looks to him. “Very funny,” it says insulted. “You are the fastest animal here. As if I could catch you! ”The little tiger looks at his friend defiantly. “Come on, at least try it. Catch me! ”The chameleon sticks out its long tongue. The little tiger has to laugh so that it plops into the water. Giggling, he climbs out and shakes that the drops are just flying. “Hey, do you want to take a bath with me?” He calls to the chameleon. But nanu? The chameleon has changed color and is hardly recognizable on the tree. The little tiger is amazed. It only does it when it gets dangerous. Or does it want to play hide and seek? Something dark appears in the water. “I”ll catch you right now, you baby,” the old crocodile grumbles at the little tiger. “Get out of here, you”re chasing me away!”

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Fever in children is often useful to combat invading pathogens. It does not need to be lowered unless the child is among them >It is a mistake to need to lower fever immediately. All fever in children occurs frequently, but is rarely a dangerous disease symptom.

Fever is basically not a disease, but an active reaction of the organism to invading pathogens to fight them and thus heal the body itself. However, as long as fever does not lead to noticeable symptoms in children, a higher temperature does not have to be lowered under all circumstances.

A rectal measurement should take at least five minutes, under the armpit or under the tongue at least ten minutes. Fever in children should ideally be measured with a digital thermometer.

How dangerous, how useful fever is

In recent decades, doctors, family doctors and paediatricians have increasingly come to appreciate the beneficial effect of fever in children in combating bacteria and viruses. Fever in children – but also in healthy adults – activates the body’s own immune forces, and fever is particularly effective against virus infections in children. This is because the multiplication of numerous viruses is significantly slowed at temperatures above 38.5 degrees Celsius. Since children are still susceptible to many viruses against which adults have long since developed immunity, the body very often uses fever as a defence against children.

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February 16, 2015

by AndyPublished February 16, 2015Last modified February 16, 2016

Chocolate Kitkat Smarties birthday cake

The children’s annual birthday is always a highlight. Not only are beautiful gifts selected, a children’s birthday party also needs to be planned. The little guests and the birthday child love to eat cake or cake and cocoa or . >>> Continue reading

by Andy · Published March 24, 2014

Baileys cake – quick and easy

Below we have a delicious cake recipe for all Baileys fans. Baileys is a cream liqueur made from Irish whiskey and cream. Since the alcohol content of Baileys is 17% vol, this cake is unfortunately not for children. Quite a lot of Baileys . >>> Continue reading

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From Los Angeles to Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin (and also in many trendy districts of Vienna) attachment parenting is very popular. This education tends to extremes such as breastfeeding up to the age of four.

The excitement was huge, the anger was just. The young mother, who had herself photographed on the cover of “Time”, with her almost four-year-old son at her breast, triggered a furious storm of debate: about how long children should actually be breastfed. But this discussion doesn’t go far enough. It is only one part of a school of thought that does much more than encourage children far into kindergarten age to suckle their mother’s breast. It is called “attachment parenting” – and it is currently very popular with many mothers from Los Angeles to Prenzlauer Berg (with a small detour to Vienna’s trendy districts).

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  • 95% reduced electromagnetic waves (radio radiation)
  • Range up to 75 m
  • 2 channels with digital pilot tone for interference-free reception
  • battery alarm
  • sensitivity control

Packing unit: 1 piece. Free of electrical and magnetic fields, 95% reduced electromagnetic waves, sensitivity control, volume control, child safety device on the battery compartment, incl. 2 power supplies and 1 battery pack for receiver, color: white / blue; Range: 75 m; Power supply: battery / mains; With transformer plug: yes; With charging station: yes; Number of channels: 2

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Review refers to: Vivanco BM 440 ECO PLUS – Vivanco Orginal Babyfon – BM 440 ECO Plus, Ökotest very good (08/2006) (baby article)

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Opening times / daily routine

Delivery time 7.15 a.m. – 9.15 a.m.

We offer Part-time and full-time places on.

Our part-time children will be picked up between 12.30 p.m. and 1.00 p.m..

Our full-day children can be picked up between 2 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. or 3.30 p.m. and 4 p.m..

Fridays our facility closes at 2 p.m.!

language support

Twice a week, a language specialist supports the development of our children’s language in small groups.

who are we & What do we offer?

The Evangelical local community Bendorf supports our day care center, a place where we can familiarize our children with the good news of Jesus Christ in a child-friendly way. Singing, praying and biblical stories play an important role in everyday life. Christian festivals (e.g. Christmas, Easter and Pentecost) are organized in the annual cycle and religious education projects also have their place with us. Children’s services such as We combine the launch service for our school beginners with small celebrations to which parents, grandparents, siblings and friends are cordially invited.

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Black raven 30 cm with real feathers animal bird costume accessories witch

– 22cm, width approx. Attention! Choking hazard. 30cm, height approx. With a pair wires or bands on the feet you can put it on branches so that you get even more sweet cherries than the birds, as well as in the house, or attach to carnival costumes. Length approx. Attention! not for children under 3 years suitable, swallowable small parts.

This large black raven with real feathers is ideal as a scarecrow or as a decoration. 11cm / the raven’s styrofoam body is covered with real feathers.

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Imagine that there is life in the supermarket fresh produce counter and the small conversations between vegetables and fruit can be heard. Who would be the right choice to become part of the large, delicious vegetable soup??

A vegetable theater is prepared, practiced and played very quickly.

You need:

  • 1 carrot
  • 1 broccoli
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 apple
  • 1 stick of leek
  • 1 small pumpkin (decorative pumpkin)
    (This list varies depending on the number of children involved or the types of vegetables and fruits available.)
  • forks
  • 1 saucepan

You may be interested in this free download

Glitter mucus

That’s how it’s done:

Prepare a puppet theater before the game, or stretch a sheet or blanket over a child’s head into a door frame behind which the children can play. Each child can then choose a type of vegetable or fruit. This is speared on a fork. A child is playing the big soup pot. Now every child thinks of a name for their selected vegetables or fruits, such as Carrot Charlotte.

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Homeofying nursing pillow / pillow, cotton, plush

Type: arm pillow. Material: cotton, plush. Features: unique design, comfortable, soft, great gift. Size: approx. Small size differences are possible due to manual measurement. Scope of delivery: 1 x arm cushion. Material: cotton, plush. Features: unique design, comfortable, soft, great gift.

Unique design that gives you and your baby a good mood. Soft and breathable, pleasant feeling. The best gift for your friends. 24 cm x 28 cm. Note: due to different lighting conditions and different monitor settings, the color of the actual product may vary slightly from the picture.

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If you want to get involved as a volunteer abroad, you will find a colorful jumble of regulated volunteer services, programs and organizations: researched by the state or independently as flexible volunteer work, with children, in environmental protection or development cooperation, in Europe or overseas. It is often difficult to compare the various voluntary services abroad, but there are sometimes big differences. B. Duration, job offer or regions of employment. We have fought our way through the various offers so that you can keep track of your search. The infographics show the pros and cons of different Alternatives and help you decide which volunteer service is right for you.

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