Chills without fever – causes, symptoms – treatment

Chills without a fever – why?

Febris Undularis is the technical term for the classic chills. Chills without other symptoms such as fever can still be a harbinger of a cold. Chills and sweating can also mean that the cold is already a prerequisite or is slowly becoming noticeable. Therefore, chills without fever can also be explained with harmless causes, but can also be mentioned as a harbinger of colds, so you should look at what causes are, which therapy or possible treatment is recommended. After all, you probably don’t like chills and just don’t want to get a cold.

Causes of chills without a fever

Do you have chills without any other symptoms? Can you get sick from a simple cold? Viruses, parasites or infections are usually the reason why you suffer from chills without a cold or cough. Even flu can sometimes be noticed without side effects. Without a cold toddler and chills? A little more caution is required because sweating can lead to temperature fluctuations in the body, which can be dangerous in a child. The causes are harbingers of an infectious disease, cold, flu, pneumonia and tonsillitis, inflammation of the kidney pelvis or wandering rose.

Symptoms that describe chills without fever

Do you have chills without fever and without symptoms? Is it about child chills without symptoms? Has your child been injured and a finger swells or is there a bluish streak? Then even blood poisoning would be possible. The symptoms of chills without discomfort and without side effects can be pain, sweating or later fever. Even coughing and runny nose or sore throat, kidney pain and all flu-like symptoms can occur here. This is important to watch out for in the symptoms of chills without a cold child, or without symptoms child as well as in adults.

Treatment for chills without fever

If you have chills with no other symptoms, you may still get sick. There may even be pneumonia on the way, but maybe the flu or cold won’t get away? Here, Gripostat or other non-prescription medication and a visit to the doctor would make sense to avoid the upcoming cold.

Therapy of chills

Therapy for wound cramps, blood poisoning and wandering rose is decided by your specialist. That’s why it’s all the more important here, with chills without a fever and suspected blood poisoning & Co to see the doctor immediately, because a specialist is necessary here. This decides how the therapy should proceed and has to see how sick you really are, whether it is just a cold or more.

Chills without a fever could have several causes, as well as many symptoms. In the end what counts is what you really have. Most of the time, however, it can be noted that a harmless illness is in progress and you have been given the chills because the body is slowly becoming noticeable. Usually the flu and more come into play, which is manifested by chills. If you suffer from chills, take a look at what may be the reason and you may find a solution quickly.

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