunately, permanent damage does not occur due to migraine.

Christina Cherry

Activities in Lübeck Bay with child in low season

Summer, sun, Baltic beach? Not only in summer the Baltic Sea is a perfect destination for a holiday with the whole family. In autumn I find the Baltic Sea even more beautiful. Then, when the wind whistles, the autumn light makes the Baltic Sea shine in warm yellow tones and most tourists have already left. Extensive beach walks are so much more fun for me.

The Baltic Sea and especially the Lübeck Bay have much more to offer in autumn than wide, fine sandy beaches, impressive nature and fresh, salty air. Especially families get their money’s worth in Lübeck Bay. There is so much to discover and experience that a single holiday is not enough.

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The following children’s search engines and portals are briefly introduced in this article:

Two favourites are selected from these, which seem to be particularly suitable for taking their first steps on the Internet with primary school pupils.

Nowadays, working with the computer is indispensable and the use of the Internet as a source of information is an important medium to keep up to date. It is therefore of particular relevance to start promoting the new medium “Internet” at an early age. Unfortunately, in the World Wide Web, as in real life, one does not only encounter good things. Links can easily hide dangers for children, be it sexual, pornographic or violence glorifying, from which they need protection. The development of children’s websites, which include search engines specially developed for children, is an attempt to ensure this protection. They have a similar structure to the adult search engine “Google”, but are only intended to store and call up certain pages that are safe for children and of educational value. In the following report, various children’s sites with search functions are presented and evaluated with regard to their security of the search terms, their commercial orientation as well as their offer and their visual design.

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Children must be introduced to the subject of dental care in a gentle and understanding manner. By the time they reach school age at the latest, they are old enough to take brushing their teeth with their own hands, but still far from experienced enough to do everything right. Your support therefore remains essential. It is therefore almost an obligation to motivate your child to follow a dental care routine. The following article shows what is decisive.

The right cleaning technique for children

Brushing your teeth needs to be learned – adults know this all too well. Even the older ones often experience problems or misuse of toothbrushes and the like, which sometimes lures unpleasant guests, such as caries, into their mouths.

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Last update: 27.02.2019

The summer holidays offer numerous possibilities for a varied short holiday with children. Create your perfect holiday by choosing your destination. Let your children build sand castles at the North or Baltic Sea while you rest or go on a bicycle tour together. Rent a cozy holiday home in Denmark or climb mountains in Austria together. Enjoy beautiful landscapes and delicious pizzas in Italy or long sandy beaches in Spain. Inspire your children and spend a great family holiday.

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DateTimeEvent19. Octoberclosed event24. October from 19:00 Closed event25. October20 o’clockConcert Traummänners27. October18 UhrPiano Bar – Next Generation2. NovemberConcert Acoustic Voice String8. NovemberWaDaWidd Comedy9. Novemberclosed event10. November10 UhrBrunch

You will find our opening hours under Contact/Opening Hours.

Current events

TraumMänners on Friday, October 25th in conclusion with Covermucke, now there is German Groove-Rock: The “Männers” have fulfilled their “dream” of bringing their own music to the stage with German lyrics, lots of fun and unbridled joy of playing. The result is straight rock, soulful blues, soulful funk, even a polka with squeeze comode is processed into groove. Music that doesn’t really fit in any drawer, but is unmistakably influenced by the handmade sound of the seventies. The lyrics tell, how can it be different, of course also of the great love, in “fire danger” enough … a look into your eyes already rises the temperature …, or “Again with me” of the futile … the love of the life with you – was never yours … but also of the world-weariness, when “The black bird” flies once again much too deeply, or of sorrowful men’s themes … clear, I don’t-make that- worry-yet not today-yet that’s enough too … “Tomorrow” too …

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This workshop combines 3 single day modules on sustainable fashion: a trip to a textile collection point, an experiment on modular fashion and a clothes exchange party at school. The modules can also be carried out individually.

Flowchart / Modules:

The workshop was developed and carried out within the framework of “Palast der Projekte – die ökologische Zukunftsstadt” in the Fichtelgebirge-Grundschule Berlin. It is documented that 22 children between 6 and 9 years (1-3 class) work for 3 days with about 3.5 hours working time for each child (8:00-12:00). The procedure is documented in days. Each day is a module. The modules can also be carried out separately.

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Wonderful sunshine! We have been waiting for this for a long time! Everyone wants to get some sun, enjoy the fresh air and move outside. Especially the children have a special urge to move in spring and are happy when you play with them outside. That’s why I’ve created the ultimate list of 10 outdoor activities with children for Munich and Bavaria. If you want to know more about the location or the place, just click on the link – you will then be directed to the detailed article or to my blogpost.

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