Child’s gender: 18 ways to find out

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Will it be a boy or a girl? Almost every mom would like to have this question answered immediately after the positive pregnancy test. But it can take some time before this happens! In order to pass the waiting, we have 18 options here, maybe the answer to that sooner.

At a time when there was no ultrasound during pregnancy, women had to look after each other aid or use signs to know the gender of the child.

If the methods worked, they were passed on to daughters or friends. Maybe it was a happy coincidence, but maybe not! And whether they are reliable even with multiple pregnancies remains to be doubted.

Gender of the child: what’s going to happen??

In any case, we don’t want to withhold these 18 types, with which you may be able to find out the gender of your child before the next gynecologist appointment! We found it on Little Things.

  1. How does the complexion change??
    Every pregnant woman will be able to confirm immediately that the skin also changes with the skin. It is interesting, however, that ostensibly pregnant women only get oily skin when they are expecting a girl and dry skin when they are a boy.
  2. How’s the acne??
    The changes in the skin are also noticeable in pimples and acne. After all, oily skin wears – girl! – does not exactly improve acne and can even promote it. With dry skin, on the other hand – boy! – not doing much.
  3. Already noticed a beam?
    Even if every pregnant woman seems to shine from the inside out, according to one wisdom it is said that only boys actually cause this shine.
  4. How long is the Linea Nigra?
    Discolored during pregnancy yourself Linea Alba, which runs along the abdomen, in the lower half. This line is called Linea Nigra and its length indicates the child’s gender. If she goes up to the belly button, it becomes a girl, she runs up to the belly button, a boy.
  5. The soda test
    You can get baking soda inexpensively in any supermarket, which is why this test is definitely worth a try even if the result is incorrect. You have to mix two tablespoons of the powder with your own urine and wait to see what happens. If it bubbles, it becomes a boy, nothing does, it becomes a girl!
  6. How shiny the hair is?
    In addition to the complexion, the Hair structure of a pregnant woman change and supposedly suggest the gender of the child. If the hair is flat and dull, it becomes a girl; if it is thick and shiny, it becomes a boy.
  7. How about the rest of the body hair?
    The remaining body hair can also be an indication of the gender of the child. For example, when everything just sprouts up! Because that should be a sure sign that one is expecting a boy.
  8. Where does the weight gain take place?
    During pregnancy a woman doesn’t just gain weight on her stomach, but in most cases also in other parts of the body. If the latter is the case, it will probably be a girl. If the weight remains on the round stomach, a boy is on the go.
  9. What temperature are the feet?
    Since cold feet are actually more of a female phenomenon, we had to stop a bit at this point. Because if you have warm feet during your pregnancy, it will be a girl. Cold feet, however, suggest a boy.
  10. New shoes have to be bought?
    That pregnant women no longer fit in all of their shoes because their feet swell, is perfectly normal. But in some cases, the swelling will go away after a few months – supposedly a sure sign that you’re carrying a girl. If the shoes tweak during the entire pregnancy and even have to be bought half a size larger, it will probably be a boy.
  11. Rather sweet or salty?
    A pregnant woman’s desires are unpredictable – and often a little crazy. But if you find that cravings are increasingly demanding something sweet, it could be because a little girl is out and about. Salty desires, on the other hand, speak for a boy.
  12. It all depends on the height!
    The height of the baby bump should also be meaningful. A low-lying belly suggests a boy, a high-lying belly a girl.
  13. The expecting dad is also pregnant?!
    It is not uncommon for parents-to-be to say: "We are pregnant!" And sometimes there is even a truth to it. Because there are definitely men who also gain weight during their partner’s pregnancy. If so, it is said to be a girl.
  14. (Head) pain subsides …
    If a woman suffers from headaches or migraines during pregnancy, this is a sure sign that she is expecting a boy.
  15. In what position does it sleep best??
    No matter how long it takes for a pregnant woman to finally find sleep – if she falls asleep lying on the left side, according to an old wives tale, a boy is expecting a girl, lying on the right side.
  16. What color are the nipples?
    As the size of the breasts changes during pregnancy, the nipples can also become darker. If so, the woman is said to be pregnant with a boy.
  17. Which chest is bigger?
    In order to be able to provide the child with breast milk after birth, The glandular tissue in the breasts of the pregnant woman increases from the first weeks. So of course the breasts themselves grow. And since hardly a woman really has breasts of the same size by nature, they are of different sizes – and thus provide an indication of the gender of the child. If the right breast is larger than the left, it will be a girl, if the left breast is larger, it will be a boy.
  18. Little clumsy?
    As beautiful as pregnancy can be, there are some “risks”. By this we mean not only the secretly feared pregnancy dementia, but also the fact that everyday life with a spherical stomach, morning sickness and plump feet is becoming less and less successful. So it’s no wonder that some pregnant women are particularly clumsy in the nine months? At least not to us. And if this old wives’ tale is true, then it is also an indication that she is pregnant with a little boy!

Shorten the wait

As already indicated: Of course, there is no guarantee that these signs are correct. After all, every pregnancy is different! Nevertheless, it can never be ruled out that there is still something in one or the other fairy tale… &# 128521;


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