Chimney grille – top 10 and buying advice in january 2020

Now you might think that such a grille shouldn’t be a problem for a reasonably talented handyman and that it would be quick to do it yourself. It’s not that simple.

What should you watch out for with a chimney grille??

On the one hand, a fireplace, tiled stove or grill radiates intense heat, which means that not every material is suitable for processing into a fireplace grate. On the other hand, it has to be so stable that your child cannot knock it over, for example if it pulls up on the fireplace grille or bumps into it with a toy. Wall brackets or the like are very useful for this.

In this context, it is also important that the chimney grille is designed in such a way that the child cannot find a grip to climb on or over it. The protective grille should also have a door that is designed so that you can open it as a parent, but not your offspring.

So who cares about the safety of their own child – and who it isn’t – should refrain from building such a grille themselves and rely on the years of experience of experts and e.g. Order online on Amazon. If you are new to buying a fireplace, you can also consider using an electric fireplace. This holds fewer Dangers, hardly any cleaning effort, does not require approval and can be integrated into any house or apartment.

What should you consider when buying a chimney grille?

The criteria just mentioned play an important role. However, it is also recommended to refer to the standard EN 1930: 2000, the GS seal and the “Product Safety“- a certificate from the TÜV Rheinland or similar certifications, because only then can you be sure that you are buying a serious and sensible product. It is also important to ensure that the grille is of such a size that your child does not put his hand or fingers through the grille and still have his hand or hand.

Can burn fingers on the fireplace or tiled stove. Of course, the height of the grille is also decisive.

For a toddler between zero and twenty-four months old, the grille should be about eighty centimeters high, because that’s the only way to ensure that your child can’t climb over it.

The grille has to be adjusted accordingly for older children, and it should be mentioned that eighty centimeters is a standard size for most chimney grilles, while other sizes are difficult to find. Most models also have the hint, that it is only suitable up to the age of 24 months of the child.

Rely on quality for a chimney grille

As you can see, there are many things to consider with a chimney grille. Since a fireplace or a tiled stove poses a significant risk of injury to a child, it makes sense to buy such a grille. Here, too, savings should in no way be made at the wrong end.

You can find a large selection here at Amazon. Also pay attention to the reviews of other buyers. This allows you to get a good picture of the corresponding grid in advance and to point out any weaknesses before buying.


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